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What is another word for restlessness?

Below is the list of synonyms for restlessness. Here you can see the other names for restlessness.



stress restlessness shortness edginess impetuosity chemistry bickerings chemistries aphrodisia big stink jitters mutability unsteadiness willies sleeplessness hurry changeableness to do worriment unstableness anxiety variability topsyturvy Uncertainties unease dysphoria febrile disease Insomnolence ricketiness the fidgets up turn changeability fretfulness bad feeling Unfixedness disquiet unpredictability worriedness overextension insecureness running a temperature overextensions disturbance unpredictabilities transience inconstancy Seasonal Affective Disorder variabilities inquietude hell broke loose jumpiness nervous tension Unsettledness Irritableness molestations fidget ants in pants nervousness Ants turbulence insecurity upturn Butterflies tension mutabilities wobbliness tensity tightness winter blues hastiness agitation impermanence excitability claustrophobia SADS unrest fluidity ferment aphrodisias running temperature uprising bustle tautness state of unrest stink wakefulness discontent molestation impatience shakiness fever up set snappiness fidgetiness nail-biting unreliability quick temper movement the shakes ailment pyrexia fisticuffs turmoil restiveness instability uneasiness butterfly mistrust disequilibrium panic cold sweat climbing the walls moodiness antsiness fitfulness tenseness dyspathy itch temporary insanity insomnia precariousness queasiness in security sad activity disquietude Pyrexias fickleness violence capriciousness TODO apprehensiveness cabin fever big scene unsureness waverings burning up

transitive noun

jactation velocity tossing and turning vortex quavering ferment shudder nerviness waywardness seething insomniac ado jitters fitfulness hurly-burly impetuousness peevishness chafing pitter-patter disappointment Unsettledness disorder dissatisfaction jactitation disgruntlement mercuriality Faustianism pother trepidation kinesis vigil eccentricity fluster flutteriness quaver throbbing anxiety ailment shakes unhappiness moving rout variety resentment quaking variability hullabaloo erraticism activity burst whimsicality unreliability lather sweat sentience motion bother panting kinesipathy quivering seethe botheration moodiness unquietness freakishness fit quiver discomposure restiveness running discontentment disquiet annoyance unquiet unfulfillment didder move fickleness fussiness ill humor motivation going irritation fuss malaise unpatientness petulance boiling sulkiness flutteration row capriciousness discontent dynamics inconsistency bluster alertness unease foment hurry unrest hubbub Nervosity edginess agitation insomnia turbulence Kinesitherapy fermentation undependability deviability churn stew disquietude swirl Unfixedness roil nervousness Insomnolence kinematics impatientness shivers boil fidget unstableness moil jumpiness fume Trepidity mobilization feery-fary vexation of spirit queasiness haste Unsteadfastness tremor fever turmoil to-do wakefulness flightiness unsteadiness vexation Unsatisfaction twitter variation cold comfort embroilment rebelliousness inquietude flurry heaving wantonness divine discontent disturbance Bobbery worriedness movement insomnolency shiver all-night vigil transience whirl upset wake shaking commotion spurt actuation stirring unpleasure inconstancy flap Desultoriness trembling querulousness fidgets throb impulsiveness ants in one's pants tense readiness Fretting scramble hurry-scurry Pitapat breathless impatience dissatisfiedness tremble spasm stir dithers conturbation feverishness palpitation impatience instability tumult irregularity turbidity discontentedness unpredictability maelstrom perturbation lidless vigil fidgetiness flutter Ebullition heebie-jeebies consciousness envy uncertainty uneasiness shiftiness kinetics sourness fretfulness brouhaha eagerness mobility Tumultuation bustle sleeplessness

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