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What is another word for potboilers?

Below is the list of synonyms for potboilers. Here you can see the other names for potboilers.


motto song and dance drama old saw folktale show line tag smash inanity farce autobiography triteness description flop narrative account comedy imagination proverb detail vapid expression version irresolution adventure history novel expectancy old chestnut platitude statement triviality stage show alibi crock indecisiveness tall story prevarication tall tale adage plot Conte biography paperback slogan lie fairy tale chestnut epic mask saw curtain-raiser buzzword nonfiction trite remark storytelling performance thriller hesitation smash hit verbiage uncertainty stereotype allegory romance potboiler anecdote untruth falsehood counterword apologue tragedy perplexity hooey record insipidity page-turner best-seller novelette shibboleth yarn hokum eagerness myth insecurity spiel cloak and dagger fable turkey invention scoop musical threadbare phrase opera fib whopper tension wavering monotony long and short of it grabber beat boiler plate apprehension smoke saying evenness one-act information serial relation indecision news item story work of imagination saga fish story article novella book HIT report cliff-hanger memoir narration rubber stamp concoction clothesline song impatience corn chronology banality entertainment misrepresentation string expectation bromide theatrical high camp fiction flatness fancy vapidity truism fantasy legend chronicle Prosaicism feature tale anxiety confusion cliffhanger dilemma old story familiar tune parable hesitancy doubt recital hackneyed saying best seller figment of imagination chiller Prosaism stale saying commonplace improvisation terminological inexactitude gag fabrication sequel sea story recount prose