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What is another word for butcher?

Below is the list of synonyms for butcher. Here you can see the other names for butcher.


transitive noun

mutilate scissor deadly ripper be all thumbs porter Massacrer attack mar bookdealer bungle immolate perfumer decimate highwayman fishmonger lethal kill railroader take hack overlie cut away murder wholesale fireman manslayer ax finish suicide -basher zap justifiable homicide liquidate pillage skilled workman slash assailant strangler barbarize wreck joint top right to die non-fatal storm waitress incompetent killer footwear merchant exterminator garçon death squad rape slice regicide newsdealer loot blunder into botch boggle abductor fissure excise fumbler gorilla cut down apache skilled worker merchandiser dispatcher life hardwareman dissever trained worker fruiterer gash eradicator cain cutthroat vandalize rampage tear around Barista liquor merchant stoker Bodge Head-hunter homicide slaughterer groceryman clothing merchant matador saw abattoir catering slayer poison muff mug marauder blunder on railroad man greengrocer dichotomize Bloodshedder commit carnage do 1 fumble early split grocer commit a gaffe hatchet man fatal bollix up terrorize room service torpedo louse up ironmonger assisted suicide tear dress waiter merchant cannibal predation prune parricide poisoner incise stationer cyberbully conductor put to the sword shooter sleep murder mercy killing confectioner florist yardmaster wine merchant lay waste commit prepare rend thug do yourself in bumbler switchman trainmaster blunder upon end hit man smother bookseller maître d' trainboy ramp brutalize play havoc with spoil cut claim bravo carry on destroy whittle chop slaughterhouse homicidal maniac electrocute clean euthanasia dismember jigsaw trip short-order cook drown rave slasher flounder blunderer pare cleave annihilate hew tobacconist murderer polish desperado blunder sever lance liquidator hara-kiri fuck up maul incompetent person wring gunman pork butcher life-threatening sow chaos yardman batter cut in two meatman butchery muddle violate poulterer gun pesticide cut off kamikaze mortal chef mess up screw up garroter furrier redcap disembowel sacrificial commit mass murder carnage Bloodletter chandler fishwife carve smoke agent saddler Furnisher rant miscue burker bandit botcher misery slay en masse bumble slaughter malignant bakehead slit HIT bisect chine rage knacker's yard vintner man-eater Assassin put button man slay rive go on ruin sunder massacre decimation stumbler suicide pact blunder away baggage man baker depopulate trigger man draper carhop brakie man-killer mugger mortally assassinator haberdasher bungler lineman attacker faux pas exterminate slip cut up sacrifice brakeman riot foul up stumble roar cull trainman annihilator steward stationmaster halve footplate man sad sack lumber destroyer burn snip fuckup assault hammer cook sack savage executioner amputate terminal jeweler commit genocide shooting gunsel guard Drysalter beater hitman assassinate knacker


More Butcher Synonyms

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