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What is another word for appliance?

Below is the list of synonyms for appliance. Here you can see the other names for appliance.


transitive noun

impedimenta duffel high technology copperware white goods apparatus hard goods rough usage woodenware tackle backhoe flywheel windlass driving gadget device elevator consumption concrete mixer convenience appurtenances cotton gin robotic chinaware compactor sporting goods ironmongery dinnerware creature employment fixture roller steam shovel rolling mill amenity handmaiden enamelware things home appliance sensitive armament rigging utility consumer durables block and tackle advantage humanoid press gizmo drier facility rotor silverware ovenware crane humidifier mediator immobilizer puppet dryer kit pulley Intermedium brown goods accommodation graniteware automated teller machine appurtenance shaft gear Power Source rig charlie mccarthy utensils outfit sensitivity jack cashpoint 3-D printer cash machine drive household appliance derrick shredder gismo gadgetry self-propelled machine atomizer -powered cloud chamber pawn clayware medium using up innards tappet housewares go-between tinware glassware brassware servant slave applicator wind up stooge dispenser automaton model misuse plant mixer fittings lever Facilities exertion power plant paraphernalia kitchenware monitor teleprompter winch fixtures intermediate manual intermediary crank motive power appliances autocue good use belt converter Interagent operation dehumidifier coffee machine vehicle hard use widget stock-in-trade application driven active use munition handmaid tool crankshaft dupe MK piledriver minion agent contrivance earthenware unit selector animatronics packer lift organ stoneware furniture DROID metalware use dummy flatware ram machinery water cooler tableware Appointments hardware automatic ironware play midwife cement mixer conveniences implement mechanical device hard usage plumbing purifier durables heath robinson valve durable goods Gimbal furnishings wrong use ill use usage mechanism housefurnishings employ mod con instrument mod cons robot mill installations injector munitions hoist tools and machinery ancilla toy feedback android time machine motor simulator bot equipment Waldo hollow ware drinks machine contraption power equipage Accouterments exercise domestic appliance fan materiel workhorse mechanical aid vending machine sling loom plaything rheostat chuck


More Appliance Synonyms

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