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What is another word for stint?

Below is the list of synonyms for stint. Here you can see the other names for stint.



transitive noun

hour rat race defect lifetime block calling jobs magnitude trade gauge date fit muscle proportion spell phase allotment circumscription begrudge dignity alimony discipline gift appearance circumscribe nuisance post piece define impervious functioning impersonation loathe course amount eternity glitch matter constraint restrain function imperfection business occupation assignment interval period of time crack light limitation period look future attempt intensity puritanical dispense with things to do sunrise watch hold against service leap confine deficiency keep range be mingy with constrain duration try timescale errand mark monograph extra stair era dearth get by day shift scant nonexistence drudge starve arrangement recompense grindstones disciplined order enlistment fine print pinch industry destitution be parsimonious expanse tour going out measure routine leeway inhibition Insufficience moderation often assigned economize decrease full time meet tighten belt Ahold swing shift interest default injunction work onus no-no command refuse Economizing period niche continuance give up shift cut qualify generation weak point containment weakness be frugal with activity patent part with term headache narrow straiten bit run monasticism ratio go around lock helping province gig apportionment master self-discipline interview box up responsibility exiguity time wrest be parsimonious with wring participation me time round degree puritanism orbit loss restrict amplitude relay eat heart out rest honorarium Economized vocation pension nine-to-five work shift make-work be frugal hard work devoir famish furnish height skimp manage mind need be jealous invitation slot length of time endeavor grudge job pas share odd-job standing definition honour lastingness toil boundary incumbency drawback walk on be stingy with intermission space distress moil restraint pain curtail instant spree render end quality task live upon nothing fun and games juncture exercise poverty legacy rate self-restraint insufficiency standard labor play pull month afford income opening grudging patch necessity half time grip allocation odd job skimp on specialize week weeks duty act piece of work role be sparing with graveyard shift venture collect allow performance jag dogwatch step epoch willpower headship trouble plane go easy on exigency taboo spoil the ship for a ha'porth of tar relinquish notch means stage opportunity assignation time frame fling easy reservation obligation supply visit niggle demarcation restrictions what one is into be mean with deed Chare grace period check lobster trick spare oppress gesture scrape make ends meet bound least sandpiper endowment long row to hoe elbow grease steady concern effort rake off roll back span quarter pursuit favour homework life hem nurse inning office keep from spreading withhold extent move confinement taste commission limit point restrained overtime shade DO dimension annuity dignified blind date draw the line months resent ingenue envy no-nos hitch inconvenience reach moderate time lag length livelihood lot begrudging scope racket fish to fry portion affair meeting hero honor stricture hurt working time Task-work pinch pennies day link curb grindstone self-controlled tier tenor infinity allowance screw get by without deprivation Erolia Minutilla making localize retrenchment moment housework trial frugal string split shift reduction game modification tryst turn of work season times frontier bout lack manage without imposition drudgery grasp bestow be tight with inheritance bother be economical with travail meet a budget rise maturity date limits handicap bounds head ache engagement be sparing contain appropriation hang-up self-denial trick rung guise spasm hold back scale tax engagements retrench labour tighten project line tenure grant gradation remove provide get-together remittance hold back on enterprise squirrel mission restriction decorous caliber pull yourself together tide production scamp deadweight niggle out consignment penny-pinch pitch shadow stretch wrench nip hang up load inferiority innings impede many a moon border shortly cycle lead exertion qualifications isolation hedge about split schedule fellowship grade impediment grain of salt line of business deficit margin grind tear hem in cut corners Anchor watch truncate hamper fee excess baggage hangup life span thing be reluctant art abridgement cut down free time be stingy plateau save for rainy day monastic sock away miss hours acting register work period employment contribution put by grudges chance accomplishment inadequacy Cramping turn execution afflict lightly feast obstruction sandpiper chapter quota shot sitting while continent economize on get along part time instance level berth billet scrimp wage grace be mingy Whiles keep within bounds burden save press want short Taskwork keep within means turns walk-on keep in bounds workout walk session orgy aspect absence appointment limitation charge temperance go give job of work paucity interlude privation meagerness chore box peg box in daily grind qualification busywork operation millstone occasion handicraft quantity aid scrimp on wing control matters in hand depletion gap tread copyright curtailment night shift stash division condition compass watch ration faculty cramp limitations tour of duty commitment action age sparing tribulation deny nuance be mean favor


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