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What is another word for waverings?

Below is the list of synonyms for waverings. Here you can see the other names for waverings.


kinetics direction delay diffidence insecurity alternation full swing capriciousness high sign hemming and hawing mutability demurral incertitude instability timidness flux Shilly-shally throbbing gesture reverberation timidity stream fear tentativeness dubiousness skepticism confusion hesitancy tremor ambiguity uncertainty stir disbelief hesitation dilemma transience to-and-fro swing difficulty shakiness throb ricketiness suspense problem judder act Unfixedness locomotion qualm page-turner wobbliness wave thriller changing precariousness chiller grabber move ambulation beating shimmy equivocation reluctance fickleness drift tension vacillation expectation variability restlessness indecisiveness cliff-hanger dynamics stuttering quake misgiving expectancy unsureness unstableness pause flightiness disequilibrium flow shake progress agnosticism dubiety volatility unreliability sweep distrust eagerness disquiet irregularity faltering lack of confidence travel passage agitation unpredictability sway anxiety frailty mobility changeability apprehension perplexity fluctuation pliancy doubt unwillingness changeableness signal immaturity Averseness Delaying indecision Body English fluidity indisposition procrastination oscillation fumbling cloak and dagger stirring wavering inclination dawdling stammering quiver weakness motility vulnerability pulsation mistrust faithlessness incredulity insecureness advance trembling scruple passing change discredit quandary tendency irresoluteness potboiler sign resonance irresolution inquietude fitfulness gesticulation pulse unsteadiness inconsistency stumbling impermanence suspicion rejection impatience