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What is another word for bind?

Below is the list of synonyms for bind. Here you can see the other names for bind.



transitive noun

mount hamper tip commit stir in choke cohere eventuality red-tapery afterthought stanch plug sticky wicket make incumbent delay girth ligature epidemic Hobson's Choice bind over congest be security for apprentice barrel cross picket cork stoppage weld buckle up challenge prescribe ordeal cesspit coupling Enframe skin double bind lagging dissolve dragging faggot jam check adhere detain narrow predicament purgatory ride prison kafkaesque couple nuisance faggot up obstruction toxic be answerable for quandary difficulty hobble roller coaster confine straitjacket encase fixation make irritant clip moratorium fetter bad hair day detention article deterrent be responsible for association red-tapeism rivet leash time lag chink ligate tight squeeze caulk cow banana skin infamy crunch time Befringe blockage restrict granny knot abyss spot stew peg wind nightmare bore cling lap undertake ill close shave set off emergence blockade gum annoyance hot water muzzle obstipate quicksand agglutinate checkmate hornet's nest gridlock hole Hell elephant fasten link connection rim hinder clamp can 1 girt retardation truss enchain hard bow 1 wrap up square knot impasse squeeze strait stopper attach kettle schtuck bridle burden stick together hopple indenture fill imbroglio do up stay fagot fine how-do-you-do stop up pain in the arse brace rub bundle decorate stopple worst glue band handicap bureaucratic delay constipate draw a parallel pack wire bung buckle cause hold fast peg down accept obligation logjam saddle with manacle gag adorn low rock bottom edge pledge double whammy catch-22 require cinch wrong fastener correlate row 1 pass torture pause wed Entrammel belt knot trouble spot drag rum answer for drive shit load tribulation befriend shock dilemma obstruct mire bale cloud cut curse agree to impediment parallel handcuff embarrassing position shtook motherfucker identify travails encircle carry on one-two punch slowdown cement purl parlous straits clog bind off fixate stick trouble delayed reaction lash anchorage marge braze stuff up equate control oblige invasion fate indent curtain constrain bound restrain border chip pinch make imperative slough dead end trial cause to powder keg crunch tightrope adversity mix bother crown fix clog up anchor relate halt twist tie put in irons girdle pickle slipknot make fast hindrance stop verge precipice throes screw quagmire pretty predicament straits unholy mess scrape go bail for compel torrid worst-case scenario block relativize complication slowness deadlock bind up miasma stake Pandora's Box wreathe force morass moor fringe cover travail hitch loop foul have an understanding reversal embarrassment double take sellotape lock block up bottomless pit hell to pay matter hang-up downer enhance crisis stench cul-de-sac shake hands on Marginate limit indispose Gyve problem straw ally plight crime apply tape splice plug up frame necessitate have reef knot suspension secure twist tie down trammel tie up red tape obligate pin pretty time bomb margin relationship line pressure point rope fuse rigour harness reprieve retie feeding frenzy Hinderance bond dam pretty pass mess paperasserie tying going fill up pall impel stalemate associate holdup dress vortex brush pothole bar hold solder respite Genie tack tangle connect bend hog-tie gird balk tether bandage pinion finish vicious circle spile Purfle take the vows how side lag pestilence tricky spot swaddle delayage tie choke off standoff swamp stick to pretty pickle how-do-you-do irritation string paste lace bumpy retardance adjoin bed wrap enforce woe double trouble chain up stuff vexation clutch shackle board swathe stay of execution dam up tie-up skirt tight yoke list cord hem strap pain in the neck bolt lash together cleave day nail pin down juggling act choke up engage interrelate chain interim throw put use force upon bracket tight spot rebind contract baulk slow-up cleft stick march trim lace up parallelize wait


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