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What is another word for wavering?

Below is the list of synonyms for wavering. Here you can see the other names for wavering.


transitional unconfirmed adjustable hot-and-cold torn fluctuating oscillating weak betwixt and between modifiable Transposable hanging by thread unsure hot and cold astraddle on the fence unconverted without belief unstable faithless in clouds not definite Impuissant wiggly undecided unsettled changing Vicissitudinous mutable halting out of gas in the middle unsteady shifting convertible waffling fluttering glimmering wishy-washy in dilemma vacillating Fluctuant adaptable shaky aquake dithering unconvinced versatile anile unloyal unconfident irresolute Unhandy laid back restless uneager up for grabs unfirm timid shimmering Claudicant inconstant ashake varying sparkling ambivalent flexible Unequable flickering without guts wimpy weakly insecure hesitant tremorous YOYO infirm unpeaceful weakest movable tottering touch and go not set mercurial unassured glinting fluid Trustless Wabbly characterless unrestful vacillant sensile unfixed reversible unshielded on-the-fence wobbly yellow-bellied not sure dubious tottery blinking wavy quivering doubtful reformable protean sapless ever-changing forceless of two minds lacking confidence flighty tippy twinkling on thin ice hesitating Permutable commutative changeful undetermined yo-yo revocable flexuous Meandrous jellylike untrusty rootless uncertain alterable volatile pendent transformable aspen rachitic backward fickle not fixed variable in a quandary laid low Double dealing unassertive unproven precarious open to attack running hot and cold changeable all aquiver hanging by a thread irresoluteoscillating tremulous faint-hearted unreliable indecisive in firm not following


transitive noun

Seesawing blinking variability stroboscopic motley divergent wandering playing wavy Spasmatic afloat Vibratility erose vibratory nonstandard capriciousness disorderly dizzy faltering shifting periodicity Vibratile spineless dickey uncertain instability variable erratic polysemous Vicissitudinous alternating nonuniform variation scatterbrained unorthodoxy wobbling veering unsteady wanton shilly-shallying equivocation raggedness unprovable lambent unsettled impetuous teeter-tottering pendulous frequency flickering divarication unsure unmethodical fluctuational Unequable jerkiness various unfixed Libratory hesitation mutability deviation vacillant touch-and-go snatchy unpredictable mercurial adrift pluralism choppiness diversification fickle patchy hesitating irresolution undependable Shilly-shally unreliable indecision unforeseeable Unconformity Flitting flicky unstable fluttering unverifiable motleyness changing halting versatility different rootless Teetering fluctuating mercuriality restless inconsistency periodic vacillation inequality desultory Deviating nonuniformity sputtery Heteroclite jagged spasmodic Deviatory mazy nutational tottering unaccountable resonant unregularity quivering divergence chancy irregularity hesitant resonance frequency flashing spasmic nonconformism nonconformity flighty ambiguous rough shaky indecisiveness wobbly inconstancy unevenness doubting fast and loose uncontrolled variegation Vacillatory eccentric wavery Careening incalculable divaricate Intermitting diversified Vicissitudinary variousness scrappy changeful harmonic wayward Fluctuant sputtering ragged jerky variform Unstaid unrhythmical uneven rambling spluttering whimsical equivocal sporadic alternation unorthodox fitful dancing Immethodical irresponsible frequency spectrum pluralistic harmonic motion staggering oscillation guttering indecisive undisciplined resonance catchy infirm broken vicissitude varying vibrating skeptical shuffling shapeless lurching Diversiform Indemonstrable Unsteadfast unconvinced shifty hesitancy fluctuation pendulation nutation libration spastic dicey mutable Pendular disorder deviable unrestrained ununiform deviative variegated weak unequal choppy insecure volatile changeable unconformism oscillating spotty vibration unmetrical unregular roving fluttery dappleness bickering amorphous aflicker giddy herky-jerky unsteadiness undivinable differentiation oscillatory intermittent nonstandardization unsystematic unstable as water capricious changeableness variety vacillating difference agnostic irresolute unpersuaded nonconformist inconstant flickery vibrancy pendulating quivery impulsive unconfirmable wishy-washy vagrant inconsistent moody irregular disconnected freakish discontinuous changeability frequency band


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