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What is another word for blister?

Below is the list of synonyms for blister. Here you can see the other names for blister.


transitive noun

hemangioma check singe corn piles mole come Bed Sore bulla callus blob pimple shoe bite Papula pustule water blister leper nevus jock itch modify track athlete's foot cradle cap defect stigma shingle pruritus assail assault blackhead abrasion hunch disfiguration excoriate pitted dandruff scabies peel bunion swell up black carbuncle warp acne black eye hump comedo ZIT pockmarked knob melanoma wart burl boss Fustigate lentigo distortion sore dowel whelk coal prickly heat balloon heat rash Pyoderma Gangrenosum cast scathe impetigo ridge gnarl capillary telangiectasia diaper rash scald flame castigate freckle pimply shoulder hive shiner furuncle keloid handle Kawasaki Disease itch found bruising solder sear bruised alter pit sunburned swell soft chancre bilge crusta lactea vulcanize char dry ulcer ulceration fistula bump flap joggle lupus knot jaundiced contusion blood blister scab condyle trounce vesicle ringworm chancre jog crack slash erythema blotch tab hill soap bubble whitehead defacement mountain bubo bruise scaly nettlerash lesion canker gumboil bedsore nubbin port-wine stain swinge style birthmark air bubble craze papilloma snipe welt lash livid bunch rising Hemorrhoids blemish enation plant process polyp ear bleb vesicate spine petechia milium spotty papule skin alive eschar scourge gall roast bulb bladder red cicatrix fever blister psoriasis sty running sore sinus gathering eczema ulcerated love bite Knur kink flay chapped cupel clump pizza face Torrefy blight second-degree burn burn in first-degree burn fleabite wale flange port-wine mark bubble itchy parch suppuration athlete’s foot Aposteme needle scar change canker sore round attack stud nappy rash Nubble wound felon bulge button pock paronychia crater intumesce Knurl scarify third-degree burn oxidate sunburn ring fester rift warty pockmark sebaceous cyst a blot on something blaze lip hickey deformity abscess deformation chancroid festering wheal tubercule kibe weal tumesce brand spot convex nub head oxidize disfigurement swelling tubercle rash cahot parulis cold sore whip weld horny wen scurf blain lash out leprosy boil furunculus chine strawberry mark scabby burn cauterize chilblain whitlow sac scratch rosacea split Port Wine Stain alopecia bow peg lump verruca prickle jaundice flaw rib fault calloused dermatitis scar cyst pyrolyze loop burn off globule twist tumefy scorch


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