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What are the opposite words of free?

Below is the list of antonyms for free. Here you can see the opposite meanings offree.



transitive noun

going subjugate costly illiberal subdued weigh down cramped energetic fetter functional shackled taken unassertive restrained Interfered acquisitive suppress Hampered functioning Anchored unpretentious Manacled dam entangle down-to-earth embroil costive operable encumbered Coveting connected begrudging economical feasible frugal interfere pay non-self-governing Hindered desirous tied-up manacle inhibit mandatory on subservient uncleared intern joined limit impeded polite Immured Prevented ambiguous bog down trap jail barricade avid lowly straiten clog up poor high strict bolted diffident Incarcerated grudging handicapped saddle dear tight-fisted modest jammed enchain damn closed selfish Caged unassuming definite barricaded Dammed enslave barred clog restrict official grasping demure strained dependent hoggish vigorous employ injure Caught unnatural scheduled unclear keep fettered workable expensive take up constricted retiring priced operational penned conventional petty pay for blocked thrifty sentence necessary stopped linked weight timorous deposit Leashed plug stuffed load Trammeled encumbered by small bashful bog encumber blockade harm useful unable mean chained take operating conquered Gated vague slave alive subject mercenary obstructed secured dam up paid for restricted enclosed practical clogged high-priced hamper formal hinder resentful delay unavailable living attached subjugated Hobbled inhibited impassable enslaved stiff chary subordinate constrained interfere with inferior trammel condemn shut adjoining blockaded timid constrict plugged viable handcuff stop operative itchy fill maintain lock burden fastened suppressed immure engaged kidnapped hire envious usable meek lock up commit running weight down conquer humble weigh tied hurt interfered with plug up mousy limited difficult


More antonyms for Free

Here is the list of the opposite meanings of free, try: