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What is another word for blot?

Below is the list of synonyms for blot. Here you can see the other names for blot.



transitive noun

impurity stigmatism Graphology slovenly cork wither monster bleed oversmoke strike out disparagement charcoal obscure contaminate suck foul expunge gibbet offend blur censure dry freckle rule out macule change surface washing out chalk copy blotting out drink touch-type caption mistake muddle write back sorb filthiness slut disarrange bend sinister Flyspeck spot microblogging tag document muss suck up registration hand rub commit hide maculate nigrify filth speckle rhetorical strategy disaster area hand-lettered demerit expunction smudge stigma cancel inkblot Blotting dirty speck pillory jumble tarnish Weazen black eye slime infiltrate mess Pillorying streak grime obliteration take up fire ugly duckling Exsiccate date destroy register overwrite drink up squalid dirt wizen demolish scratch out gunk no beauty well-written make transcribe bake write in broad arrow shadow dust engross pollute swab eclipse blank ink bloodstain run expose type look something terrible soil wipe out Torrefy dot dehumidify maculation reflection erasure murk scruff disfigurement note textual teratism cure smoke stigmatization inscribe shrivel typing patch defame conceal harridan plot monstrosity scrubbing keyboard shade spelling look bad disfigure Bestain wiping out soilure mark punch annotate drain badge of infamy kiln delete waffle calligraphy orthography disarray shambles keyboarder scorch Smouch drink in flick sully muck soak up melanize swill up misspell wipe chronicle tidemark reproach soilage brand bag chart reprimand onus slur fleck sight attaint co-author minute 1 brush blot out blot up rewrite effacement asterisk evaporate key towel compose bespeckle aspirate defile raze adsorb erase uglify hang in effigy smutch writer's block champain imbibe stain dysphemize dab bespatter read muddled spell disorder ebonize dirtiness smear Mark Of Cain write stigmatize mix blot on one's escutcheon bedarken writ expose to infamy spatter efface err dog soak in get point champain macula cover up deface scrawl mired clutter chemosorb disgrace keep imputation jungle parch anhydrate tap down seep in speller blacken splodge smirch blow upon scarecrow writing scribble log filter in muddy error transcription witch borrow burn crud fright written fault contaminant transgress dust bunny guttersnipe daub pen scratch soot omnishambles Osmose black mark take in digest hag scar sop up semiotics slob untidy mummify sponge longhand blog hermeneutics splotch blemish sun black take discolor correspond gunge chemisorb air-dry vilify taint bar sinister disapprove offend the eye obliterate darken ghostwrite dim dinge author odium the written word baton dehydrate flaw slurp up sun-dry creative writing fingermark rub out annihilate look a mess sin unwritten sponge out baboon pencil co-write assimilate fair blackwash fingerprint defect splash mar graffiti smut print look like hell Hermeneutic look a fright put polluter aspersion spoil blotch bespot well documented denigrate sear jot handwriting desiccate blob deletion pollutant pollution use insolate percolate in contribute Wrote cancellation eyesore Dele record cross out ingrained splatter absorb draw disparage gargoyle enter besmirch


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