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What is another word for under?

Below is the list of synonyms for under. Here you can see the other names for under.





transitive noun

incumbency count tandem inadequate remote through government-owned thin earlier less narrow below the mark Comintern dearth absolute live infra process back outside subject to repress secondary to unsatisfied lesser the kremlin subjacent time-poor parallel step lacking at the nadir govern scanty reign collateral low-level governed by impaired minute 1 devoid poverty secondary rare With least starve downing street speak inferior to to the bottom under no hung parliament tipsy alternate nether below suggestion down below go along limited strength misgovern short subject misrule even scantily rarity once do without (sth) while flicker oppress need few fall ascend at a disadvantage deep state fractional subordinate synchronous insufficiency inadequacy supply by rule under-represented drunk comprised in downstairs the politburo one time tributary statecraft repressive belowstairs poor under the influence inferior little successive paucity back-to-back short of out of sight certain subsumed under scarce turn gavel-to-gavel underneath together dependent concurrent mild row 1 shortfall included in under par subservient to officially serial thinly so underfoot beggarly slender repression meagre as some beneath below deck administration deficient late directed by scarcity small affairs of state incremental simultaneous underlying rotation wanting long scant least of all along nuanced answerable to go round governmental go statesman government soon government-backed During deficiency paltry non-governmental lack directly co-exist mingy down insufficient neath low sovereignty governing power-sharing premium junior to minimal lowest straight subjugate negligible reporting to sync lousy subordinate to overstretched consecutive do 1 sub piffling subjection peanut government-sponsored measly gold dust nearly below par oppression government-chartered lower drabs corridor modest shy sparse oppressive Of downward in the gutter niggardly on the bottom of underwater accompany shortage scrub belonging to throughout


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