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What is another word for abrade?

Below is the list of synonyms for abrade. Here you can see the other names for abrade.


transitive noun

detract gnash Contriturate dust adjust flour shave get to coat make a mess of riffle heating up deduct be on the back of disparage tease floor ride enervate cut foment flummox gouge gash rasp erode nibble trouble fray brush dredge craze depress upset agitate refine beleaguer etch whip up disturb carom upset oneself traumatize wearing away knock down chip whiten macerate weather clean burn up induce towel fatigue dissolve madden elicit grain mope pound give a hard time rot diminish fluster nettle decorticate curtail lacerate corrade disorganize scours lay grate incite instigate nick deflate caress vexing gnaw wash rind exercise squash work into lather incise rend finish frazzle trample file away shape turn off level off displease harass agonize run vex rub off animate push button eat cut down slit lose sleep over lay low tickle nark file irritate gall scotch wear thin apply chafing tyre irritating provoke shard fell chafe plague maim take on beat down anoint motivate mull wear ragged innervate pierce knocking down ablate make mincemeat of crack inconvenience lessen reduce to powder used up pulverise bloody laid low Exercised irking to pick bug niggle rip crumb lapping weary eroding decay sprain pull off ground wrench age abraded discommode scraping scalp plane wear out hack off stick scrunch blemish scratch graze derogate scrape away scour worsen make blood boil intimidate gnaw away strain become threadbare make callous raise fracture nip off purify hone scuff excoriating wind somebody up be at get on nerves husking goad wear away affront Subduct pain irk acclimatize titivate incense toff spoil take from daub powder pestle disconcert nudge inspire purge incommode stab embarrass get under skin Floured to graze glance off inure get on someone sand overwork rinded check offend excoriate rub the wrong way gnaw away at insult hull anger grade rub raw rub away miff crumble savage eat away at brecciate ruffle pat flush mop wipe distract exhaust bluster become worn annoy equalise subtract massage to file rubdown fuddle depreciate ask for it peeve perplex heated up distemper infuriate roll out cow weaken scrape out inflame scarify impair cut off draw forth stub give a bad time rub down grind away scrub shorten perturb fire up attenuate ripple retrench husk put agonise buck fleece cast crunch grind down rankle raze crush bully distress acclimate exasperate bray flurry abrasion tax scouring occasion fragmentalize mow down bate torment bare pumice scald make even occupy paint disquiet deteriorate wear cuts ticked off micronize afflict mark needle consume electrify titillate drive mad weed waste kindle dress kiss abrase prostrate upset someone chop up whet granulize Triturate peel burden facet break up level out dwindle laid-low go to seed fragmentize furbish exuviate burnish distress oneself grazed touch buff wearing abstract throw into tizzy used-up kibbling bore make equal put off cleanse burning up strip destroy wear through rupture mutilate glaze make pester vexed wear down thin rake smash beat offset worry aggravate irritated withdraw heat up touch on decline roil fragment tick off fret make flat overuse get laid bare work on decrease harry fume score Levigate wound grind to powder Wore drive up the wall extract glance bother adapt mash eat away thrill lead to lay bare plaster compress take away claw make waves to rub Fuddling mince tire unsettle erase wear (sth) away shred puncture ricochet irked Planed flatten excite Innerve skin acclimatise awaken grind wear threadbare Comminuted jar exercising Exercises to scrape disintegrate pique bark rub drain enthuse scorch knead thin out gloss in flames make the same roughen bedevil washing away nag files maul break itch worn scoured kibble level use up scrape off undermine confuse abet try eroded arouse t-off chafed numb make angry egg on molest use abate preoccupy Erased crumple evening out cover rub out sharpen hassle work up browbeat comminute curry wash away injure anguish sandpaper pare Rubbed skinned jade badger put out corrode debase trim bite hurt atomize granulate fuddled move Henpeck tear mess up fade remove grate on leach mow pulverize indurate wear off habituate reduce iron out slash flay roll even out tatter Excoriated accustom burn enrage damage lap to scratch rile using up rub against shine rattle mill strew scrape be worthless


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