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What is another word for weakness?

Below is the list of synonyms for weakness. Here you can see the other names for weakness.



chink in one's armor predicament Pash tenuities advanced age vacillation wholeheartedness ignorance Achilles' Heel fragileness soft spot self-indulgence hobby ineptness in security uncertainty salaciousness extravagance favoritism senescence ought stupidness chink in armor epicurean Leisure Activities flaccidity lust undoing velleity miss cheerlessness insipidity inconsistency changeability changeableness chink in the armor blandness zeal enervation delicacy in action gossameriness dumb trick divertissements scar incompetency leanness mildness instability discommodities committals scantiness boredom impulsions vulnerable point finding anemia weak side gluttony wonts variabilities penchant rough spot Liableness hankering shallowness fondness partiality demesnes failings say so insecureness airiness defectiveness impotence invalidity unpredictability zealousness inefficacy absurdness feeble-mindedness salacities Diseasedness subservience default inferiority over-weariness Unhealth fire in belly foolery devotedness knot fluidity indecision zaniness leaning puerility ineffectualness wateriness unsteadiness ennui slenderness fixed attitude inadequacy flatness shortcoming shortfall lack fervor feet of clay attachment fault fickleness softness weak point apathy needs sybaritic impulsiveness relish impairment blues over turn frailty injudiciousness need object of study horse feathers ardor unsavoriness halfheartedness the vapors disturbance specialty favorite occupation Fatigation distinguishing feature frailness thing for incompetence Gluttonies blind spot inconstancy indecisiveness slip-up preference stupidity vulnerability witlessness oughts the urge spinelessness committal inadequateness schtick make-ups infirmity leanings capriciousness like tiredness invalidities choice malaise big eyes lassitude irresponsibility weak spot Nerve Endings volatility fun-loving staleness tenderness defalcation love good fatuousness feeblemindedness fervency lapse puniness slip-ups slowness soft underbelly incapability Desiderata invalidism oomph good vibrations Convalescences minuses sore point weak-mindedness salacity unstableness tender spot hangup exquisiteness Fooleries impulsion slip up habit tedium claim to fame mutabilities appetite loss of innocence femininity Sickliness Incapacitation nerve ending specials where it hurts vitiation condition Specialities vulnerable place impermanence obtuseness yellowness desideratum liking prostration Non-observance devoir where one lives unsubstantiality aphrodisias insubstantiality Unfixedness flaw idolization sleepiness virtue inefficiencies drowsiness debility flimsiness proclivity banality in the gut depression mutability Etherealness raw nerves Assuetude impuissance forte decrepitude leisure pursuit predisposition exposed nerve druthers ineffectiveness mad for decadence sore spot thickheadedness adverse circumstances tendency Insufficience unsuitableness defalcations the quick fool trick emasculation predicaments skimpiness Divertissement vice double-mindedness Non-feasance bent ill carrying-on Diaphaneity unsureness munchies ill health unreliability special project predilection idiocies aphrodisia Puerilities field inclination make-up exhaustion RAWS underbellies thick-headedness disability unsoundness listlessness variability passion senility fatigue raw nerve obsession adoration imbecility unwillingness shiftiness carryings-on deficiency unwellness limits tightness debilitation ambivalence quicks doltishness languor simpatico unwiseness unpredictabilities hesitance champaign heaviness Senectitude underbelly answerability tenuity plainness weakliness waverings Delicateness poor health pet topic Amore helplessness battiness indulgence delinquency defect lovingness convalescence taste powerlessness languidness shortage subjection Uncertainties imperfection sideline dotage terrain nitwittedness failing affection Leisure Activity fragility enfeeblement faintness footsoreness same wavelength feebleness year neglect inaptitude strong inutilities nonobservance subtlety better for fun Propensities typos errors gap shakiness tastelessness pashes foolishness inability to hack it devoirs character flaw overindulge evil doing urge in actions demesne blemish attenuation precariousness incompleteness field of concentration typo ailment election Asininity senselessness majors Palates vapidity underage insecurity inaptness help Non-payment achilles heel disequilibrium Ardency droopiness possessiveness wobbliness speciality inability weak link fly in the ointment handicap Habits scarceness silliness damaging weakness Discommodity brainlessness fitfulness transience speck foible Opportunities affinity inutility tentativeness second childhood minus weakness ricketiness drawback faultiness shyness dizziness scantness overtiredness object of attention burnout weariness irresolution hunger

transitive noun

greenness election pliancy judgment lack of personality weak side sensitivity to inconsistency blind spot overlooking rating orbit unpredictability proclivity lily-liveredness frailness malpractice insipidness instability like defection fatigue unprotected comprehension concupiscence bailiwick uxoriousness eyestrain zest nature elegance unstableness devitalization snag hazard cowardliness fragileness unclearness encumbrance good will subaudibility idiosyncrasy irregularity incapability solecism susceptible pallidness appetite flaccidity tilt routine objection underbelly vagueness nonessential long suit impotent languidness hypochromic anemia giddiness flimsiness range human weakness opportunity chloranemia eroticism mutedness inefficaciousness field hankering frailty trouble hook type fashion evil relish transience physical love glob pliability fuzziness compulsion greed eye will malleability Subtility fad moral flaw eros oscillation restlessness nonsense nemesis quirk uneasiness impuissance omission cupidity paleness munchies excitement indefensible indistinguishability sleepiness feeblemindedness human frailty predisposition limitation leaning jadedness powerlessness tough luck likes tooth limp requisite niceness property typo flavorlessness faintheartedness gutlessness wart Sickliness discomfort jones jejunity human equation hindrance slimness appreciation Gracility tropism imperfectness privation naivete thing weariness extract cherishing anaemia earnestness whimsy predilection hunger fairness shortfall easiness rarity soft underbelly fickleness Delicateness inclination apathy power vacuum vagary changeableness lust miscue attachment defenselessness Exility bond top achilles heel reverence airiness Groundlessness foolishness mistake normality asthenia mortality Mental Fatigue verve underage impairment warm heart saplessness ravenousness appetency qualm hesitation free love speciality bad habit affection penchant liability craze enjoyment malleable fervor minus idolatry gust ebb vulnerable spot wraith lividness goofiness habit inadequacy vacillation ruination catch bounds Platonic love reach brain fag jazz bodily love delight lack of power poor health weakening manner bag malaise married love pain rift spot technicality complaint pastiness kindness sallowness oomph prostration goodness loosening gracefulness thinness benevolence nuisance fallibility nonfeasance atony unmanfulness enervation bloodlessness rapport lifelessness unsureness lowness foible disorder yoke worship strain softness Ardency unwillingness gremlin ailment gusto a thing for overstrain exiguity inconstancy tenuity enthusiasm weakheartedness blot taint faintheart lack overreliance gap pursuit longing temperament impotency free-lovism nit turn simpleness tenderness flatness vitiation way propensity number Idolism shortage perviousness lax jerkiness oddity licentiousness voracity pigeonheartedness nerve ending carnality region lovemaking openness nonappearance covetousness timidity joy respect sentiment humanness indecisiveness sloppiness torpidity ZIT warmheartedness shakiness yen persuadability need tender passion untenability stain dilutedness object of attention Cadaverousness lassitude spiritual love wantonness unsavoriness pregnability joint nullification curse tendency infirmity absurdity anemia paralysis venial sin totter spinelessness tenderheartedness debilitation Unfixedness melancholy peccadillo pitfall vulnerable point tender feeling translucency Unhealth ardor care relaxedness visitation margin vocation staleness responsiveness qualification crush evaluation urgency irresolution blotch sore point hollowness bleariness insubstantiality ghastliness capriciousness nonattendance area helplessness deathly pallor hypochromia uncertainty sickly hue tameness hangup chance unwellness faint languor absence deficiency ineffectiveness flame crack obsession goad readiness eagerness haziness vote good vibrations infatuation ashiness heaviness demerit reverse hardship unhealthiness lack of influence unsuitableness burnout milksopism besetting sin nonpayment blur glitch blight jeopardy feeling for unreliability unsophistication collapse fondness seduceability attraction weakliness ruin emotion verdict paucity oversight dimness bane shortcoming willingness guilt ineffectuality low profile paperiness brittleness quiet gossameriness mar whim kink wimpiness open-mindedness popularity obstruction miscarriage misbehavior fearfulness changeability prejudice swayableness conjugal love bar disposition mildness wrongdoing barrier naievety emoting slightness wispiness problem unsubstantiality object of study cast unplainness occupation poverty misdemeanor proneness failing abulia laxness exsanguination sexual love lack of force wish dullness responsibility diathesis overturn junction error fogginess stupidity misconduct honor chink in armor nakedness tiredness velleity savorlessness flabbiness ought inferiority milksoppiness anxiety backwardness forte timorousness ricketiness faithful love fadedness overthrow libido affliction rapture milksoppishness weak will obtuseness Conduciveness chickenheartedness lack of magnetism Valetudinarianism listlessness impotence stomach decrescendo weakspot vapidity motive love negligence stumbling block bunk sickness vertiginousness chink in one's armour burden fatal flaw lightness neatness glorification fixation unsoundness battiness tastelessness prison pallor blunder slenderness eccentricity giveaway overindulgence disfigurement Vincibility attenuation blandness question occasion big eyes job unfitness deformity laziness scar shine admiration narrow-mindedness cowardice likelihood ill luck amor specialization onus disability carelessness use effeminacy variability emasculation lethargy metier torpor weak-mindedness downside dilution Ethereality lapse hurdle deathly hue soft spot wholeheartedness mark chink fault angst movement toothless worshipping bug heart strain handicap jejuneness warp inefficacy habitude glee illness insipidity glamor horse feathers mutability wrong eventuality stance fatigue peculiarity Gauziness fancy Etiolation reversal naiveness delicacy variety amenableness gullibility naivety slackness arrears vertigo Goneness necessity aptitude partiality vice- warmth government wanness neglect undoing want mustiness veneration turn on line negative offense mind cup of tea run humiliation imperfection racket regard wavering indisposition thirst Vulnerableness forcelessness misfortune yearning Pallidity bad luck Habits christian love relaxation Liableness feebleness muddiness enfeeblement right harm blemish faultiness limpness nonobservance sin blow exhaustion indecision fineness Filminess volition rubbish lasciviousness hurrah little problem heel of achilles flaw unauthoritativeness emotional exhaustion blurriness defect misdeed faint-heartedness ennui uselessness softheartedness dependence usage drawback closeness yielding truelove needs half-visibility impediment hoaxability fly in the ointment main interest specialty decrepitude sex knot zing nitwittedness addiction wearifulness yellowness vanity heart easygoingness effeteness likeliness affinity darkness overtiredness mistiness passion suggestibility obligation brainlessness fragility Conatus popular regard difficulty receptiveness pallor heartiness something missing hobby taste senility unreasonableness retard debility disease gravitation semivisibility pining faute exquisiteness obstacle hole enchantment cravenness sluggishness understanding weak point good looks weak spot simplicity specialism malady bent movability penetrability haggardness no say necessary idolization vulnerability baselessness unsteadiness deadness probability desire twist religiousness adoration unwiseness negative aspect grief pusillanimity laxity failure devotion leniency Etherealness aptness unsteady dupability influenceability incompetence precariousness meekness unpersuasiveness subduedness wobbliness keenness contingency faintness case complication bias indefiniteness unease deceivability possibility vice zealousness fear remissness hamper soft focus chicken-liveredness quick heat airy texture jurisdiction wateriness vehemence invalidity compassion option thing for preference indistinctness risk Impressionability mad for imprecision groove disgrace inability depletion permissiveness style mental strain volatility vulnerable place hitch kinship liking gluttony obscurity wishy-washiness overpermissiveness urge defectiveness weak link Washiness disadvantage old age gentleness accessibility agape diaphanousness zaniness incapacity vague appearance endearment charity susceptibility mindset inanity transparency hero worship assailability ingenuousness must trend shadowiness Cullibility lameness henheartedness laciness pet subject justice quietness game humanity CARITAS uninfluentiality brotherly love kick condition year malfeasance timidness ineptitude oscitancy quest defocus craving zeal pleasure looseness unrestraint sensitivity unmanliness puniness

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