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What is another word for awaken?

Below is the list of synonyms for awaken. Here you can see the other names for awaken.


transitive noun

set fire to change state impress challenge consciousness insomniac wake wakey-wakey awake become conscious of keep undeceive disenchant get up blow the coals feed the fire provoke become alive to prick the bubble stir up conscious slumber bestir resurge correct sleepless Overexcite awoke work into come to life frenzy rouse revive animate stay come to key up modify annoy arise rise again sit up set right raise up infuriate return to life light up set straight Woke get (sb) up stimulate disillude quicken summon up stay up land incite wake (sb) up madden get kip incense whet Awoken Disillusionize breathe life into affect toss call forth bring back night owl vivify bring to break the spell get wise to come alive disappoint see the light rally become aware of work up change enrage turn on blow up kindle flame inspire set on fire activate morning person live again awaken to expose reawaken reanimate come into being pique vigil unspell log z's wink burst the bubble bring round come alter Uncharm light the fuse show up be begotten enliven stir the embers warm the blood fan the flame disabuse foment up let in on fan be born fan the fire knock enlighten heat whip up Impassion astir raise wait bring around tell the truth stay out sit wakeful excite turn move insomnia kick-start come into existence stir be incarnated enkindle stir the blood knock up waken waking set astir wait up alert sleep get hep to inflame have it reported steam up lather up call let down easy Unblindfold stir the feelings rise wake up learn woken debunk call up arouse shake up resuscitate get next to catch some z's fire strike come round riser disillusion warm come to know put straight


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