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What is another word for book?

Below is the list of synonyms for book. Here you can see the other names for book.


monograph docket choreograph manifest rule book printed matter breathalyze nonfiction best seller acquire belles lettres Newsletters print documentation directory Atlantes manual word Reg summary diary text opus accounts receivable Registries almanac letterings Atlases octavo chronology news item notebook body menu REGS accountancy leaflet playscript Librettos bale schedule arsenal blue book tome prospectus dissertation dictionary table anecdote manuscript registry narrative annals addendum officiate chronicle business daybook cannibalize fare convene numbers codex storytelling novel newspaper file memoir annual detail typescripts business plan scripture logbooks autobiography account book tablet brochure apprehend copy memo pad assembly tract portfolio Bank book essay accountant wises appointment book agglomeration judge primer datebook compendium epic pad Conte journal bill penalty no-nos inventory recordbook album Chronologies blank-book calendar booklet edition account for accounts payable folio word of god cash book workbook orchestrate set down check sentence price list little black book lettering book total Storybook serials appendix apprehension dart buy up store collection Libretti title publication written word paperback surge playbooks quran libretto Breath Test logbook division card Typesetting agenda quire statement censure long and short of it handbook potboiler magazine reserve folktale story folktales belles-lettres assemblage lexicon newsletter bespeak binding leger baby book book of account blook chapter prepare script score enumeration lithographs import log words reading matter roll Cashbook enroll hold reader holy scripture bounty hunter recording commentary box roster assessor authority Social Register treatise textbook thesaurus repertory tabulate gallop preprint ticket examine sending up the river catalog bank invoice Playbook hornbooks mode considered opinion biography newsprint record call old saw decretum report Price Lists clotheslines assortment yearbook race afterword hasten organize body search remember beauty parade outpace offprint audio book bust accounting asset no-no invest in scorecard acknowledgments regulation writing non-fiction speed memorandum purchase tally batch battery quarto clothesline get in bevy terminological inexactitude holy writ portfolios itemization speller work of imagination artwork romance cliff-hanger census waybill place tall story accounting package charge koran buy pamphlet anthology address book listings be quick on your feet lineup hardcover prose Opuscule blurb black-and-whites arrange periodical reprint written words account part play book typescript history register scroll work list caller demand an explanation brokerage count back Hornbook volume scrapbook engage scenario treasury sum omnibus softcover get description recount black and white fiction serial fable folder sentences Broking black-and-white write down gazeteer index printed material Annual Report ledger figment of imagination lyrics budget Tractate bestseller bible atlas recital fly quires archive snap up plan encyclopedia capacity vade mecum stage scorecards lithograph good book digest linesman blotter insert inscribe Modus set up potboilers verse in formation memo call to account

transitive noun

school text decamp anthology airing reserve nail formula combo quarto imagination rent auditor shoal regimen reference work bad debt take in go away from cross-reference kick the habit propagation side flyleaf take down sign keep front matter ticket quest set opt for package fable octavo notepad pack keep a note of figure Monostich dictionary reference book epic document walk out on bible bail grave knock off collection bibliography kit tax broadcast itemize operation decree nonrhythmic literature number product dialog keep apart insert prompt copy cop design fore edge clause keep open circulation capital gains gnome costing bestseller reference keep track of bag provision occupy column certified public accountant lot softcover jolt glossary offprint continuity debit guide stanza denounce organise carve accounting keep information annals command yearbook diary warn pharmacopeia mark down account book lodestar cache fly Decretion couplet accuse publishing primer allege nick cue depart chorus calendar appendix vamoose regulation poll vein assize sign up move impeach array dramatic composition law year planner utilize note down Brocard hard copy treatise impute apprehend Journalize capitalize bellwether tighten face dust jacket method ante stave bracket invite test conduct addendum lodge a complaint quit coffee-table book tercet arrange for review receipt call for lay charges withdrawing line item make out empower ordering chunk written work go slate grind signpost strategy block hitch lay on memorandum manual folder scoop bob directory financial statement order book edition rap novel hijack drop out Modus maxim line brief index printing enter criterion news item wager usage rhyme royal sketch block imply write up hooey bring charges Sheaves contract won-lost record tenet group reprint intern ISBN burden verse clue hook vade mecum expense account news bimonthly essay chalk game plan commission decorum blurb falsehood formulate action heading form subtitle phrase jailing gatefold habit audit magazine newsprint spine Begone basis supplement fascicle net bookplate budget full-page cut out orderly process lag abcs forsake production balance the books notebook walk out portfolio give work report organ keep a record of capital investment nab legend tract diurnal precedent put down guiding light desert word of god grab religious text binder journalism Imprest gag chargeable invoice step accumulation front order keep score rule book tip-off folktale word chalk up withdraw sacred text sign up for recital archives exfiltrate miscellany artwork get paper-back book keynote apply for enumerate mark library curiosa handcuff wax immure scene plot take run along bookmark rag exit go into hock bevy elect preface behavior words weekly leaflet keep account direction hold open bric-a-brac leave cite Errata quits broadcasting exercise book lyrics envoi Inked carry over gathering quail taunt with white pages book workbook lexicon septet vacation find help hold prisoner halt tack introduction video bruiting about strain vacancy organisation record book balance bring accusation give job to take off ordered double-book take to task print contract for holy writ housekeeping yield signature take out encyclopedia agenda issue job lot playscript fill a position bundle notes registry arrest composition booking reader incise guidebook article manifest technique octet evacuate cluster administration kaleidoscope Denunciate compendium enroll review copy write down anecdote Optate approach Formulary settle piece permutation ways and means pop-up book census literary earmark invention speller appointment calendar post up custom brochure use listing textbook fall ordinance feast logs novelette Miranda statement indict account spreading biweekly reproach close out strip no-nos font sentence version sheaf line up vacate cuff engage list fill out hornbooks Aladdin's cave pick apothegm mode atlas lease strike a balance keep books dictum hang-up work collar arrange catechism impression panoply way hire chain quarterly swathe clump thesaurus subgroup hype monthly landmark Bruiting triplet leave flat reservation schedule folio untruth system recruit request description documents instalment assist best seller generation chargesheet lettering cook logbook put on report program writing monograph grab bag canon measure title page Regulations bursar paragraph handbook issuance etiquette crop Pentastich let softback roll shot axiom libretto fairy tale conglomeration Technic ensemble content liability orders task retain almanac quire text time annualized catalogue quatrain ink instruct section strophe make reservations tome utilise make a memorandum dissertation biography fiction journal Hires inscribe writings selection bestiary inform on get off hot lead promulgation companion nesting impound attachment FRS imprison newspaper Records one jacket odds and ends overcome house arrest Tetrastich prearrange fantasy spreading abroad give a break copybook edict aggregation prayer book dissemination book of account softback book routine E-Book foreword chap petty cash gaff pull out bookkeeping sketchbook double entry bookkeeping mechanism bean counter history secure jotter fasten on religious writing knock out vintage programme arraign make reservation books roster write out tabulate authority write al-Qur'an codex stake bale batch GAAP judgment jail fall back rubric prefer charges ruling wrinkle story daybook set down volume title scroll appoint bookbinder running headline hit list wise plan phrase book verdict promptbook stuff bottom drawer manner put on paper note Hiring fraudulent accounting cover table copy chronicle give ground pin on clear shooting script annual basket push off bust glom run octastich Bandying carry take on set up detail potpourri put on tape tally songbook truism idea letter Hornbook wordbook margin docket manuscript hardcover attach obtain inside frontispiece employ tape narratives assemblage book of facts quit cold twit daily installment sign on expenditure nest improvisation indentation memo pad modus operandi gain impress score nonfiction bring to book timetable give up scheme rule inventory hold bank tenor post inform against Indices bulletin cast up accounts dramatic work charge sheet billing combination publication mag feature procure octave work of imagination digest leave hanging Ottava Rima old saw notoriety buy laws leger bunch yarn gazette put in writing organization outline make a reservation for syllable booklet Christian Bible serial opus display good book written word log clutch blook getup handcuffs Heptastich concordance sestet canto fancy running head hangup gimmick apprehension Withdrew flyer complain sextet keystone close the books prayerbook accountancy creative accounting old-saw sheet appointment book false accounting paperback ode no-no register grunt jot down autobiography ventilation revenue fact sketch pad chapter foredge adjustment press charges videotape holy scripture disposal give way slipcase aphorism bill spread binding information play indite part epistle model hang something on held agglomeration Evulgation bail out perp walk distich ease out imprint kind Livraison pull balance sheet maneuver Terza Rima Storybook matriculate book binding Epode nuts and bolts fare Quitting layout bit loss round soft-cover take into employment backbone grouping quality moral hazard impanel exploit make a note omnibus save tape-record signal telltale beacon film lock up transaction imprest system prologue trade book paper accounts periodical recipe cost keep count trade edition hope chest numbers ordain fasten upon tactics cpa refrain soft-cover book whopper reduce to writing packet scenario process encumber erratum scripture result code overbook sacred writing bet dialogue incarcerate epigraph keep a note place upon record holding text edition record tristich fine file Preengage write in pigeonhole organiser handbill chapter and verse passage warrant get away enchiridion work out square ledger non-fiction koran or charges charter lodge a plaint get lost charge LINEs novels knock style enact marker minute treasurer fundamental enrol range kidnap catalog antistrophe key detain editorial bespeak hang it up check in telecasting finger diffusion extract back statute organize pencil in pop-up hang up organizer Opuscule engrave numerate acknowledgment glory box check commandment keep details management wad pointer card incur debt kick page Herbarium newsletter pool schoolbook guideline world make an entry enlist capital capital assets parlay narration narrative kick over Spenserian Stanza arrangement subdivision means daily grind enjoin charge off screenplay epilogue pamphlet yellowback script empty set draft arrears paperback book quran hardback practice enscroll insinuate cut eliminate pad picture book yellow pages inventorize season keep aloof album fashion theory back matter accountant lay down verify textual matter Hexastich scorecard credit disposition Playbook


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