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What is another word for magnitude?

Below is the list of synonyms for magnitude. Here you can see the other names for magnitude.



Vehemency amount tons bulk longitudes high degree mark notch inclusiveness signification crater axis mucho scads pith dimensions capacity mileage renowns magnitude moment fervency spaciousness earthquake import corpulence metrology slat matter width high pitch size ferocities messes dimensionality Prodigiousness stupendousness equation measure tenseness severity seismograph earshot sunspot holding ability range Measures impressiveness forcefulness weightiness meed tremendousness quality guideline elongation linearity exemplar extensity longness extent room bulkiness SLATS breadth strength core enormity importance immenseness reach Intenseness year weight greatness admeasurement area Calibrations volume Minutiae holding power chunkiness largeness grade meeds years portent the Richter scale amplitude Elbowroom hugeness Portliness step purview fulls proportion Fame scale seismic eminence space immensity piths calibration lengthiness proportions expanse significance corona longitude standing room only Exigencies potential gigantism height mass protractedness vastness seismology lastingness grandeur gauge degree big Extensiveness consideration the San Andreas Fault bigness dimension tallness intents enormousness quantity momentousness quantifications caliber level intensity horizons aplenty epicenter quake consequence measurement comprehensiveness aftershock compass ton Admensuration Forcibleness diapason ferocity note Metage length sizableness order of magnitude wildness quantification run of ranginess heinousness

transitive noun

caliber import binary star credit qualification meaning device quota bounds renown fierceness diapasons fury fact ardor budget relationship excitement allowance domain Prodigiousness gob influence worthiness Vastitude comprehensiveness grandiosity latitude territory meed luminosity ken significance gist tract guide distribution consequence heftiness instrument aspect pith extensity girth tons fervour frequency transcendent upshot mightiness emergency honour heap testimony Immeasurableness aplenty persuasiveness design high pitch waste avail criterion idea breadth cornerstone brilliance duration equation example wildness cepheid variable particulars quantum diapason beehive ferociousness gravity star grandness dignity large size account touchstone heft sum chunk moment height numbers grand richness limitlessness strength flock testimonial bad news difficulty effectiveness position factor vicinity substance hunk calibre generality TONNES unimportance rule implication holding power beauty stretch basis keenness absolute magnitude contents thrust heaviness generosity output scale ampleness fineness fabulousness interpretation level precedence size rung dreadfulness estate bags authority degrees harshness orbit acuteness footage gamut anxiety excess list seriousness cubic measure incident year notability standing tidy sum outlay quantity range notoriety share volume hyades abundance bore quality honor confines Significancy field voluminousness mileage star chart aggregate point proportion allotment exigency dimension admeasurement apportionment merit benchmark bang mensurable variety ferocity Monstrousness intensity level extremity horizon pull efficacy mastery momentous mass lot neighborhood Minutiae dimensionality tenseness Quantities g-factor NGC might high degree Admensuration issue nobility denotation order sway healthiness supernova supply fix ambit variable value intensity intention worth degree double star scope body accommodation meter hazardousness Measurements tour de force calibration bulk enormousness norm interval urgency hertzsprung-russell diagram weight reputation black hole notch lionization Triplicity tier mint eminence command broadness file link object measurable extension unit extreme mess hearing yardstick prominence multiplicity forcefulness hugeness occurrence standard depth vigor voluminosity play plenitude idealism substantial amplification test computation concernment pack luxuriousness mensuration advantage totality need weightiness intent highness pulsar altitude fancy proposal violence core order of magnitude longness tenor batch type HIT grade focus QTY line thought expansion coverage ton deal matters pleiades perfection Intenseness fire gradation capacity purview tonnage stellar magnitude force cut trouble space prestige star catalog area boundlessness star cloud high-mindedness loftiness enormity report vigour Fame class tonne meaningful notion variable star grasp appraisal tallness signification model assessment glory deepness burden rank barometer bigness mark indicator ballast scantling urgent lengthiness evidence access gravity whopper room ratio kind brightness longitude Elbowroom spectrum-luminosity diagram greatness gaudiness neighbourhood immenseness ration ferment nova mucho proportions Dignification fraction name neutron star ranginess baccalaureate radio star matter values tremendousness interest multitude Forcibleness globular cluster powerfulness passel remarkableness jurisdiction lengths Formidableness valuation immensity heart handsomeness number total variable figure excellence evaluation limits net dwarf star variable quantity emphasis length expanse giantism item reaches circle materiality guideline fanaticism spread peck check importance understanding value load use span puzzle fervency bulks stature generousness Seven Sisters solemnity Populations problem tension drift gross messier catalog run bundle main sequence star earnestness holding ability name of the game relative amount consideration meat reach development items potency vector division Jillion supremacy repute heinousness property measurement fullness virtue Measures Intendment term opulence depths concern determination concentration purpose noteworthiness perplexity metrology momentousness fixed star earshot analysis sweep red giant star amplitude approbation estimation substantiality Vehemency sizableness Metage nip whole text retention open cluster judgment white dwarf star relative magnitude giant star leeway Feck gravitas wideness objective tune Extensiveness row grandeur massiveness gigantism radiance sky atlas stupendousness infinity clout tab severity portion quasar stress grossness thickness occasion muchness energy run of quasi-stellar radio source star cluster relevance remoteness measure bearing linearity approval vehemence capaciousness completeness spaciousness nature of beast gauge great scope realm width vastness largeness note bulkiness time inclusiveness nervousness mass-luminosity law power breath ability plan distance bottom line fervor nuts and bolts full pitch simple content rate limit density impressiveness damage radius oodles lionisation emotion credentials great importance index bounty distinction intensities extent impact lastingness star amount imports usefulness part pile dimensions connection diameter quantification compass var status roominess Weights

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