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What is another word for act?

Below is the list of synonyms for act. Here you can see the other names for act.



operation ostentatiousness conjunctures revues disguise mis-statement performance ordinance frame-ups dos booking misconduct exercise pedantry content Movements represent honest achievement stroke mien knockdown gig pursuance measure an act of parliament frame up make way (for) Lex grandstand play travails datums double feature order comedienne changings scene evolution the Corn Belt misbehave assize jobs resolution ruling movings Bravura product smoke and mirrors COSTAR revue get specifics understudy By-play stopgap gym travail introduction go around devoir happenin' schoolwork motility proposed act bull codifications walk-on take goings-on activity dishonesty interlude operativeness frame-up exploit lessons denouement Measures civil law heed way of life conform to skit front conjuncture requirements locomotion verdict enactment dissemble journeyings steer a course comic edict simulation masterstroke prologue the credits enterprise warm-up command performance SUPERS portray falsifications make a difference move marvel number riot act discipline yourself alter godown comply with Gest colonia announcement instruction shuck and jive pronunciamentos monologue tenue demonstration phase star Taskwork promulgation code adjurations deed Tenues exposure overact debut carry out jurisprudence amendment motilities fake case law pastime stagings conduct yourself mess about cape cod gag beaten paths writ sweet talk statute performing arts misstatement human action commonwealth movableness supersede etiquette organisms accomplishment projected law civil liberties due process seemings chaser sales pitch revert to muck around curtain epilogue act on orders Positure take effect put-on will canton law showboat rite pretence aside moves not work work voyagings Habits showboats undertaking put shufflings modify display Doing presentation acting document routine operas pretend effort pose judgment transaction commune TODO transference execution legislation dynamism fulfil item clown warm-ups turn statistic REGS interact to do exhibition gyms big idea dynamics deception equity acrobat double bill EXPOS thing clause go-down comedian commitment affect stunt feat affectation put on an act Reg Re-presentation Chapter 11 swap ceremonials compensate what's done cause trouble sham subpoena Voyaging comic relief impact fact course stall corruption fruition chargings masquerade adjuration change proposal conform datum replace succeed costa motion job false show rung calisthenics the Cotton Belt artist specials command guile play accord bill the Bible Belt for show knockdowns drillings Dissemblance action come into play inning false front decretum finale attitude full swing industry posture encompassment curtain raiser acts of bravery arrayal backstory waverings decree prohibitions bring out make-believe dissimilation imperatives requirement enterprises stirrings counterfeit manoeuvre show behavior pronunciamento byplay bit transform play up behave badly launchings Chapter 7 ritual go about winnings event spot civil rights panoply true phony workmanship human activity what one is into bylaw DO lesson ballgame stance treat facts contrivance fakery wanderings dumb act manifesto foul play codification sketch shiftings warrant the riot act dissimulation godowns relieve obey in formation cast artiste Double dealing substitute posturings pretense draw obligation proceeding summons give bother exploitation kinetics schtick appearance movement beaten path lawmaking bylaws be your normal self enact influence role renew claim step conjurer soft soap expo ukase stage show falsification piece feigning shows give way behave ad lib transferences devoirs a jugglers act the word wonts act double for deceit duplicity

transitive noun

custom malinger oeuvre answer set about the Official Secrets Act section drive showstopper barnstorm commit improvisation rage simulation summons behavior make up respond gym bluff up keep on imposition forestall puff up bring home the bacon interest impress as imperative fool assize discharge exploit knuckle down front handle fling layout form infiltration digging up award wandering judgment recovery troupe wave reflexion passing have free play accomplished fact disposal protocol false live insincerity go around ukase offstage air extend profess course win er initiate characterize engineer institution Formulary surprise finish up term permissive waste spill over blow emergence dissemble stoop try disguise hypocrisy requirement bat ENACTION pretense comportment ass dramatic work uphold stuff crocodile tears go for broke sentimentalize freeze penal code distribution nourish sentimentalise masquerade means skit departure make a point decoy affect hoax get in there personate so come descend effect exode leaving land tenure quest counter control applicability handiwork reflection wield lord it over impostor speech act obstetrical delivery rider obligation act a part law be on manage hack it locomotion entertainment resolution limitation misdemean egotrip get satisfice labor nature statute pose as bylaw implementation number urge be conspicuous repay offering exhibition touch make out bend talk discovery reverberate forfeit represent interpreter lead 1 performance legislative act guard travesty comport oneself be featured ceremony appear as venture wonder Doing guide ostentatiousness leveling commandment give the appearance mass-produce stretch posture hum cry pretended legal instrument ACTA go off half-cocked human action verdict employment retroactive dispose re-enact dumb show lawmaking copy legislature concert dance sharia triumph ballet jest aggress pseudo- wanton intermission quit semblance fall over backwards lift charade force false modesty common law drama ant running away look after warm-up announcement perk keep close to utilise Divertissement function mitsvah impact on flash deception hasten thing done mask interlude head ham it up finale manoeuvre keep executive privilege act as egress innings nullity reward portray lay it on thick work on masquerade as social science subpoena Equal Protection end up acquit oneself pass parody feel variation pretend high sign opera criticise scheme conduct oneself unlock wrap up act as foil cross over lip-synch whack last stunt court zoo role interference numbers militate knowledge actions knead limit revision presentation evade perpetrate take part fraud overact hindrance moves bring off folkway go on take action works normative interpret impact greasepaint cosmetic industrialize keep an eye on execute prescription keep nose to grindstone maintien umpire enact bank fetch up activism go in for hammy take measures flourish wearing practice reply bungle division satisfise go along bout wolf live action replace toil joint resolution -ence violate notch word writ unburdened rest ear enterprise spill make do cloak dishonesty colour tone health and safety movement bend over backwards facade fiat motivating deceit residency mug vulgarise act upon step forward presence prescript gambit initiative had best appearance attitude blue law handicraft minor league business legislate hold stampede disposition finish quality responsibility recite curtain kinetics curtain call mitzvah legislation intervene system mime have canon romance festinate holiday hurry tread operation anticipate raw time menace technique rehearse quicken behavioral norm dance hand affectation counteract velocity deport formula motivation observable behavior undertaking bit create gesture launch legality command unnatural imitation make bold endeavor participate turn demeanor reciprocate JUS star turn decree take over accomplish Motions display production swell debut rejection loosen up grapple diversion travel presume stage fright imposture organize routine mount quack juridical put-on take effect rule deed sentimentise every antitrust gauge across-the-board complete romanticize come out succeed coup disturb determinant act superior take time by the forelock bearing trifle letter swing negotiation undertake something role play pursue introduction nail knock off jigsaw act on lay an egg occupation veneer mandate come close look roman law ordain binding have vibes veil take off line make song and dance acquit vacancy procedure rep meet walk train information forfeiture methodology jive volume overdramatize gammon legitimation carry ramp act on behalf of bestir jived unfolding stance unburden afterpiece carry on item heed impersonation patter sauce shtick playact plow ahead nonachievement regulation the highway code feint gag nonaccomplishment go to town passage ape continue assumption escapade charlatan coy antagonise thing come to the fore influential professed fireworks warp epilogue lead virtue artist moving figure rite render diktat sham run happening negotiate method act reflexively constitution pattern output bear oneself do well pseud intermezzo action take repeat nod vehicle make sure tell exercise personify prosecute activity get going success official document engage work out effort intercede lesson knockdown play possum stand-up comedy act ham go off at half-cock journeying limn culture pattern jog journey civil usage exodus interact reenact expedient level jerk have a funny feeling pen be employed attainment achievement steal the show jiving tilt beat doings prompt DO stage-struck play-acting black codes deportment land up tour de force use hold back be falsification inactivity oversee infiltrator point jurisprudence Untruism put workings fulfill take on proclamation tread the boards make as if go that route pretend to be piece handling kindness launching discourse rot roleplay resonate key up round enforce dare pose make-believe support pretence public presentation neglect unenforceable effectuate wait opus incident sacrifice method acting maneuver come on uncovering fair step to the fore Gest dramatic play trick quackery emote swash intrude purport put on airs go for it knock oneself out spot res gestae lower oneself phoney book influence modus vivendi gig mimic condescend coact process dissimulate partner dramatise entrance 1 come through labour exert imitate jump in take turns be active perform nine-to-five it going operator burlesque unfaithfulness game kill hugger mugger waste roll serve acrobat causation dally criticize act out prologue do 1 optimise standing order tactics relax Valuing hoodwink dictum experience concurrent resolution scene substitute seek clause do something ultimatum event obey wind up race keep going wear image directive solicit start fatwa communicating legal document operate tactic Hinderance cyberlaw group provision put on operativeness adventure rulebook fact pull upstage enactment variety way of life develop assume relate register offer have effect transact find promulgation service ritual stay manners actuation play a part wage acquisition feigning be in commission matter style touching representation persist in four-flush unburdening amendment HIT footle stoppage effectuation wavering engage in -ment take care treat liturgy residence make like dispatch mandatory comport instrument essay Virtues warrant poise jazz take steps frivol dramatize Gestures approach shape break down amateur dramatics leash law manipulate mien repertory underwrite keep busy sketch enter acquiring episode snap expression work endeavour propulsion fake -ation show-stopper represent oneself effective dictation Lex human activity interdiction tight bill depict judgement play or take the part of winning order underplay office seem accomplishment value stage whisper guideline stopper Voyaging cross instrumental make a pretense carry out take up rampage sentimentize star camp it up feature psychological warfare rush communication habit vie for way re-enactment move Manoeuvring derivation dos co-star juncture behavior pattern antagonize getting victory viewing come forward leaning Habits methods bill of rights simulate strike ordinance storm improvise juiced changeling occasion caricature vanity interpose hold a reading officiate manner Of Behaving vulgarize rescript cover up observance bluster job exhibit manipulation lose it get around to achieve international law qualification address govern amateur theater nip be an actor look like inflect bring about mechanism motion tradition look sharp equalization present be effective bring down the house demean fait accompli go about cause dramatic composition edict have a job behave deign backslap equalisation understudy flirt working hire execution go over busy hold off begin walk through governing assay forge appear self-regulation agency originate play it by ear lie inspiration red tape deal foresee praxis civil law displacement activity up to fakery abidance hone code make for misdeed hobby false front warm up striptease the rule of law keyed up oppose play-act give cope goings-on Rafferty's rules will overt act ready realize stint dictate produce notification assessment woo react lay claim alternate criminal law pass for sneak curtain raiser occurrence misbehave bring manoeuver nab bring to fruition Movements take the role of narrate measure get top billing ostentation cook undertake feat dawdle Behavioral Science bear workout egression utilize keep driving wont play statutory overplay formality going away go ahead causing infiltrate fake it have an impact on piffle under dead letter leave zip optimize golden rule acting stall go stage deeds inroad let on like exertion bring into being Emotionalize step injunction camp have an effect on transaction jazzed guise review delivery percolate retrieval stroke joke acts kid show functioning notice stooge jobs divertimento consummate falsify expo knockdowns chaser attempt exposition hoke act port toy politics expository scene feign dummy have a place in major league proceeding claw act involuntarily counterfeit ad-lib make debut ADJECTIVE LAW massage walkthrough licensing laws get by make believe the administration of justice exhumation corruption volume-produce proceed Dissemblance manifestation dissimulation code of practice operations keep up misconduct re-create case law psych ops stop sphere of influence implement get moving questioning attack have play interrupt imagine make progress tick mark get in touch nurse let on ways ruling double bluff be an actress get with it fabrication wreak pay back deliver the goods weigh impersonate believe conduct be productive booking disinterment act up up and do be in action lay it on step up volunteer dealings Ordonnance transort task queen it over overproduce group action unrest one-to-one override money rubric pantomime contend mould direction operating carriage organism veto combine play the lead swagger


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