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What is another word for abandoned?

Below is the list of synonyms for abandoned. Here you can see the other names for abandoned.


on one's own lecherous shag licentious sybaritic alone barren checked inhospitable scrapped given up satyric stark Snipped unashamed abandoned left alone unattended rusty thrown away disapproved uncontrolled dirty-dealing bleak no-good low-down Recidivous desert desolate perverted stop-at-nothing nighthawk dissolute basket-case void dissipated undervalued dropped counter-productive untended of easy virtue wanton Troglodytic unhampered in the fast lane without ties unpopulated gone to seed unescorted Tenantless shed debauched Screened Seclusive vile unabashed night owl Unhoused trashy consigned to oblivion highhanded ended without contents past recollection disused uncherished blown over jettisoned dirty dealing castoff shagger lorn Paused me and my shadow Excised with hands tied derelict beat-up Lickerish clean forgot left out foregone Houseless inefficient Abdicated all by one's self ownerless off the beaten track overbold rakish amoral uncurbed in a blue funk Blackballed homeless blotted out Ceased tucked away closed Unbefriended lax jilted unremembered wornout fell between the cracks slipped one's mind quit forsaken low in quality junked forgotten dog-eared wicked blockaded Trashed dirty-minded vicious resigned without a roof Disallowed uninhabited unoccupied flagitous hellbent unblushing on own unprincipled Excluded traveling light unfurnished Denied unused blacklisted Disclaimed Stayed unreformed blanked out mercentary off beaten track discontinued down-at-the-heel isolated deserted unengaged impotent acheronian down at the heel barred rejected gone bad Refrained dreary not in use depraved promiscuous unlived in interrupted Saturnalian not use in solitary left behind Renounced relinquished Sacrificed mad chopped unaccompanied drew a blank lowdown very upset unsocial miserable done with Vacated halted uncorrectable deep-sixed by oneself stop at nothing cut profligate uncared for gone to the dogs Capitulated secluded forlorn tapped out up creek without paddle unassisted vacant Eliminated in a bad way in firm surrendered unprotected released irredeemable unrighteous wretched corrupt down and out secluse outrageous thrown out undiscriminating obsolete broken down stag unrecalled Drossy beached cruddy all alone lonely counterproductive Double dealing lone to let unsuppressed in the gutter unrestrained dismal untenanted Refused unmoral out of condition wayward praetorian on the take Waived high living neglected immoral cast aside out of date funereal low quality incorrigible unwatched batching it godforsaken no-account somber discarded friendless widowed used up helpless suspended in blue funk stopped bare seeing red Culminated withdrawn broken no good run-down disowned tossed aside loose worthless terminated junky



transitive noun

lonely go-go Unregarded delirious white-hot devout pensioned off outdated contaminated alone corrupt old-fashioned burning cast away nonrestrictive surrendered Tenantless unsolicited hysterical hearty monstrous outside the gates outcast Storming degraded fancy tainted Unmastered open on fire unmuzzled Forsworn unreasonable Recanted cast aside obsolete loose put aside discarded enraptured Renounced perfervid amok empty possessed wild-eyed Waived ecstatic steep godforsaken done with released riotous dedicated resigned too much wild-looking uninhabited lascivious furious hot-blooded steeped in iniquity uncontrollable solitary ardent unrestrained untended desolate intemperate overlooked spirited orgiastic laid aside immoderate high demoniac cast-off gallant hypertrophied passionate inordinate half-done friendless in hysterics undue unsubdued ferocious wanton unsuppressed orgasmic out-of-date frantic reprobate wicked unconscionable disowned extravagant serious lost to shame Ditched boundless out out of bounds rakish gluttonous distracted in a transport obsolescent uncouth Transported out of hand unconsidered disused forlorn unpopulated raving raging left undone neglected stranded unmanned untenanted dispensed with fabulous ungoverned debauched frenzied cast out dissipated a bit much antique unrestrictive forsaken fervent profligate polluted uncontrolled gigantic intoxicated indulgent fervid free degenerate afire helpless jilted lewd hyperbolic relinquished passed over ignored Forgone Sacrificed out of control outworn debased disposed of vitiated resolute exaggerated howling outside the pale kithless worn-out unreserved uncared-for past use unchecked superannuate Madding maniac unattended to running mad bare unfilled unmeasured Untaken incontinent passed by sinful not worth saving feral missed vacant roaring intense unforced dissolute uncompelled Overgreat warped deserted unbridled available intent on overlarge Sidetracked Superseded overbig unoccupied Reinless undone vice-corrupted heated lecherous morally polluted sincere stiff corrupted fast out of the window rotten violent Omitted Slighted fierce unasked overmuch unconstrained antiquated lax impassioned earnest Rakehelly rampant Shunted overgrown superannuated bellowing egregious in earnest uninhibited overweening devoted uncoerced loyal Yielded Ravished carried away isolated vehement derelict Unreined defenseless unprincipled fatherless Rakehell uncurbed on the shelf marooned licentious motherless decadent berserk warm haggard old overdeveloped discontinued outmoded retracted rejected irrepressible incorrigible depraved left jettisoned intent mad unchaperoned out of sight zealous dropped rakehellish extreme Unfriended unstaffed pigeonholed unruly hot exorbitant faithful flaming unpeopled passed up sidelined gay wild Ramping archaic excessive out of use rabid retired blank perverted red-hot fiery outrageous unrepressed permissive ranting Abjured castaway hog-wild committed Ceded Fulminating homeless enormous unwatched disregarded


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