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What is another word for vitiation?

Below is the list of synonyms for vitiation. Here you can see the other names for vitiation.


defilement deterioration abatement feebleness cancellation downgrade declension foulness ending impurity rescission baseness split up misuse enervation desecration deficiency appetite blemish infirmity decline Besmirching fragility obliteration nullification gap flaw sensuality split vice powerlessness devaluation retrogression degradation decadence licentiousness abolishment Polluting Tainting predilection viciousness shortcoming degeneracy fault adulteration rotting retraction imperfection chink in armor discharge fondness drop debasement recall failing dislocation dissolution disrepair invalidities repeal revocation spoliations liking spoliation taint dirtying profanation atrophy downturn pollution sore point proclivity taste frailty passion soft spot depreciation neutralization Crumbling invalidation faintness impotence criminality deletion iniquity decomposition infection depravations invalidity abasement declination soilings Countermanding sinfulness voiding debility languor abrogation annulment elimination indecision downfall soiling penchant ruin voidance Decaying Rescindment depravity decrepitude Depravation irresolution greenhouse effect lapse inclination corrosion reversal debauchery going phfft inconstancies profligacy fall rottenness Defeasance negation foible Erasing inconstancy undoing lewdness abuse instability abolition worsening blight impairment lack corruption wickedness descent evil prostration Besmearing annihilation perversion slump criminalities uncleanness Rescinding spoiling lessening delicacy achilles heel dedomiciling disintegration dilapidation neutralizations weak point senility abandonment breakup weakness Fouling degringolade vulnerability vitiation contamination

transitive noun

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