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What is another word for alter?

Below is the list of synonyms for alter. Here you can see the other names for alter.


transitive noun

broaden degenerate influence adorn misquote intersperse shorten form wheel altered rework bring to bear digitalise bemire cool uplift colorize still induce refinement introvert neutered doctor speed up switch eternalise vanquish neutralize blue-pencil domesticize tailor civilise make adjustments to humble equate barbarise mechanize effeminize excite break transfigure put right demagnetize pall ventilate replace de-emphasize customise flesh out relax writhe front for work over make grow decrease estrange horn in override turn the scale knead impart democratize caponize evolve backslide switchover equalize degauss collimate update colorise palliate decimalise arrange turn to harass soil deodourise europeanise hydrogenate color prostrate Colour In mange narrow gelt Evolved turn back envenom chord demist impel grow fine-tune rabid crush delouse radicalize vulgarize diminish ward off animise qualifying unsanctify rectify destabilize change management outrage changed hem and haw win over gelding changing instigate sober digitize tweak glamorise cloud saponify suburbanize energise turn the tide circumscribe lead astray bestow revolutionize new vocalise operate on rouse fall stand in lieu of laicise editing flatten treat effeminise varied wake waken reshuffle dynamize tense emasculated restructure arterialize immortalise communize leap limit diverge deactivate swap have second thoughts beef up verbify hedge glossed over persuade correct mid-course weighted liquify unmanning nick redo gloss over individualize legitimate bribe Swine Fever alcoholise volte face take a turn dissonate scrapie deflate veto permute prejudice come orientalize hang get at denationalize vulgarise antiquate reconstruct democratise Overset step into shoes of whitewash unman Onto mature break up get used to oxygenize outplace americanize check renew ebb and flow deprave spiritualize load difference demagnetise specialise rabies blind quadrate detransitivize place whip fluctuating boil down clear do up incline diabolise lark feminise jump wend polarize alcoholize direct militarize sensibilize turn into switch over suspend aggravate handle accelerate freshen defeminise synchronise restrain have an effect on fabricate debauch Influencing evert whirl think confuse demythologise fiddle with liberalise depersonalise chasten suit box in tamper dispose orientalise circularize make conform improve frenchify allegorise worm back up mechanise ameliorate twist mutilate dehydrogenate deceive make over lean vandalize wave chill recombine make full orient upending work a change vitalise water embroider plasticize excise evolve into fertilize unify officialize soften inverse set up digitalize grime evaporate to change volatilize grace impinge disguise convertible overrule Familiarize lure opalise temper diabolize disorder colourise foot-and-mouth defeminize transmogrify run into reestablish develop officialise occupy classicise fulfill even impress honeycomb internationalize capture heat up Effecting overhaul uniformise educate brighten unclutter adjust to externalize substitute fluctuate mythicize industrialize verbalize enable sensify checker foam realign decorate recommend bastardize occidentalise angulate proselytize transaminate pervert swerve muddy mitigate rationalise dinge correspond fiddle loose drip round be distinguished from warp hide sit in hesitate acerbate not conform gloss round out be unstable write over myxomatosis scramble joke proof overthrow vascularize bring awaken inflected neutralise lame advance arterialise refresh acclimatize exteriorize transubstantiate hoke incandesce sexualise slenderise give-back jolt upset naturalise falsifying order beautify inactivate pressurise manipulate classicize allegorize anthrax draw unscramble vary shallow make up barbarize blunt make into acetylise follow adulterate about-turn be converted into masculinize misstate inflate chop interchange disharmonize upturn automate juggling internationalise put back politicize abridge straighten out untie unsubstantialize distemper intensify enlarge stabilize eternalize flip-flop morph subdue sub weight differ refine spike vascularise warm elevate Zigzagged change intensity occidentalize sanctify meliorate assort tip retard corrupt lace sentimentalise churn opacify gelatinise got it together pass into transitivize emended loop exteriorise contaminate pinch hit for exacerbate leptospirosis slenderize vasectomize habituate vesiculate stead humanise fatten out guide tailor-make unmanned liquefy prepare unhinge eunuchize personalize get westernize refashion meddle with alchemize work humbug hook transitivise right upend Overruled come round urge achromatize europeanize deface objectify hurt sharpen bse push automatise stabilise oxidate volatilise YOYO brutalise expand oust neuter spice up antique minify Hocus sleep eroticize stitch disqualify mythologize etiolate detransitivise seesaw bestialize vitalize subvert labile From denationalise get act together bolshevize review virilise demythologize Illude misconstrue revamp synchronize better counterfeit verbalise archaise take out yaw get used ease up fatten jibe overturn vitrify clarify wind vibrate castrated jar with high pressure cattery territorialize mold Went impact on symmetrize glamourise flutter transition stain personalise let out mangy pressure waver symmetrise collar budge grow used to recast turn the corner Evolving commercialize depress misdirect rusticate supple reorganize add fake unmake look-over destress adjusted coagulate bluff bubble yo-yos play around with take turns deteriorate move on wring dirty quarantine position tone concern horse around violate do over rise and fall finish rarefy deaminate wax obscure dilute commercialise harshen dull barb mingle Amending rewrite centralise mark cross over embellish incapacitate damage control tenderize be undecided verge saturate alter into patent calcify change piggyback demoralize impact butcher isomerize speed decentralise redesign match wear cheaters depolarise avianize prevail feminize regenerate knot reshape unsex nationalize acetylate extend unsettled patch stiffen brutalize Meta- normalize undermine coarsen Kneading ring the changes deaminize work upon reformed condense calibrate shift into fill retract debase turn upside down shake Lobbying remedy lead away equalise full specialize blur fill up moderate reduce centralize isomerise mend Overruling bottom out communise lie ply professionalize counterchange change over concentrate adapt smut redefine undo ripen not heed ready inseminate reflate lighten up devilise rationalize disallow reconsider fashion suburbanise magnetise intransitivize harm even out plump crack immaterialize inspissate intransitivise harmonise iodinate domesticise skew fatten up flocculate liquidise vent waste work on wet opsonize shape up alchemise touch on veer desensitise desexualise destabilise be unlike uglify deaden glamourize spice spaying alternate made over dynamic wrench animize sex up waffle shift the scene fat acetylize paganize shade set conditions abate shoal coverts accommodate restore fit fill in Islamize branch out quash divert break down demulsify ash beguile rarify yo-yo obfuscate volte-face magnetize depolarize sex neutering change taste widen face about tender vocalize act on repair turn polish camp liberalize solemnise undulate territorialise strengthen tune westernise hand back archaize give back set ease off regulate by complicate weighting sexualize go up and down redress looking over pressurize enhance dizzy dynamise jiggle around cross determine glamorize oxidize sensitize eternize effected defog condition barter subtilize high-pressure swing interfere with digitise mince ionate nullify disintegrate nazify deviate fly speck lapse into regulate predispose blister fudge veterinarian sterilize renormalise conform virilize remodel slow down indispose change direction varying make round down become different sophisticate bear on sensitise forge exchange emulsify devilize melt into purify alienate shift assimilate veterinary upgrade disable thicken look over unsubstantialise comply polymorphous amend round off eternise bedim geld Zigzagging use instead lurch visualise deodorize constitutionalize militarise massage tame re-create clean outweigh land qualify transmute displace open into professionalise plasticise garble spay square tamper with oxygenise inform worsen flop reorder supercharge ossify fault Adapting feature outvote veil overcloud emend mythologise conventionalize set aside bolshevise reclaim editable disenable edit aerate unsexed decentralize tenderise about-face radiate decimalize demonise touch up translate parallel be renewed pull strings let up civilize sell exert influence freeze tone down port pass misrepresent correct assuage vitiate womanize raise reverse affect schematise humanize hue avianise ornament purge explode tinker with veterinary surgeon elaborate upended overstate deform desexualize colour mix modify come around lend restrict perturb instill urbanise revolutionise conventionalise customize HIT go unmade lighten void hype validate invalidate turn aside fall into take over from not look like falsify domesticate animate lubricate weaponize blot out wake up socialize cohere inspire immortalize froth chop and change diversify nationalise polarise needle cowpox haul around weaken remake etherealize vet denature unite straighten belie romanticise attune industrialise Into set limits decarboxylate paganise tighten compose dissimilate cook constitutionalise balance pivot socialise merge masculinise phony up reform deodorise simplify energize gear up fecundate alkalinise insulate age colly trans reinstate prevail over malleable process alkalinize sentimentalize metamorphose undergo a sea change reversible compensate mutate exasperate clot solemnize edit out accustom make different move cut terminate distort sway dry Islamise sew market return cause to sleep bias vivify mad cow disease follow in turn giving back hoof-and-mouth touch versatile acclimate alternation emendate equal settle into irrigate profane change into avert embrittle emasculate colourize knock together commix opalize visualize discolor Everted make clean grow into fix up variegate transitional mythicise lobby drop water down Kneaded betray redact invert plump out bend increase loosen heat deconcentrate sputter dissolve press supersede dial back launder automatize arouse negate amalgamate solvate untune rearrange stand in denaturalize sanitise abbreviate fasten laicize involve annul delay castrate obviate demoralise brainwash take darken poison renovate lack resemblance disaffect season get with it depart convert devalue gelatinize refit blear spayed be changed turn the tables utter yo-yoed urbanize interpolate be reborn bestialise activate blend empty glorify go back have an impact on de-emphasise differentiate gelded desex overcome ripen into hard sell animalize transfer come round to become disarray sauce individualise cool down charge contribute string crackle interest digress edited misinterpret goalpost adjust transpose reconstitute get it together sensibilise put sweeten sublimate fluid immaterialise color in make changes to desensitize depersonalize end Adjusting restyle sterilise renormalize have a part in prompt vaporise denaturalise take in gear shape inflect commute dismiss liquidize perplex varnish obliterate disturb normalise ease dope shuffle the cards politicise zigzag fortify new broom begrime outmode make alterations to externalise decrepitate lifehack transform turn around fill out animalise vacillate enervate adapted schematize upside down elastic uniformize unbalance come about oscillate fine tune countermand undergo a change everting unnerve fertilise modulate gnarl juggle harmonize transcribe bear upon govern dry out rotation refreshen revise naturalize revive narrow down lose the thread indoctrinate destroy tack lift hedge about rebuild oxidise demonize reinvent Obnubilate americanise amended contract lessen help decelerate cry procure romanticize etherialise go over journey ticker tape incite rebrand louden be recognized leaven boil lower hyped steepen unfit achromatise alien sanitize


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