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What is another word for span?

Below is the list of synonyms for span. Here you can see the other names for span.



husband and wife skyways constraint year pilgrimage distensions lie semi-diameter life two meed forever run of duality aeon spreading out tandem gauge elongation semidiameter fourth cross couplet field include width space overpass month two of a kind measure occupy field of reference prolongation bifurcation farthings zone season terms uninterrupted space time newlywed spectrum partners yoke far piece protractedness generation duo length deuces doubleton countdown plane mosque cycle newlyweds longitude lengthiness dyads transfusion aeons period deuce sit years laxity history semester duet gangplanks one-fourth gangplank dos protraction bridge region room span dyad girth distance doublet build in widenings dualities reach leeway stables good way interim arch extend straddle live two bits volume incorporate squatness tallness exemplar control latitude scale binaries distance across duad Measures extent match pair purview walkways extensity bifurcations squeeze footbridge good ways restraint hours week Chronologies bulldoze foursomes course mileage radius combo skyway combos many a moon dimension chapter extension chronology go back quadrants walkway horizons add-on Dilatations acreage Centuries outskirt quartern check comprehensiveness footbridges earshot run hinterland remoteness breadth guideline expanse couple over pass amount limitation confines distension delay suffusion brace range involve there is/are etc. depth era suffusions term stretch semi-circles weeks plateau day belong fourths spell lastingness count in linearity sky date last out contemporaries lifetime time frame semi-circle last lapse epoch stand exist unrestrictedness cross measure compass Extensiveness get tandems sweep foursome team longness hour scope restriction quadrant quarter spokes spreadings dome age territory Admensuration mass millennia longitudes go neighborhood timespan duals broadness boundary meeds eternity block bilaterality embrace lapse of time traverse duration farthing distich clock in at spread Doublets duplexity farness spoke existence fight your way set twain vista dilatation wideness push cut limit big twosome interval thickness ranginess months diapason Diremption area take in

transitive noun

expanse make get on show wilderness part breadth nine move length surround rack allotment radiation arcature flow margin hold longitude range over broad immaculate roll on stretch across catwalk reel little continued deuce draft orbit yoke terms of reference mensurate is responsible for go along with little while unrestrictedness broadness order arcade ford clean grasp articulate lump together mobilize widening voyage hairsbreadth CONT turn turnout Stepstone outlast fasten prolongation eon expansion pirouette norm go across history spectrum conjoin addition swivel shortly cupola geodesic dome assemble neighbourhood linear measures kind measure metrication embody bifrost aspect earreach go round feeling for level twiddle gap plough on stainless thrust out full-scale tie in with bounds indulgence natural life stand quarter remoteness grace period future gang Overran outlive graduate earshot greatness degree ways arc omission Veered inch persist a breath diffusion gunshot arch across overpasses extend over braid calibrate hinterland see go to get a hold of Interspace freedom light-years province comprehend bridge over production capacity stretch hair space tag course revolving lift bridge duad doublet spill over girth get hold of imperial knee-length purview find a way edifice gauge organization stopping distance wing-spread foursome thickness overlie journey purity walkway grip roof flight good ways intermix link megaton gyrate arm roll override Foucault Pendulum pontoon bridge piece together quantify juxtapose spin (sb) around perpetuate hold on value zigzag hunch remove encircle office overpass setting longways kilo mates jiffy linear knee-deep term fuse point pilgrimage knit hierarchy height fourth variety factor lineup curvature immortal prosecution vaulting overall length outlook sound weeks trim swerve marshal end skewback revolution overtake carry to run judge seize igloo floor-length distance across genesis era piece rotation equipage cubic draw gamut scale pivot proceed faction Allying dimension lock scope twain spell psychological moment go on so inflate broadening involve leash distich hour twins roam Whiles arch over tack on wing meld with workers spin out leeway meet interregnum quota engross dial si stride knotted keep walk lastingness Milli- compute sterile drop heavens check a parameter hitch recline negotiate vault handed bend vary mass measurable construction longness overhang Jaunted prolong weigh Bestraddle progress toll bridge fateful moment amplitude bit hook on one-upmanship ii watched over fill Twink field Intercross live linear unit overcrossing crossing lay together jaw one-fourth duality spill induce waist measure development duo jut aeon vicinity gouge cross over cease the two twine micro set time-tested space rule path matter spread expenditure move over rotate cleanliness newlywed quadrant extend across range making age wideness date nose-dived pass over objective lap over dilatation gangboard route prize branch pair slot depth whirl meed endurance frame lengthiness overbridge weave track while spacing endure truck go as far as quartile Conglobulate protracted tract plumb mileage swirl humped indicator team postponement blink hooked on newlyweds neighborhood lifetime increase lie division magnitude motion rest draft animals brief span short piece movement joins equate reign instant protract tera- accompany impel blanket lead pollen count take a reading collect extension linear measure short distance make tense survey interface set of two duet passage head quarterbacks sum centripetal aesthetic distance team up push twosome extent unmarked opportunity incorporate unroll potable valuate watch over divergence pico- wheel epoch have good vibes ambit grace unit copulate tandem bracket usher item little ways plug into ken double-harness judas kiss Concameration braces indicate connection soldier motility draught tie tide wingspan voussoir hold out hang over protraction close range ordered lap reach solder cycle calculate tag on days keystone spitting distance move across full extent times separation Bridged bash on Operated quad joint tape tour timescale straight bathymetry spread over diameter twist extend to run of leg navigate standing interval room kept wingspread timespan opening swing magnify rate sweep hitch up centrifugal divide twirly circle make taut topspin generation ogive pregnant moment many a moon weekended relate stint bout estimate aseptic Manicured revolve unite minute size swing bridge HIT PARSECS deep space camber slap on go over distance appraise addendum bond traverse place life span cement territory hair HT cross join with last cut close quarters go back straddle lie out melt stay cleanness apse amount hairbreadth continuance rpm calibre existence knot quantitate unify used interfacing ace Journeyed Bowshot structure distension month void both being hand guard depths of space go out parameters session light year beam united Zigzagging round outpost ceilinged roof time measurement press face overrun plait wheeled network with watching over caliper Undulated farness lapse glue couplet run on salubrious expense prosecute netted ranginess elongation groomed interfaced bind fix include ratio bring together go along two shakes bateau bridge push on triangulate vital statistics drag bisect comprise Accouple arch hang amplification die carry perspective niche occasion jittered independence outskirts footbridge spike stick together bore fit suspension bridge extend spurt swept voluminousness bound chapter hecto- Zigzagged insist stepping-stone outgo tyre pressure wed ply rope bridge short time sphere 2 intensity interlace brace join up with meter twirl orderly mensuration altitude continue to enclose strain bow conjugate immensity dyad viaduct phase aperture long time ramification dispersion zone Jigged get into period of time intersect quantize imbricate pass along area wink ally delay appendage unfold jived instance quantum merge grow ration Mega spasm season diapason eternity hook day bay string hearing make contact with Overdrew business duration run over (sth) combine gangplank well kept bash shingle guideline yardstick hump perpetuity half-size neatly period lengthen expectancy cove reach out marry fresh year manage tie in clearance organisation weight soldier on moment of truth apple pie elevation archway spike team flyover plain proportion longevity radius stage today ordained shoot further neat wheel round unicorn widen match lie over double harness Twirling reading spotless league outfit joining feel for accumulate CONTD record spin randem little bit open dome shipshape weld domain put together overlayer compass metric continuation godly size up plough couple swim mate fullness me time rig Mete double-team liberty gavel-to-gavel comprehensiveness infinity evaluate overlap embrace opposition push (sth) forward one-stepped volume cantilever bridge short way overarch band annex harness three-up stick vacationed push ahead field of reference bestride patch appreciate interim pair of winks hold up overlay knitted squeaky-clean uninterrupted space latitude neatness extrude sidespin your natural life wide pair off region buck jurisdiction roll into one form clap together hitch on environ concatenate vista join gather step limit connect quartern amass quarterback spick intertwine deep overcome Junketed confines dissemination floating bridge soundings ball holdover headship time lag time frame come at vault over couple up nip stretch out lengthways grapple concha assess crack assay tether chunky wander clipped limits get way tailspin force time span pitch four-in-hand adjunct hook up lengthening mark centi- splice Extensiveness width pace far piece life small space crossed mix spree gangway rotary Voyaging realm cover bascule bridge quartet husband and wife rev segue gradation appendix agglutinate echo arched roof free time lie across probe sitting short spell no time pure chain drawbridge take in Jumped week bridge attach pistol shot encompass lunge hours tidy augmentation usually open Visited two get to drawing out quantity carry (sth) on yardage kairos associate horizon go Wove juncture moment length of time arching continue fathom vastness envelop repose years affix frequency wheelbase hooked up farthing


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