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What is another word for stir?

Below is the list of synonyms for stir. Here you can see the other names for stir.


up the river in the works vitality conjure up disquiet stay behind generate jail call forth bone game wanderings stimulate scene crouch dash frenzy in disruption enterprise butcher burrow merry-go-rounds voyagings give shiftings bastilles poker strain uproar wingding Insurgence merry-go-round whirlwinds decide bullpen force ballgame windblown outburst bestride eddy brewer sweep over melodramas conjure hooha cord broadside spirit fury big scene changings antagonize pack a punch crepitations kinetics flip one's lid proposition haste hell broke loose merry go round wildness shambles TODO beat big stink fisticuffs activity topsyturvy motivations reaction stimulus blanch sensation freshen uprising row jigger racket bag* resentment bring about hoppers wingdings animate hustle happening to do kick-up business lawlessness interest stir in dazzle slammers motility Unsettlement fuss operation Kickup blather anger put forward emotional upset vivacity down response enterprises occasion bow hoo-hah commotion ebb splash Impassion hoo-ha storm secure trigger lead to confusion shivaree full swing industry butter big idea mood jailhouses movings set off blow away pandemonium double over enthuse disorder bullpens state of unrest remain invoke mob violence open up kerfuffle deal engulf animation catch life brewery draft labyrinth dynamism excitement locomotion up turn agitation linger movableness power rage chill ferment frustrate temper din blow one's cork operativeness energy assemble turmoil agitate bustle ignite stick around agility spasm intermix effect hopper motivate microbrewery cower bickerings to-do attract hoopla* bring play both ends (against the middle) movement brew annoy blow a fuse alacrity intrigue pother flash melodrama result in drumfire safety match blow down blow off rustle impulse call down move set against evoke crane disturbance fly inspire outrage stunt balance stir touch off whirl awareness irritation tear apart vim messes keep flap mingle spill Movements irritate fire someone with enthusiasm bring on blow over furor mash shake skew dissolve in work anarchism commingle merge maelstrom tumult kick up bit* madden stink Broadsides occupation dynamics head plan amalgamate shake up effectuate bake flurry matchstick dos Ingenerate stand blow one's top bastille combine vigor carve surge drive someone mad motion rustlings action slammer ado mix up shift stupefaction waverings annoyance incendiary intermingle blithers current upturn brannigan moves hoopla twinge butchery come over whirlwind backwash arouse fuse drift whirlpool drive a wedge between rush excite mix come between live stirrings spurt hurly burly bend Hurries evolution bombshell flush flutter motilities fit liveliness excitation jailhouse crook riot crepitation trip process pulse admix asperity mutiny alertness bring up molestation in the teeth of something start solitaries commix bombshells pour out stay ruckus functioning street fighting Rampancy touch blend budge glide Voyaging molestations raise color going grip infuriate Rabidity drip journeyings tarry

transitive noun

give rise to brio enterprise dynamite Nervosity Animal Rights vibrant Impassion cause 1 associate pizzazz put gastronomic prime mover rally joggle strain rage invoke spin jitters shock Voyaging slam caramelize needle march dustup round jumpiness sweeten walk overawe charge motive light a fire under heaving bother cause seethe near rouse lunacy strike grip amaze energy resuscitate egg on Kinesitherapy interest group kinetic zealous enrapture spawn rouse oneself brouhaha touch a chord donnybrook get going fascinate dust mash new affray vivify sensationalism leap scoot rise labor gesticulate turn equal gall causative transit shiver grab press wriggle ice foam author key writhe frost frisky operation flutter view Tumultuation butt doings lambaste overawed keep posted mill around fuss subside twitch vigour foment spirit fascination fuse Joggling incite display excite come tossing foofaraw uplight fever pitch rise and shine sedition rasta roko induce flirtation -induced fidgetiness din vigor thunder navigate quaver Instate annoy shake make sensitive rock gay activist knock up repair to somewhere pokey inspirit exhilaration instigate upheaval agitating enkindle petitioner dynamics agitprop back up quickening in gusto scene nod add fuel to fire run malt untidiness Vitalized catalyst sharpen spur transport knock socks off refine business affect waken nibble dynamism evoke waffle go away call protest march move over impress regress trigger undulate fuel intermingle keyed-up colour traverse sieve call up give way convulse ebullient roil move dress go through one activism engender smolder freedom rider unite unmake self-induced meld rehydrate set astir fight be turbulent fury leave speechless flow pandemonium enthrall flush yield fly whisk aroused life buoyant missionary zeal make an impression on uprising dig blow up enliven agitation nonplus jiggle elan whirl inaugurate jar lockup step lively dissident Kicks groundswell coop avid en- impel proceedings nag quicken agent disquietude dispose fire up noise get over lead get a move on mount fever scramble interest journeying hinder look lively kick up uplift chokey push turbidity wave anti-nuclear ignite Catalyse mingle oscillation to inspire bedlam nonsense reformatory zoo irritate touch switch on simmer rotate contributory proceed lobby clutter keyed up ebb offload mill about causal kinetics protest dither guerrilla bang juice liven up commingle look back stuff give courage jailing confusion slow food hustle agitate get moving awe inflame anger physicality incense invigorate firebrand rattle hurly burly blow the coals have an impact on go around alacrity prison nick meet lurch romance lively lift work helter-skelter concoct melt clarified mature undertaking sink emotion hassle uneasiness note come home to behind gyrate make waves light the fuse prompt wound reactivate touch off second wind keep together boil lick insurrection shifting melee vivacity free-for-all instigator oomph influence unsettling jail fire exert jolt intermix kick-up steer sure ado to-do adjy Quod nervousness lure feery-fary induction perky rumpus pressure group flutteration confuse romanticism mill cultivate come to outburst brisk wake (sb) up stir the embers movement energize drive agitator rebel dredge light up fermentation disorder fracas fan paddle spurt banner go round (somewhere) conduce muddle beat zap disarrange jut spasm quiver play offend toss fluster wow dumbfound realize obscure sensation oppose set on fire stimulant operate join ardour stir about purée disturbance motility vim change place locomote interruption ballyhoo bug sensitize jounce clink fume tizzy radical cream nerviness open eyes passive resistance house of correction nailed down recipe feed the fire please vociferation mope around (somewhere) unquiet elevate energise blaze budge hoo-ha rebellion pother introduce set off tumble warmth eddy trouble mobility hullabaloo be up and about insurgent -ization occasion jumble operativeness lie on displace blend pull jug keen amalgamate stew onset tell provoke move slightly plant vitality inquietude uprise generate fan the flame go deep hunger strike culinary tear row jangle keep DO racket salt whirligig liven ingredient grate lather up churn upsetting springboard militancy flurry quarrel suspense fold overpower character special interest group Roust promote cube incorporate splash originate poke roll brig outcry jumping-off point sting overcome persuade rumple juiced launch discomposure vanity shindy bestir cookbook awaken lash flap kinematics buck up Minced flip prod buzz ripple non-violence compel Calaboose budge up tremble hound motivate animation passion remove stagger locomotion sliced occupation oubliette goad undertow yo-yo roughhouse whip up season sparkle sprightly thicken Zigzagged thing HIT intensify unrest slip botheration set thin meaty circulate put forward overhang attract kill kindled overwhelm key up one-way joint furor the domino effect kinetic energy frolic get admix uncertainty maelstrom get up big house dazzle spark climb go by bestir oneself rough-and-tumble abet verve restlessness do 1 moil draw flame hold demonstrate awake produce unnerve thrust nail-biter enhance yo-yos palaver brawl roughen marinate kick-start kindle militant shake up women's movement malaise get to protest song hubbub gesture heat vacillate inject wiggle Oared stimulate campaigner tempest elation eager jailhouse warm convulsion mix up revolutionary turbulence bring about bring doer jittering turmoil shove brace rile travel turn out descend change carve beget delirium combine commotion rush nettle change position encourage glide reformer carry moving glitter start realization goings-on pique sensibilize exhilarate yo-yoed progress embroilment marinade commix hoo-hah wingding alarm vamoose stuffed hasten get around jostle burst union seething impact objector pen hustle and bustle bustle transfer go round canvass flavour nail it down stirring vary Unsettlement political activism advance move about obstruct scurry Waved infuriate kindles madden journey stimulation backwash uproar whet inside Betake flour fidgets kick activeness make nerve come alive worry Bobbery beat up repair liveliness spice glasshouse upturn pzazz dotty gangway! running soar jog memory convince soften zip up swirl clarify sensitise fulfil nudge breed bind revive demonstration conjure blather manoeuvre vibrate create activist bring up unsettle wreak labyrinth oscillate Yeastiness hurry-scurry disquiet dash off-load distraction Kneading vitalize Mashed causation excitation arouse vivacious elicit glamour embolden penitentiary thrash bullpen jab vexation piquant jog disruption lie pep up wake interfere fold in lead 1 direction work into implement usher headed dice volley dungeon shuffle get-up-and-go upset kinesipathy tantalize battle cry set on mixture frisson bluster see kerfuffle leaven actuate ruckus skim veer innervate elate wildness conjure up merge unmaking dislocate pioneer turn on lawlessness intrigue pierce objection haste hearten jam causality infuse wrought wake up be roused infect perturb hoopla undercurrent stir up storm conturbation wane waving ruffle animate drama slammer glaze liquidize can hysteria blow perturbation thrill passing foam pie knock out ascend exasperate YOYO motivation up the river spell knock someone out trepidation go sideways warm the blood voracious motion mix onslaught quake fit mince call down mope lot mojo unease craze hoosegow sway go accelerate twitter fussiness perk up welter sweat stream prick churn up stir the blood discompose whip effect galvanise jogging mobilization garnish pass look alive stir the feelings penetrate furore insurgency frenzy fix Galvanized call forth ferment fault ensure precipitate have shake a leg electrify -ize outbreak demonstrator lobbyist CND galvanize Perturbate pulse Overexcite move on round robin whirlwind kindling violence protester factor activity champion render kibitz jump underground hypnotize eruption pep activate boiling plunge dalliance knock props out galvanising contribute vision churning hum knead circle challenge raise up velocity eco-warrior raise ventilate hue and cry Ebullition sift fan the fire marcher kinesis page-turner exert oneself get out of bed exuberant Vivificate ebullience summon up Zigzagging glow zeal jerk flutteriness hurly-burly entrance camp follower titillate sit in drift harass charm vex make an effort civil disobedience freegan lather disturb unhinge unquietness steam up wonder kick off lead to riot actuation galvanizing head heave result effervescence gaol delight oar ruction quickened astonish swirling intoxicate mayhem tempt zest melt the heart donnybrook fair rustle open enrage fortify cooler pell-mell variation make a move propel gherao broil jitter enthuse discombobulate vortex work up prep butter leave fidget retrogress tumult rampage arise feverishness hurry excitement wandering fret offensive urge set fire to heat up Trepidity whirlpool intoxication shift action disconcert rout back fanatical quit going exhort gladden look back on uproars heighten squall initiate judder cheer smart niggle send enthusiasm


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