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What is another word for accept?

Below is the list of synonyms for accept. Here you can see the other names for accept.



sign up admission entrance inaugurate be a great/firm believer in something comprehend acculturate dig monetize acceptance be meant to do something see eye to eye (with someone) community go along with co-opt give something/someone the green light find belong to anglicize chime with look kindly on something speak for agree to lump bear the responsibility take up on live with communal reckon take the lead compass say yes derive study at go over to obtain fathom see collect conceive DUES commit yourself sense follow From be in agreement earn appropriate be as one believe in take charge (of) nod accredit twig yes buy get together embrace go for recommend come by claim back gain absorption grasp savvy think opinion ken assimilation apprehend recover answer for be of like mind cash in make out go accept/face the consequences catch take recognize imagine consent

transitive noun

let arrive have no objection connive at Having pick settlement elect answer for discern say yes yes one assent to think place confidence in initial unanimity permit take on knuckles relish settle have funny feeling Optate accredit deign forget jibe embark in unquestioned ken swear employ unveil reap vouchsafe recognize room gain ushering in take to rubber stamp find article of faith sustain wait disclose put up with middle ground abide by hail approve opine perceive decree unmask endure lap up begin neglect Jumped reason traction function reconcile oneself to grab attack internalize shoulder ignore grant evaluate earn know not resist undergo install homogenize be willing make a run at use up uncompress shrug it off go upon confirm take out give the go-ahead to flag put up select sweep up look upon rise agreement react give stamp of approval judge have a hunch utilise bless naturalize embracing narrate pounce comprehend conclusion take as gospel truth be easy with formal recognise subscribe to sign bear with be convinced of decide on kill divine buy into view with favor clear listen to reason say yes to go ahead wipe slate clean legalize yields make do with acceptance set going name enter on enact alignment take stock in hand it to one signatory vise agree with keep secret increase pass be agreeable rubber-stamp accept implicitly live with grumble impart give permission expect yield exploit prefer subscribe buy view with indulgence excuse judge not mark give the green light make comfortable fancy guess fail suffer lump invite brook net get yea bow to monitor affirm undertake check make up mind honor adopt overlook take fathom venture consent to silently jag make the best of let through enrol play authenticate have a go at own up to praise go at take a bow remit ratify cooperate with turn to keep the faith kenning fall usurp agree to become involved in will own nod conform monetize gauntlet idle support think well of accord deduce lean toward hypothesize concurrence nail assert feel countenance catch weigh Yielded make valid one consent introduce cleave hang in interpret lean over backwards meet uncomplicate understanding face up to bag launch into keep to vote affirmatively intromit verify give thumbs up make use abide pocket make use of tackle respect vote aye succumb make law keeping the faith admit capitulate let go by determine carry obtain esteem utilize engage in heed jumping cheer upset acquiesce so value deem proclaim defer to set to stock join up kowtow favor stand not take into consideration resign oneself to choose encourage concede labor disregard kick off validate presume offer friendship to validating registered set about give credence to Knuckling make sense of observing consenting obey operate dig winnow accredited reprieve recognition leap trust espouse manipulate owning up face value unquestioning pass on let in latch on utter shrug gentleman's agreement unfasten take kindly to master buckle under welcome take one up on respond Self-delusion taking over wish look up to condescend make welcome jump agree provisionally notice set forward keep company with hold hold with postulate sign and seal consensus formalize open the door to undersign formally Owning wish for fit in indulge love Knuckled launch forth give comply with rely on evidently say aye yes consider realize have take something as gospel resign use lay hold of pitch into nurture posit bow dream draw vouch for nod assent keep on endeavor greet welcomes be conscious of seal establish kowtow to tolerate let on uptake reach own up handle surmise owned inherit understand possess gather consensual take it live with it observingly get under way venture upon lock up voted for acquire respectful grip induct integrate go in for wild for give the nod maintain acknowledge be given make open up hang tough back learn to live with hats off to credence credit favour opt for wait out bore visa try identify with show no amazement presuppose be certain avow tap discriminate between read twig take for granted consent to manage ok treat as routine observe enter agreed acknowledgment venture on overtake favors take in charge cool digest note certify presume true second suppose let pass depend on leave finger wear set at infer figure co-opt approve of warrant write off reconcile absorption matriculate notarize learn get used to win give faith to make known hire autograph make a deal nip vow imitate volunteer give in vote for indicate relent swear to feel disposed to imprison opening up validated surrender to welcome with open arms have coming in make choice invest go into recruit uncover pledge grin and abide work on daresay include flash on estimate assume justify submit to bend VOTES legitimize rise above withdraw amen bear believe contract in get hold of fall for engage not refuse give consent concur pronounce go through give the imprimatur desire heart joined up move into offer hospitality wield benefit protect have faith in latch on to rapprochement believe without reservation entertain leap at jump at the chance unite practise social contract thumbs up interpret as regard swallow it hazard a guess pardon be certain of authorize declare keep quiet fall to lay about weather license land enjoy rule apprehend winked at register serve stand for deliver direct swallow necessitate find a use work come in for go along with profess involve jump at put confidence in initiate vote in devote oneself to jibes approbate like it or lump it Passed cosign wink at nod at make decision harbor sympathy officiate have vibes proceed to work out comply buy-in implement witness assent sanction take as gospel come by take in live by receive with open arms gospel fix on pick up brave acquiesce in enroll listen uses unchallenged mandate accede to positivist essay view take up conceive tag hog knuckle down not write off unanimous experience voted in advocate currency attempt be in receipt of fess up see seize sanctify belief keep make the most of face nominate court assent grudgingly applaud admire pass upon Deluded derive from be defer see both sides recommend hack imagine Jibing accord to unblock swear and affirm sign off on accept for gospel ordain pass judgment receive adhere to strike stick out incorporate plunge into yield assent draw lots become accustomed to by concur with want procure affiliate unsettle take advantage of grasp regard as true let go collect worry say amen to become resigned to knuckle under take over reconciliation divulge taste DO draw from fall in with okay appreciate jump in knuckle reveal solidarity bank on kid pay encouragement inspire word uphold waste vouch keep in countenance take responsibility for reckon like recover be content with hang on number naturalise champion take-up knuckleunder face it admission embark on usher in accede carry-the can concordance conclude give the nod to go about set store by pull down root believe in dare-say forgive stomach sense oblige put faith in become reconciled to mimic toe the line secure incline buckle to compass designate for Had yearn for abide with unburden have in hand absorb compact play the game waive bid welcome fall into don face the music knock under take on faith be aware of deal with language lodge agree bite vote into office follow not oppose under express general agreement overhear have at find out honour derive make out imply acclaim occupy go for exculpate condone enter upon take on trust get the picture countersign approved suspend judgment embark upon murmur go submit upgrade nab be big house vote give the go-ahead underwrite perform memorandum endorse give in to count on Valuing drag down embrace haul in observed indorse In Toto blink at confess take on board allow swallow the pill muster fulfill received borrow join yield to opt


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