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What is another word for present?

Below is the list of synonyms for present. Here you can see the other names for present.




Irenics yield up compliment gratuity goody encounter the conditional bounty corrupting gift years come-on bump into pay your respects (to someone) write-off put forth lagniappe distribute surprise describe largess largesse at this time the future month present stake get on deal quotation piacular offering presentation paint bleep out tender just now on-the-spot write-offs many a moon Re-presentation here and now stagings catch boon overture check trot out red packet carrel era feedbag knockdown bestowment gravy copula bookmobile concession a hand week exchequer time offer check stub prompt anchor presence profile gift citation remembrancers purse settlement the time being go down with freebie develop archivist Chronologies invent intimate art gallery subvention imply hour present moment the first person expiatory sacrifice immediacy alive bestowal sponsor bring about meet up perform put on Remembrancer audience invade annals expiation invitation good fortune co-operation quid pro quo confer proffer come down with piaculum input transferal this time expiatory offering cheque near in this day and age instant whole offering infer partiality contemporaneous attendance set forth shout out DO auxiliary meet corrupt money outstretched hand define hand of friendship offering see cash ice lump benefaction counteroffer run into card catalog remembrance prevailing Gifting grease palm chronology conjugation protection Heave offering aspect guest valentine benevolence sacramental offering significant addition bene-faction in progress contract wheel out go on (the) TV/radio catalyze year issue this day handout influence peddling edit sin offering set off part with modern-day sweetener goodie create Sweeteners now bribe feedbags contribution submission at this moment in time trigger months hand back Obligement cast pearls before swine contemporary co-operations immediate grant accession the active launchings bodily acknowledge today weeks sales pitch attempt endowment blank check greet hours pin down chequebook check card modern in the flesh investiture helping hand largess subscription afflict favor bounce started donation giveaway the present do one's part receive edit out produce suffer come across SEE-IN nonce Begun buyoff little something checkbook welcome advance knockdowns peace offering availability archive cashier's check being approach hold up form hint care package lastingness delineate bid largesses make known inputs already coeval start-off auxiliary verb dove of peace exchequers

transitive noun

Christmas Present Christmas Stocking space emcee help step forward show forth present-time public broadcasting give words to award verbalise ongoing wherewithal Handsel cite clothe express dole largesse active expose challenge argue represent radio communicate talk indicate Subsistent favor foster justify illuminate time disclose give out shower extant unfeigned lagniappe confer pervasive fashionable bring out in effect deploy bring baksheesh Commenced quick delineate kit out set before would rather on foot raise wealth exhibit accessible go round (somewhere) in pour judge act giveaway KOHA duration evince make a hit knock out give sign prize adjacent production knock together chime variegate list open propound kick around existent pose knock off extend supply chain model dispense recommend cause urgent manifest spin conceive treat illustrate honest couch accounted for itemize dramatize lay give expression to initiate enunciate vow sight on gravy spotlight forward interpret imitate available stocking filler continuity up-to-the-minute contemporaneous for the moment fix up Rhetorize date recompense warrant transmit front sacrifice time being phonate make plain slip ration display establish recite present to put on set forth divulge unaffected try out bring before bring forward be a hit whisper attending stake okay give float show record hype unroll devote pledge kind presence give utterance at the moment future temporarily feature give tongue remember turn over wait on in the meantime fix put in words tip subsidize party bag gifts as is on-the-spot refer to prime time perquisite prepare instruct recent lend vocalize undeniable in attendance posit vent snow comprise rehearse proffer tide acquaint with true localize give out with going lay out victual season lay on inducement loom newest host lay bare just introduce reintroduce original upgrade help to jot down bonsela bestow on develop render handed hold on veritable heap upon pluperfect within sight airwaves impart hand out not for long provide name Fairing usher in overture fresh visit let out limn commentator nice surviving note ultramodern write-off on deck HIT put tender juncture kibitz deal out lastingness little proximate endow for a while couch in terms knowledge honorarium benefit Ostend set out fund benefaction latest convey Unshroud give an account of veto advance now throw off handout demonstrate knockdown closest adduce let these days play undoubted provide for envisage make the scene goody bag Mete install mouth made the scene in process lead presently give prominence to turn upon premiere birthday present make a feature of on this spot add within reach localise preterit real Begun quote anywhere honor vindicate wish put to vote freeload hereabouts kickback next leave tribute voice-over demo still sit imply jazz up extra meet ventilate personate nearby transmitter newfangled vocalise replenish inheritance materialize hold forth speak word widespread bring up moot enact new-fashioned instance premium grace while allege on the spot fill up year hand down under the sun relay order naturally occurring peace offering at hand meet squarely maintain nowadays stocking stuffer Donative accommodate outfit current prevalent our times bequest enter give voice emphasize modern-day kick in hold out allot knocking down concrete nonviolent tune in bring into view freebie make over pour forth disseminate move bring to notice wire impersonate unmask heap salute in force dish up bring to bear aim at give a knockdown giving instant certificate stock transfer Newfashioned face with contemporary lodge keepsake trendy promote at present read pronounce in duration face stem fling off present tense AIRTIME attendance characterize in existence release query bear already table set compliment kick off duree favour confront bring on that is underline embody gift with propose declare get together perform grant novelty underscore quaint boon infer this time refer verbalize say put at (someone's) disposal entrust box hour marshal right now theatricalize de nos jours do the honors explain make public voice under consideration given wedding present legacy unearth warn new- DO psychological time mete out unfold fork out blazon Nominating yield give in with-it put before the public bill benevolence operate close bomb dare airplay weeks allocate out with Vouchsafement headline aid running hitherto acquaint rally put forward put up late make clear prefer make accord ubiquitous chronology white elephant universal cadeau level trot out started for the time being charity topical reward frame articulate inst noble undestroyed not lost here affirm space-time in being present moment present perfect flash bare subscription make known youthful in use in view uncover bonus within call cede sound presentation preview offer organize issue expose to view conduct bend immanent there bestowal contribution brave yak notify live in the news style bid turn up brandish natural sponge contribute nearest highlight period right melodramatize betray vouchsafe give forth flourish incarnate largess portray depict point tense hand register aorist defy even latter-day level at That fail bestow affront point distribute goodie on hand put it to point to kindness endowment keep Optate support unclothe bring in show up very without delay yo-yo put to choice dish out novel mean for the nonce star give an introduction write up validate work for sight relate submit equip exigent attendant sit in unveil hand in knock up Voices volatile appearance open a show even now knockdowns just out instantaneous lay before near at hand omnipresent supply furnish new make acquainted reason number describe rain breast wave bequeath indwelling inform spell out today ever-present administer determine announce find remaining teach occur greet coeval urge nowaday unify timebinding dangle constitute tell recognize train show off prezzie on board close at hand Christmas Gift nonce day Offered dispose store widow's mite subscribe tonight apportion bona fide affect use as excuse fit out volunteer volunteers pass out the past suggest supplier Neoteric evidence extract witness succeed let have vouch party favor assign going on produce here and now Obligement assignment roll out being allow there with bells on sweetener further acquaint someone with historical present chorus existing call attention to give away make up allowance imperfect remembrance pourboire flaunt orient intimate narrate inherent spread own quit breathe dole out that be beneficence betoken alms the future Gifting place give up re-create present-day birthday gift kindle turn fill afford directionize embody in words make provision for donate bring forth will set the stage up to date the time being emblazon living make a pitch execute nurse durative to hand aim mention future perfect detail put forth come out with mount be the presenter of file recruit valid vaunt kick plead group opt for give token general oblige stage administration air gift be a gas Familiarize ready report knock down hand-out feed make available prevailing evoke tense deliver arrange perfect material open to view write up-to-date memento windfall week formulate oblation whole offering token generate quiet emit waive encounter fix on recognise ring in consign jaw present-age vamp carry term the present relinquish hold home gratuity voguish give expression provisionally enumerate formularize give freely would sooner confront with wine and dine expound mod train upon public service broadcasting actual venture create hand over mark point at step reveal bounty lump subsidy progressive tense rerun launch utter deal bring home lip broadcast specify donation shell out spare come up with timing serve immediate this day and age head Subsisting place before broach handle this day modern past perfect direct tangible moment array vary nominate continuance near paragraph phrase free gift largesse or largess with it young kit up or out modernistic perk scenarize recount synchronic familiarise offering look outline cable unfurl vest in question station wedding gift nominated parade break flop be invest chip in lavish kill the nonce state just now


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