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What is another word for article?

Below is the list of synonyms for article. Here you can see the other names for article.


playbooks lore differential classified ad Librettos terms concerto memoir treatise folktales post script review Re-search narrative diary collocate romance organism propaganda allomorph literature monograph unwritten rule Melodies table short story point paragraphs report paragraph stipulation news item fraction member theme old saw differentials circumstance scoop Corporealities object nitty-gritty Minutiae nuts and bolts Circumstantiality in formation vocable promulgation head construal potboilers LITS speciality ware written work codicil cleft sentence apprenticeship blurb Exigencies requirements advice column staple song history Playbook fragment essay bond abc redrafts entity Specialities doctoral belles-lettres vendible cargo thingamabobs crash course effects class contention Sermons thing string attached to something thesis feature commentary conjecture summary writing contract implantation part record pre-conditions literary work hypothesis unit dogma Tractate inculcation lowdown whole story non-fiction heading cantata rhapsody humanities speakings supervention whatchamacallit pronunciamento material assertion produce reportage pronunciamentos critique byline element dissertation Reviewal redraft correspondence course journal segment nitty gritty typescripts log verbalization postulation criminal record opinion nonfiction articles composition potboiler gabfests singletons whatnots concentration minor point fine points inventory chapter factor beat proviso notability belles lettres condition specifics criticism folktale dojigger antecedent gizmo provision Rhapsodies script palimpsests particular book review substance vendibles facts of life Libretti adjunct commodity constituent verse centerfold singles paper time day school Conte epic exposition bits and pieces corporeality whatsit allophone portrayal thingamajig conveyance artwork announcement device cantatas singleton discussion organisms something division implantations ed portion manifesto accusative affidavit brief libretto vignette piece editorial account description product argument vocables think piece short stories clause enucleation spread Credenda typescript research study declaration caveat requirement manuscript column chronicle section detail anecdote merchandise fine point filament ingredient case where it's at covenant banner headline rigging examination thingamabob Technicalities position work interpolation literary works discourse music course component branch stock telling phase premise whatnot percentage palimpsest statement universal law cheesecake subsistence body article doctrine long and short of it item retelling story goods cartoon matter term recounting serials symphony analysis gabfest Testimonies written works passage medium Concertos stuff

transitive noun

happenstance facts of life writing enact byline count noun body case belonging happening account narration aspect ornament essay lot gossip original obligate gear impute minor detail edict clause Denunciate outfit clipping thingum creation novelty function prohibit bind over rigging need exercise heading particular earmark literae scriptae examination presentation manifestation artifact equipment gag filler resource shebang legend dispatch rhapsody biography vocation music quantity technicality headliner cite relation press release details allomorph mechanism introductory study obit flimsy end product doodah dojiggy revision requisite newspaper column rule bind letter form seconds device nicety reservation reading matter tax phrase epic etude indoctrination dojigger imply go parchment conviction principle nomenclature factor noun second draft document printout entry matter serial written communication rhetoric decriminalize term interpretation enunciation indefinite article design indictment instance individual assemblywoman credo branch icon odd-job observation discussion back matter leading article fruit doohickey excerpt kaupapa stop press existent wisp group point article of faith angle viewpoint bring charges whatsit enforce property nick-nack situations vacant newscast sheet Pandect apparatus chattel job fascicle division words legislative assembly resort basic event moniker standard article prep determinative chapter spot news homily few paragraphs leaflet ADJ work fine points organism exigency creature separate romance flumadiddle object the written word morceau indenture highlight complain agony aunt outline jigger single bottom line hallmark masthead indication sidebar strike serialize subsection component comment press charges thingy huddle papers lots sentence make medium quotation fiction Prolegomenon disallow specification triviality act expedient opus debar Centre Spread script study research paper thesis magazine article story hootenanny verbalization knick-knack budget of news relative pronoun locution part of speech obituary revelation literary works nonfiction Livraison gabfest work of art transcription twit item news item literary work screed classified ad paragraph incidental concept count station information drama organ news story relic reprint particularity newspaper article singleton first draft put on report report kicker works criticism theme product ode bet message updating oath machine rundown quash universal law odd jobs poem provision concern computer printout merchandise legitimate centrefold insinuate brainchild funny taunt with indent inspection double(-page) spread commodity fact news report legislative deed repeal connective evaluation abcs legalize subdivision makeshift number amendment thingamajig notability joker line headlines yarn passage minutia existence lucubration staple item speech materiality hard copy scroll once-over material thing penscript old object doctrine vendibles artefact writings journalism implement such and such proper noun common noun old-saw fair copy deposition rescission portion noun phrase stock legislate labor news article moirai CONJ PRON jobs description occurrence vestige objects adjunct thing definite article scrive beat reality quelque chose stuff fabrics facet redraft phase oeuvre Everything fabric green paper Tractate tool word bring to book promulgate staple fundamentals pullout Stories twist rescind ware necrology precept adverb Dingus prefer charges vignette sketch take to task draftsman hang something on curio constitutionally installment goods tale piece of writing magazine reading things affidavit legitimize book review banner headline mark ultimatum ban special thingumaree feature article gadget nuts and bolts column the Dáil engraving unwritten rule fasten on collective noun necessity entity individuality business material yield constituent lodge a plaint announcement preposition segment legislator dohickey mention exclusive version lowdown articles explanation regulation bulletin Reviewal abstract novella news crawl attribute adventure reserve clause handout non-fiction proscribe tragedy minor point respect lead 1 broadcast press cutting fresh look autograph hand private member's bill qualification soul lonely guideline parliamentarian discourse libretto vocabulary exposition ADV bulk loss leader disquisition gathering statement pamphlet arrangement intervention arbitration clause written discourse release verb notification few words countable noun sermon limitation article of merchandise headline volume quality virtue brochure nonfictional prose module oration lead item dissertation fantasy tenet apprenticeship subject bring accusation first approach legislative council denunciation engrossment folktale aper findings advertorial enucleation centerfold singularity meat and potatoes asset whatchamacallit written document utensil written description written work final draft belles-lettres deductible writ speaker task fate page history revoke draft dope publication affection inform against melody brummagem criminalize communication hootmalalie term paper written composition element know treatise vendible assessment finger file kismet gizmo invention scoop outlaw trait sanction amend folio descant adjective substance editorial breakable resolution typescript legislature copy illustration production monologue signature old saw myth dateline name Anything literary production heirloom news flash front matter specific produce ephemera widget op-ed implantation juncture lay charges figure causerie transcript diary assignment copyright eppes incident back pages teaching notion lecture text recital escalator apprentice expounding gospel getup verse excursus oojah edited version application feature bail bond oblige rube goldberg invention blow by blow bundle appraisal treatment think piece accessory opinion rider Objecting lodge a complaint printed matter hickey oojamaflip ingredient dowhacky explication canon note listing noun determiner reports gigamaree shape stipulation books hold personal column autobiography prohibition lawmaker chronicle listicle allege phenomenon small ad teachings play whatchy instruction literary artefact dogma escalator clause paper handicraft Extraterritoriality belles lettres conversation piece charge contrivance integer preliminary study guillotine review pin on monograph Moira exegesis persona assemblyman vocable cartoon belief declaration detail center spread blank lore news coverage instrument N arraign differential pass pronoun talk utterance lit disco ball output whole story novel affair what's-its-name blurb position trivia concrete noun fasten upon agony column means tract items critique proviso pilot section etwas journal life form part fable constitution hot air accusative wording comic strip pieces something pocket veto white paper whatnot narrative manifesto doodad bill fraction fine point thingumajigger Integrant odd job advice column judgment article of commerce survey Equal Protection hot wire jurisprudence Recension investigation handiwork notice brass tacks fortuity LINEs bit writeup piece language delineation finished version Minutiae domajig indict house humanities thingumadoodle abstract noun thingummy V thingumajig batch requirement Doing accuse brief creed view news ticker thingamabob occasion letters nitty-gritty regard record head disclosure double indemnity being personal write up condition offprint tidings composition executive dofunny articled fairy tale fundamental domajigger tune conjunction constitutional analysis reproach holograph address interjection idiosyncrasy base spread leader abolish inform on unit manuscript penal reform recapitulation drug contribution written matter inculcation denounce special article nitty gritty elucidation fine print wire book gubbins official proclamation abrogate in formation determiner news person impeach mass anecdote commentary access course circumstance literature homework episode scrip memoir knickknack gimmick write-up datum


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