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What is another word for photo?

Below is the list of synonyms for photo. Here you can see the other names for photo.


transitive noun

icon foreground zoom cheesecake film skiagram opalescent ikon brilliance focus sepia lo-res firelight transparency incandescent Heliochrome viewer develop telephoto lens slide moonlight flash image time exposure light holograph fast microfilm photosensitive infrared mug shot photographic holography longshot pin-up snap black telephoto print spectrogram photograph Tintype capture underexpose pinup incident ray radiogram panchromatic picture diapositive daylight snapshot darkroom kinetoscope phosphorescent process floodlight aperture starlight representation illumination scene radiograph wirephoto photomural Photochronograph flashbulb photobiography photography wedding picture speed superimpose spectrograph pap carousel happy slapping HI-RES color photograph skiagraph headshot self-portrait microfiche mugshot black and white shutter mug camera-shy fixative photomicrograph monochrome shadowgraph glossy photo session polaroid photomontage wide-angle lens fisheye lens viewfinder photocopy still photograph arial mosaic photo opportunity high-resolution closeup photocall moonbeam photomap project beam blueprint vignette stereoscopic picture stereo fluorescent sunshine grainy sharp mosaic enlarger telephotograph enlargement focal length focused sun sunlight paparazzi tripod frame daguerreotype three-dimensional still camera heliograph overexpose photogenic magnification pic blowup beefcake slide show fix photographic print low-resolution color print montage mount airbrush 3-D definition come luminous shot selfie candlelight lamplight aerial photograph zoom lens close-up slr camera flashgun developer full-frontal come out photographer luminescent shiny photomosaic exposure photoactive black-and-white photograph candid photograph digital camera enlarge Chronophotograph stereoscopic photograph hologram microdot grain Camera Obscura Telephotographic shoot projection torchlight photojournalism red-eye portrait negative cheese


More Photo Synonyms

Below is the list of words similar to photo, try: