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What is another word for stupidity?

Below is the list of synonyms for stupidity. Here you can see the other names for stupidity.


transitive noun

error gaffe mistake naivety bungle ludicrous crassness craziness botch Doziness madness obtuse density folly feeble-mindedness eccentricity fatuous Clownishness foolery rashness opacity buffoonery Loutishness sottise simplicity oafish lethargy frivolity yokelism frivolous screwiness bootlessness grossness game Asininity Duncery crankiness cloddishness weirdness goofiness brainlessness frivolousness weak-mindedness oafishness senselessness slowness nonsense triflingness bĂȘtise triviality doltishness dimness empty-headedness boorishness dull-wittedness buffoon bovinity simpletonianism Sappiness fault thick-wittedness absurdity tomfoolery crazy Nugacity thickness obtuseness foolish irrationality battiness lark fatuity imprudence silliness foolishness vacuous ludicrousness lack of intelligence ridiculousness idiocy foolhardiness ineptitude niaiserie wrongheadedness unwise step dumb trick daffiness kid ninnyism hebetude indiscretion queerness crudeness stolidity denseness zaniness faux pas futility foolheadedness act of folly mouth-breather lack of brain stupid thing screwball thickheadedness nuttiness crackpottedness dullness boobishness witlessness absurdness fatuousness imbecility thoughtlessness inability dopiness desipience unteachability mindlessness risibility giddiness sluggishness puerile sottishness imprudent Zanyism lunacy pointlessness dumbness betise dim-wittedness thick-headedness irresponsibility solecism cretinism Dullardism wackiness mindless inanity oafdom Blockishness lumpishness impracticality insanity puerility antics blunder

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