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What is another word for vulnerability?

Below is the list of synonyms for vulnerability. Here you can see the other names for vulnerability.


defenselessness onus precariousness invalidity variabilities culpability Unhealth exposed insubstantiality airings on the line damaging weakness double trouble unsureness weakliness fluidity giveaway potentiality jeopardy Hypersensitivities changeability amenability fitfulness thin ice chink in the armor faintness susceptiveness unsubstantiality duty likelihood divulgence denudation liabilities openness tragic flaw double-trouble hot potato out on limb Sickliness chink in armor unreliability probability sore point powerlessness puniness capriciousness susceptibleness burden unsoundness insecurity inconstancy Exigencies waverings unwellness compulsion unpredictabilities flu instability vitiation slipperiness impermanence susceptivities subjection hypersensitivity Uncertainties amenableness tender spot ricketiness obligation cause for alarm risky business subservience laying open owing exposure sensitivities on line mutabilities changeableness indebtedness disequilibrium Allergic Reactions mutability ill health allergic reaction Imperilment apt unveilings unpredictability on the spot susceptibility Diseasedness inconstancies proneness likeliness tendency accountability danger blame shakiness liability weak link infirmity owings Vulnerableness Susceptivity Accountableness unhealthiness peril weak point wobbliness unsteadiness weakness fickleness unstableness barings vulnerability allergy Arrearage in security invalidities insecureness giveaways Unfixedness variability transience debt

transitive noun

weakness heel of achilles flimsiness crispness chink brittleness danger unqualifiedness extemporaneousness crackability weak point breakability liability incompetence planlessness breakableness pregnability Fissility soft spot susceptibility unqualification fragility unfittedness crushability crackableness unsuitedness Unreadiness friability ad lib nonpreparedness lack of preparation fracturableness improvisation Nonpreparation crumbliness unsuitability disqualification incapability Susceptivity lacerability delicacy assailability frailty unsuitableness crushableness Frangibility weak link Vincibility exposure unfitness openness penetrability vulnerable point unpreparedness

More Vulnerability Synonyms

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