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What is another word for canton?

Below is the list of synonyms for canton. Here you can see the other names for canton.



transitive noun

erminites mainland china parish co- Swiss Canton district yale falcon alderman Arrondissement territory Sheriffwick city fathers tincture hundred people's republic of china kuangchou fess blazonry port county borough archbishopric diocese shield spread eagle metal crescent impalement hamlet baton metropolis development area local government unitary authority city hall territorial division town meeting city town council nombril point Pheon Ermines city council eagle authority town clerk wreath prefecture Tressure Gyron Paly municipality field carve up electoral district billet Bordure canton town griffin quartering unitary Constablewick arms Sheriffalty Inescutcheon enterprise zone parochial or administrative division administrative district town planning lion fur chief helmet Soke principality divide shire Vair difference Hatchment prc ordinary region local authority urban center coat of arms alerion commune county crown bearings red china precinct councilman garland Marshaling council area crest saltire councillor county council archdiocese council government rose mayoress Mantling accommodate the North-South Divide sable Flanch stake Torse bandeau Subordinary duchy chaplet annulet charge South Yorkshire kwangchow dissever ward fess point electorate fret surgery blazon Vert animal charge cathay coronet Tenne mayor Mascle state scutcheon borough town hall ermine congressional district magistracy city hall octofoil Martlet bailiwick Orle bend sinister honor point azure metropolitan area bar sinister pale motto Wapentake armorial bearings fleur-de-lis escutcheon Erminois split achievement bar councilwoman Gules mullet cross chevron Shrievalty broad arrow kreis fusil Impaling china lodge parish council argent cadency mark Purpure lozenge file armory cockatrice unicorn guangzhou device bishopric departement county town Differencing civic township okrug principal area riding cross moline split up communist china oblast village province separate heraldic device mayoralty bend pean corporation label quarter


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