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What is another word for senility?

Below is the list of synonyms for senility. Here you can see the other names for senility.


transitive noun

old style white hairs age antiquity senior citizenship senilism ancientness geezerhood senile debility decline cobwebs of antiquity dementia paralytica instability Presenile Dementia infirmity ricketiness debility Unfirmness wateriness insipidity psychopathy psychopathic condition Alzheimer's Disease senescence certifiability elderliness psychosis moral insanity unsubstantiality oldness invalidism unsteadiness Aboriginality the golden years childishness dipsomania hoary eld pensionable age Primordialism General Paralysis Ancien Regime dotardism the downward slope unsoundness drug addiction longevity psychopathia sexualis vapidity old order second childhood superannuation shakiness hale old age advanced years great age metabolic psychosis psychopathic personality declining years Venerableness seniority primitiveness decline of life old age primordiality infirm old age Caducity psychopathia Anility organic psychosis years toxic psychosis sexual pathology green old age primogeniture neurosis loss of one's faculties hoary age prison psychosis senile psychosis senile dementia Senectitude infirmity of age eld vale of years General Paresis an incurable disease senile weakness ripe old age paralytic dementia arteriosclerotic psychosis dotage atavism functional psychosis eldership decrepitude syphilitic paresis dust of ages pathological drunkenness folie du doute advanced age situational psychosis Inveteracy age of retirement unsturdiness feebleness incapacity abulia wishy-washiness

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