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What is another word for whimsy?

Below is the list of synonyms for whimsy. Here you can see the other names for whimsy.


transitive noun

chimera freak weakness sudden idea tag bon mot bric-a-brac merriment pleasurable pastime passing fancy tantrum idiocrasy spate gaiety access jape mannerism in-thing sport influence levity lightheartedness impression relaxation toying specter vagrancy spell flimflam instinct blow disposition epigram brainstorm Boutade virtual reality Kidding decoration Vagaries trifling joking daydream sally Bibelot idle fancy capricious custom mind trip fancifulness monster objectifying buffoonery object leisure pursuit yarn mood crackpotism characteristic extemporization vein showpiece mind drollery playfulness fantastic notion joke preposterousness fanciful flight of fancy peculiarity accident frenzy fitfulness happiness divergence shaggy-dog story Dallying vision attack shot fashion revel platitude Coquetting strangeness fits habit fantastical pipe dream insubstantial image mischief fractious knickknack frolic prank make-believe belief spur figment wittiness thingamajig absurdity inclination humor lash pun vagary monkeyshine jocoseness tomfoolery wish bagatelle allurement novelty conversation piece whimsically giddiness burlesque megrim mind's eye dream innovation spontaneity crotchetiness Imagining motivation thick-coming fancies taste reverie affectation Whimwham Divertissement knavery triteness bee monstrosity pleasantry pastime hunch miniature whatnot itch paltriness badinage chestnut Votaries apparition delusion fit trifle mode incitation deviancy burst passing thought spree mirage impulsion impulse nonsensicalness liking ornament mania hankering inspiration utopia dido kink illusion urge queerness irresponsibleness curiosity caprice wildest dream variation in sick fancy waggery vapor furor fantasy bauble nonconformity twitch queer device wit Whimsicalness banality quaintness epileptic attack gewgaw trip INS gag lightness whimsey oddness schtick bogy cranky laugh distraction style kick jumps odd trait hallucination high spirits weirdness trend subterfuge Whim-wham inconstancy turn quaint prose anomaly Prosaicism hobby erraticness whimsical play torrent tall story arbitrariness irrationality escapade visionary plaything delirium rainbow crazy idea conceit gambol quirk payoff tchotchke freakish inspiration game crankism parody specialty erratic lust lark bout Phantasm quip unnaturalness roguery rage volatility equivocation romance outbreak toy atlantis embellishment art aberration diversion avocation inconsistency antic folly bag throe crankiness desire fool notion nightmare convulsion tale fad banter trapping invention externalising image rag jerk maggot idiosyncrasy myth Ignis Fatuus knack ludicrousness Prosaism humour New Look horseplay imaginativeness foible goad head trip arabesque mummery chic quirkiness knickknacks actuation spasm stunt wantonness crank thing externalizing comicalness vogue contrariety shallowness frivolity wrinkle idea resolve gadget judgment dottiness brainchild epileptic fit fiction obsession latest word unconventionality imagery naughty bubble capriciousness amusement craze hollowness fancy quest fickleness capriccio opinion harebrained idea bizarre thought interest phantom jocularity hope fantasque outburst jest witticism bromide abnormality singularity dernier cri jocosity air castle catalyst flash yearning pet topic quibble saw drive snare differentness erraticism appearance crotchet bent irresponsibility notions snow job trick freakiness rush drollness Comicality anecdote josh whimsicality puerility shenanigan nonsense whim temper motive unreasonableness raillery extemporisation ridiculousness repartee triviality freakishness envisioning in thing excitant flightiness phantom of the mind WHIMS yen favorite occupation phantasy ha-ha sideline changeableness crochet divertissements fun nuttiness irregularity twist curio oddity notion put on rib imagination humorousness souvenir cry wildest dreams stroke eccentric perversity impellent paroxysm deviation trinket quality unpredictability feeling screwiness originality passion rubber stamp grand mal Hobbies put-on wisecrack appeal one-liner newest wrinkle tall tale eccentricity hilarity clowning occupation craft conniption motto hoodwinking petit mal Leisure Activity Eidolon jesting joyfulness labor of love fantastic dizziness caper twist of fate kookiness superficiality incitement trait


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