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What is another word for quarter?

Below is the list of synonyms for quarter. Here you can see the other names for quarter.



00s canton realm fifth compassionateness acre terrenes put up flank Principalities mercy flat year liberality zoo district bust hillside loins PLATS empathy B terms cu neighborhood Exclave indemnity enclaves state clemency overtime town piece cottage colony compassion parcel constellation at halftime are burbs block habitat quarterback break terrain room And board stretch enclosure empire era demesne residence demesnes commonweal municipality patch BMI calendar part dominion sphere stomping ground sector vicinage fatigues lenience farthing nation span coin enclave Quarterage brownfield fraternity spot condo adjacency duchy close together realms digs softheartedness circuit location lifesaver hillsides habitation point home chop cabbagetown cent sectors country quartern BC dwelling place cantonment fiftieth armpit consideration hour riding annual one-fourth bestow euro injury time garrison berth cramped billionth term domicile home park chunk county favor city remittal segment ct position mercifulness square generalship money fragment pleura lot locality pity borough lodgment cut-up dollar roost barrio lee busload hours numerator slum locale grace years lodging portion plat fast time array half-hour hospitality crowd Pleuron finely side slice section lenity C collection plot department cut ahead BCE generosity region fourth belt townships bushel dinar abode dime after protection eighth base Hips stopping place neck of the woods academic year near longitudes province common fraction leniency adjacencies AM indulgence forbearance carat contiguities crown support beat barracks circle direction fort semester ranch apartment Aud quadrant contiguity tent agora altruism vicinity crush solicitude third around bunk old town club responsiveness kingdom bailiwick forgiveness earldom housing domain cubic bearing cabin bit precinct skid row Centigram principality chambers quarter twenty-five cents extra time quad ghetto about shire field hack harbor age group division accommodate loin hangout common denominator petty sum mildness cut out first half detail inner city tract two bits station kindness run-in zone area vicinages Condolement sorority dorm ward stomping grounds longitude etch assemblage denominator fifteenth date half pregame restricted dukedom dog tag biannual Centuries turf forward accommodation CARITAS warmth territory township fraction clip eleventh

transitive noun

park draw and quarter locus niceness perch easy copper domicile spread eagle old town bar sinister coat of arms disunite commune establish residence boon misguide abide strike root twelve-mile limit ravel dole put up patrol Quonset Hut fourth part armory ward shelter leap year lie down cartwheel office charge wigwam fess ginger group bend sinister second someone barrio unit of time facet harbour reside blazon pad throng establish yourself zoo expanse fin receive agency apt tier wine and dine half a c territory constituency fourth ham separate griffin backdrop villa quittance fortnight Paly parish trimester millennium mow down nest defective year side term insert lunar year hangout have a do planking patch amnesty nourish navigate quartering human decimal place flitch space nurture people garden flat have guests hack year era neck of woods concrete jungle divide belt pity make room Lodged fur feeling establish fasten jamb halve treatment slum academic session handedness bestow one-quarter dime Ermines premises lodgings ordinary favour Marshaling ensconce bivouac Quarterage community department cleave garrison red cent lozenge or fall back bearing town skin geographical area upper legs current frogskin two-spot A-frame bank stand fiscal year corridor imperial capacity unit dwelling drop anchor vindication dissociate hinterland kingdom Quinquennium give accommodation to lenity residence fooding and lodging Modified American Plan come to anchor seventh exist rooms disjoint board bunk stern usages mixed fraction cut span garland flophouse nail exoneration invite place retire thousand-dollar bill cental tribe mow give a roof to joint focus favor kindness file end salient feed bearings encamp neck of the woods cwt simple fraction thousandth bottom guard unicorn misdirected segment extenuation go over resettle neighbourhood twenty-five percent millionth move universe hold back division hand minute amplitude make welcome lenient prefab overlooking dollar sign direction fixate cross section guillotine garden apartment trading estate ten-spot reception leniency inclination exculpation five-spot anatomize understanding medina skid road plot world hood godsend mildness condolence shore anchor reconnoiter live at sector square carve ZZZ withhold move over armorial bearings parts share G inspect set up housekeeping nurse quota mandate bisect notch cheek suburbia saltire set steerage fix lodgment workhouse berth nickel source throw a party love billet at mitigation sever inner city country hour falcon helmet academic term rehouse resolve millisecond group fess point nod off soul tenner hut sample percentage Gules bed profile quart foster verge have company fifth give up empathy greenback field course usage welcome person traverse fusil contingent eighth school term Accommodated stretch fast detachment enclave intersect time unit tent impunity difference environs abode luck home bifurcation roost humanity moor arms draw bar lenience member five hundred dollars cadency mark animal charge relocate Mantling G-note slice burrow coast kindliness site Exsect Orle take residence at fraction have a get-together reveal one fourth quater spot give someone lodging fiver complex fraction particular quartier Almshouse attitude operation week vicinage district sawbuck Subordinary device go missing instalment interval cut up hive short hundredweight nick apartment sampling three-mile limit helmsmanship ease nodding off decade front orbit c-note precinct wander magnanimous treat reservation Vert Purpure remainder give way to responsiveness duration region border aspect centner whereabouts empire give a party chunk label quarterfinal stay at piece drag toonie motto neighborhood casbah period of time smacker quadrant after part ghetto recreate tenement lunation melancholy bifurcate trio break up undo justification quintal mullet edge jowl acquittal Illude mill nobility village self-pity wing absolution sit down offshore rights lay open somebody forbearance locate common fraction outstay period of play anatomise annum quaternary G, g argent chambers partition vicarage bed down bite laterality board and lodging direction line individual British Capacity Unit settle down city chief take up residence half G split solar year isolate decennary suburb latitude colony ranch house unilaterality fleur-de-lis tail heart occupation post Quartered estate grand wreath common year thousand dollars adjacency limit condominium put track job semester quarters nombril point charitable Exscind dwell azimuth camp Torse session quadrisect disjoin red-light district provide with accommodation crown ruth month indulgence bailiwick flat hole blessing settle parcel detail lion quartile Tenne dormitory suburb random sample accommodate crescent embed lay heading relieve triumvirate Differencing tolerance airspace temple twenty-dollar bill remission Mascle zone ten cents make way hamlet exurb alerion terrain area commiseration pale borderline crop council estate atomize metal assemblage force handling epoch navigation relief breakdown enclosure mortal tails Hatchment corps regular year scutcheon Vair alliance habitation drawn unyoke uncouple pardon installment give a bed to hew township sixteenth fell Impaling pound charity five-dollar bill two-up two-down dollar bill continental shelf walk-up nook part moon honor point accommodations deci- magnanimity apartment building Mercies benefaction tear 1 Tressure admit go dichotomize iron man city district azure an steering Many-sidedness pean dollar squat take in annulet Gyron extent one-fourth multilaterality width orientation compassion component decennium block go across make room for subdivision upper adjunct siding margin wards drift method rose thirtieth mince Erminois item reprieve tear farthing position half board boarding and lodging tract goodness quarterly period beneficence split up fiftieth gang let crash weekday accommodation bouse harbor time milieu Inescutcheon sleep ground playing period allot yale penny generation lie unit fish flop lop amputate mercifulness microsecond improper fraction half dollar vicinity lustrum graces appointment moment immunity fasting the outskirts dissect back rest corner crest broad arrow casern baton quarter s invest section walk tenderness subgroup beam play quadrature indemnity lb habitat fret bend cross moline sphere gash run flatlet bissextile year allocate purgation age Speakers' Corner eagle rend volume juncture be host trend buck instal time period nation jurisdiction subspecies heartland fragment give lodging ermine niche aim location locale quad province housing realm barracks achievement Exclave furnish range over line address twelvemonth piloting public housing entertain land intersession turn massacre shield dissever set up shop deposit thigh octofoil bandeau branch NABE cross circuit rabbet blazonry sidereal year domain nearness yard piece of leather elevation take root poop clemency cent coin while merciful rive acceptance confines quarter-back regions lunar month benevolence gentleness billet broadside academic year lifesaver grouping two-dollar bill purlieus digs Abscind Arrondissement point precincts gated community galaxy cockatrice local area Unlink turn in domiciliate pueblo give accommodation decussate worship warmth occupy line of direction stomping ground stable man-hour house jungle heel dismember backstreets threesome keep house inhabit plant station hip football player dispensation divorce abundant year stay tenor room silver dollar stone five cents three quarters soil Flanch fifty cents botanic garden Martlet face C establish oneself hundredweight grace canton sympathy line of march day venue beat tendency misdirect assign Pheon chaplet tour install borough haunch half grand two bits sixth goodwill lodging way benignancy self-catering kill make camp tincture proper fraction locality portion bent negotiate erminites hold after part of the ship keep on chevron avoirdupois unit eighteenth escutcheon quartern zonk out period sable cantonment longitude colonize heraldic device good will coronet calendar year kasbah twenty-five cents unbind hang out view four bits living quarters lodge loin domesticate loose quarto disestablish nested think tank flank full board have visitors moiety sunder moderation band bee century five-hundred-dollar bill sun operate meekness mercy luster rear range calendar month turf chop hundred-dollar bill reap regale Bordure roof forgiveness backcloth impalement pathos mislead charitably county generosity


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