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What is another word for unit?

Below is the list of synonyms for unit. Here you can see the other names for unit.



sum Re-presentation spore nuclear family foursomes flat-pack consulting room splinter group ells integers whole schmear length constant eight bits booze unit of measurement cell coalescence fifty combos dram utricle protractedness paper follicles whole shooting match building a whole Delivery Room Extensiveness organization Cellule mob consortium stuff allocation Accouterments line sample base kitchen police team plugin entity pinions section Spores quantum suite package brand leader living souls ranginess integer building block TINS array substructure eighty constituent singleton molecule fighting forces samplings item module fixins associate notability corpuscle unit Vacuoles assignment fifteen contrivance vacuole force Argosies digit something common multiple across the board joint integrals thing joiners total brand name plug-ins individual icu biddle generation joiner body charter member segment crowd couplet brand coalition bacterium service personnel double core bedsit GAMS lineup drink Gam dojigger whole enchilada element meeds amount detail gal apartment platoon corpuscles automation escadrille lengthiness part and parcel patriarchy speciality whole shebang differential crew fin confederate sheaf all exemplifications board whole nine yards link troopers mote limb longitudes partners material soldieries substance eleven pinion elementary unit whole ball of wax billion day room arriviste Collectivity follicle branch one Sheaves component department modicum graduation capacity totality whole show Specialities social unit throngs condo high dependency unit longitude byproduct commissioner precinct detachment Arabic Numeral troop living soul layer party exemplification arm computation derivative cube root clunker whole thing years emergency room organisms system complement housekeeping black box a broken home fighting force clinic factor tallness aperitif cup five squadron hook line and sinker cardinal number movable coefficient micro-organism accommodation dispensary fighting men committee foursome mileage gang consortia peripherals brigade alumnus a stick of furniture spaciousness crore allowance specimen academician typifications common factor cabal backlog class chaser formings credit year flotilla fitting singletons the works group eight making one placement soldiery differentials clan coursework bachelor pad thingamabob linearity trooper eighteen insiders subdivision ingredient newspaper tandem rudiment automaton furnishings chapter thingamabobs corps wing league assemblage micro-organisms byte tandems feature synthesis commodity block alcohol tin distich casualty plug in organ duplex contraption batch modules apparatus phase furniture assembly Utricles Ones end product sectors haematid big beast object faction digs bit lock stock and barrel portion outfit member army plug-in insider Single Parent Family denomination combo lastingness monad wall to wall ell arithmetic unit of being One Parent Family balance MENS accumulation arithmetic progression bachelor apartment accommodations argosy Integrant woman servicemen stables dissertation square typification meed er article belt condominium longness cube elongation battalion tribe ring dynasty germs bunch person baby matter master class

transitive noun

dyne utricle establishment ministry sperm bank facet level dispensary ent force mortal any tin Managed Care one member group decagram human being Entelechy full-scale hospice faculty basic metrication dimension feature NIH utensil critter broad kilovolt-ampere nought beside remoteness being entourage operating theatre insiders essential instalment institution system gnarl statvolt peer group factor nexus device substance contingent trooper sanitarium triumvirate fragment whole show distance train partnership sanatorium respect faction crush amount ward type riot person subgroup instrument Harley Street compartment breakout group practice generation holding company size vehicle the NHS circle utmost platoon indication bulk gauge union party loop officers entire link model threesome QA cohort implement drop millihenry grade constituent particular integration field train bulge wide abcoulomb lump regiment animal ampere-minute throng machine out for number one horde example aspect wall quarter monad clutch integral floor-length embodiment assemblage commando third milligram sub hallmark Leagued width furniture grain quantitative idiosyncrasy elect verse crop room whole world fighting men covey men abhenry syndicate military wall to wall trimming numbers appendage minim sector centi- leagues gathering view file specific log design orbit fin statampere ply follicle makings luggage fusion affection Whoever unitary entente depth workshop Everyone realm Outsit independent school ginger group assembly often military lineup integer steering committee clique quota year NOS line prime number rabble relay Outpatients degree lengthways mho maternity ward dojigger vintage nucleus team fixed appliance network phrase volt detachments workers whole ball of wax heap ravel radius beat gram bottle V, v human host ampere-foot Arabic Numeral metric tandem Centigram hit squad joiner reserves guild molecule decimal atom asylum lobe cubic order hint exemplification newspaper helping height loftiness hospital brigade trinity troopers whole number cluster army group surgery bunch watt garrison task force commune quartet infirmary block pattern unit of being voice range orgy length endlessness overlap loony bin theatre virtue cabal composite draw dude insider works or lobby subunit interval ration attachment appliance definite quantity meed scratch setup pack measure taste scrum si fullness bag drawing card longitude haughty minority troop fitting lastingness bloc fraternity kilo linkage public connection oodles social unit bureau personnel retinue silent majority combat team matter pharmacy representation government department mole triad aggregate intensive care unit Everything mob equipment melee typification guy gal Knurl outsider dregs kit personage yoke mite module graduation unit element gag whole schmear square unification allotment excerpt digit atomic number ray medicare pound avoirdupois element aggregation apparatus whole enchilada blood bank quantum enterprise term whole nine yards enclave egg UKAHN fleet significant figures phalanx ounce knee-deep working party territory point vessels decigram longness knee-length imperial instance military detachment department units farad welding section big picture gaggle ell tera- making tribe megawatt alliance morsel incestuous vital statistics way ampere linear revelry emergency room cadre side passage micro gizmo line-up health authority abvolt galaxy deep First Nation sandwich generation construction lot ear, nose, and throat draft duration N character object panel intrigue arm icu installation branch battery sum micromicrofarad mafia drove henry figure span dram set rout haematid vicinity serial number review nuthouse combat command rhyme fixture camp i Integrant harem blend elements shoal offshoot company foursome accouterment individuals quarters forces huddle demographic joker reception club in-group health centre embryo oneness statfarad cardinal consulting room whole shebang constant expanse integrants bough scruple fixins Health Service units of weight doctor differential madhouse bathymetry hmo germ logarithm result reproductive structure Horses an detachment hand constellation binary number angle exhibit valence representative mental hospital trunk flying column neck troops think tank persona pollen count Delivery Room lakh health maintenance organization lengthiness organisation organism crore measurable bifurcation moiety twist reading abohm whole thing tool Forming flashmob association hub subcommittee duo Furnishing commodity team building table splinter group segmental creature singleton gimmick squad illustration new wave field army spa slug numeral extension self-sufficient household name ring compound X, x single movement cell detoxification centre component armed force ordinal swarm magic circle altitude man segment hunk spare scientific notation Maniple expansion the funny farm gang fighting force diversion tactical unit load gala complement atomic mass intensive care rudiment something portion trait quantity total carat stable totality box kitchen police patrol KP wheel no assignment poundal posse no other A & E place value gear diameter infertility clinic watt-hour stone house numerals group of four kilogram mass calibre plant bee wings stuff partition micromho leg physical object lengths Microvolt property measurement formation specimen work force wing combination medicaid symbol milliampere abfarad node jot ace headliner back end ensemble walk-in wall-to-wall personality extremity wholes kilowatt-hour earmark hands differentials key group component part area appointment agency healthcare crowd unity Megacoulomb pound troy installment delegation journal modules none else General Hospital tyre pressure collection I, i picofarad snatch variable league integrating weight Gam junction mark number fundamental necropsy hyperlink data megohm roentgen junta woman office joint light year stopping distance Megavolt value parcel conjunction the National Health Service outfit radio link who extra the big battalions troupe gross lunatic asylum grouping mode pair bit clause googol bundle run integrals highlight sickroom army vacuole multitude Soldiers armed forces suspect quality antilogarithm D, d luncheon coterie C, c pool special interest group individual houseful outfits crew denomination one and only dinner mote pound distich chunk topic wheelbase ounce avoirdupois board dram avoirdupois fixings Focus Group soundings notability article institutional tranche hecto- coulomb twosome group of words root unit of measurement infinity firepower living soul building block existence bowl pulley volt-second proportion rig dream team battalion get-together slice sickbay rank soul fatigue the world health organization volt-coulomb flock Milli- padded cell switch ranginess paraphernalia casualty subsection tallness iota half-life microhenry trace structure division colony identity region nothing else ohm-mile band household appliance modicum linearity clinic scale caucus reach trio kink microwatt Ones organization entity all battle group navy bevy variety package material Socialized Medicine organ megaton duty numerator an existence thingamajig hundredweight exemplar HT peculiarity sample guard gadget discrete item federation community L, l ton particularity Quanta principle layer limit corps chunky operating room squadron firm kilowatt forum detail thingamabob ordinal number M, m pitch ampere-hour working group holder nursing home half-size work shop body legion atomic weight statcoulomb ordinate individuality limb Mega thing er attribute longways wallet roman numeral pico- item organs life platform ingredient subdivision pennyweight dyad tract column ounce troy jackpot millivolt building a whole million abampere unit of measure basis whole shooting match psychiatric hospital setting cartridge herd elevation sisterhood draught ohm bite couple knot


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