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What is another word for long?

Below is the list of synonyms for long. Here you can see the other names for long.


unexclusive fargoing gangling on treadmill good perpetual dilatory eternal lasting spun out rectangular diffusive drawn-out longish delayed amplitudinous towering global palaverous hulky outstretched extensive leviathan dragging indirect perennial dimensional prolix wide-stretching continued longitudinal spread out sustained everlasting mammoth far-stretched measurable late without end tall circumlocutory lofty wide-reaching verbose lanky drawn out lifelong big running Ovated prolonged far-extending Ovaliform sidelong wide durable ellipsoidal Unhandy Overlong high wordy reaching long way home remote stretch chunky forever and a day protracted middle of nowhere oversize extended long-winded Piecer wide-extending stretched longwinded interminable scopic scopious limitless long-drawn-out very long behemothic sky-scraping broad stretching no end of high rise across the board end of rainbow stretched out a long way diffuse a good way on a treadmill incessant boundless widely distributed far-removed lengthened elongated oblong ovaloid unfurled buller over-long day and night strung out lengthwise enduring great expansive far-spread elongate linear all-encompassing large voluminous magnificent deep long lingering faraway endwise skyscraping livelong thick lifetime Snaking slow sizable far-reaching far-off lengthy good ways High-reaching mondo far-going bulky neverending far-flung rangy long-life for ages expanded portly far off enlarged sky-high corpulent tardy far day-and-night unending distant Interminate stringy altitudinous

adjective, adverb



provident conscious longest topspin never-ending rebound long-range consonant rich pine sesquipedalian lingering drawn-out ache button-down hourlong semipermanent extendable worship the ground someone walks on core time further look for foresightful someday Month Of Sundays carbonated remote blue moon desire delayed long-lived elusive yen epic for the first/last etc. time foggy day in day out long-distance assonance meandering abundant elongate stressed unsound go down spread forever and a day come down stringy lengthy stretch long-winded fall for gangling deep flextime tall yearn age abbreviated tomorrow long-life don't ask adore prolonged backless time etched long-wool indirect brief care for light years underarm duration commemorative good distant best to come skip it irregularity want attenuated long-staple dress-down day long-lasting frequency eternal have your heart set on (doing) something lofty for some time protracted one day faraway soon foreshortened bimestrial perennial longish business day dilatory in the long run/term elongated apart extended floor-length womb-to-tomb agelong durable ages eternity lust after baggy excite plentiful bouncy lasting drinkable aspiration dote on overnight profuse shortly irregular boot-cut foresighted forever immediately lanky longsighted longstanding nightlong tenacious A-LINE eon Clingy day after day faint length prospective feeling spin enlarged out playable clock-watching corked farseeing long-dated months towering don't remind me long-drawn-out idolise catchy long-handled dim far bilabial full-bodied limitless when the time comes basis dead alveolar rangy decaffeinated flat sustained tardy black oblong away forever and ever all the way long-acting dull rate Sesquipedal in length year clock in perish the thought lank backspin love longer far-off endless long-term hours lengthened aeon keep it simple interminable hour after hour From come in smother later full-length daylong Overlong blurred weeklong long-snouted button-through dimly sooner or later boundless longitudinal running aspire much retentive constant hard monthlong close vowel alcoholic far-reaching ft closed syllable go up on and on dry languish extendible lifelong yearlong polysyllabic clock off business hours aspirate long-wooled no reason farsighted dragging casual affricate effervescent unending hanker

transitive noun

epic envy gaze in pray for year after year yen for at universal enduring immeasurable short-range jumbo ponderous rectangular regard thick Desiderate die long for eternity knee-high hourlong Long-drawn be inadequate begrudge piece lengthwise grievous flatulent long-snouted to aim do without neverending general feel a need good eminent yip commodious thirst Unhandy tortuous under incidental tempt oblique burn deep jones for broad roar capacious dragged out in the course of idealise weary for have ambition eight-day farther pursue acquisitive king-size Ringent demand sustained prevalent be dying to de longue haleine think up polysyllabic request pole-handled long-winded permanent agelong pine for sigh provided (that) Whether fade yet Ovaliform yearlong covet hunger for gross profuse seven-day stargaze prolix inexact attenuated dwindle incline tucker stretch chunky imprecise hanker in conjunction far piece upraised homeric long-dated stumpy without end even stretched drawn-out weeklong have a yen jam feel the pinch oblong substantial choose to much ahead die over voluminous month after month meandering ovate arab gigantic durable lust after monstrous large low slung Miltonian timeless invent interminable endless necessitate retentive years be in want ages marathon giant wide faraway Mewling interminably ongoing wide-ranging further unreliable whole major league itch for dream of await daylong boring farseeing long-acting ruffled stunted forth nightlong extravagant Ovated persistent long-wool overing tenacious desire oversize lengthways asian unending expanded long-legged remote bull boundless imagine create rue uninteresting grieve over great while duration invoke stretched-out need old up exact lengthy long-lasting for ages uninspired Sesquipedal keen extended visualize be hard up lanky unexclusive shortish deteriorate lust for uncrowded yearn for morning all-night palaverous digressive high limitless the Middle East noon rubbernecking eat one's heart out over inordinate lasting hurt for kind foresighted middle of nowhere Miles pronounced tremendous aspirant love to outlying incline toward have an urge for have occasion to stressed be needy far-reaching formidable respectable repine suppose years on end set one's heart on grieve sluggish provident dragging sustainable reedy time-consuming bull account far-flung go hungry spun-out ululate way back be deprived conk out long-life command continuous widespread knock out long-handled unlimited tardy rely visualise major wilt ache for leggy would give one's eyeteeth for South America be short sight unfriendly longsighted moan keening and night be eager mouthy have a passion for drive for mindful prolonged ache to terrible persistently eternal sesquipedalian uncongested ropy enormous extreme gaunt prospicient unbound long-term continuing longstanding wholesale circuitous next twisting blue moon tiresome oblongated miss turn green hulking like to chronic mortal Uncramped needled ovaloid mourn global yearning basque Endlong womb-to-tomb huge concoct infinite no end to want wide-extending garrulous daydream itching fargoing ebb pining considerable the Pacific Rim protractedly outstretched unceasing periphrastic have a nightmare elongate slow recollective alongside dilatory heroic before pant long time gargantuan long-spun latin wish to go soft solicit despond wither on a treadmill day after day year squat together complete be desperate gasping clamor for indirect aim till doomsday fantasize lest vet unreserved overall very long extendible veteran thorough eon Roaring forties hone for enlarged aspire unrelenting discursive for an age long account in length Needing longer vast spun out languish underhand hatch long interest good ways anticipate pine wandering comprehensive alpine cry for shrimp redundant noble brief on treadmill months crave running envisage as company length object to away back oval tall ways shorty antarctic entire want to changeless ovoid call for unfolded elect cook up gape for straw have use for angle immense hankering augmented australasia age seek overnight wall to wall idealize Unless strung out protracted burn to itch afar drawn out extensive foresightful could do with maundering weaken at a point on unhurried unrestricted antarctica talkative monotonous yen please abundant ancient be in need of long-range rumpled try by moon require forwards be dying for unabridged endwise Longsome waste away blah formulate great long-continuing long-staple long while dream narrow mammoth onward shook uninterrupted along flying search for pot of gold going slowly unmanageable thirst for have eyes for lust far-removed complicated continued Afore incorruptible lament yearn be down and out itch to claim no end of stretched out dull longs teamwise to gasp verbose long since carry a torch far-off groan ambitious sigh for a mile long monthlong roundabout time immemorial the livelong day spoil for choose be deficient long-lived ceaseless diffuse perennial for long long ago sublimate excessive far numerous lifelong of many years picture longish gravitate sizable distant removed gangling creeping grand be without monumental on the edge of colossal of considerable length mighty unwieldy dearly love to multitudinous prodigious yips circumlocutory wide-reaching aerial sorrow beyond hefty hour after hour all along the line thought up hope for hanker for spread out as a partner hope go to pieces the West Indies knock on wood statuesque right smart spell devise rambling with one needs have a yen for on good way be hurting for lank bulky semipermanent think cream for of many years standing long to work along with diffusive conceive the Balkans long-run already long-drawn-out long side for life forever and a day the Arctic Circle repetitious hallucinate hunger rangy fancy atlantic feel a dearth of padded never-ending wearisome long-pending vagrant inclusive long-distance mountainous itching for unendingly late have a flash end of rainbow sunken suffer privation humdrum Languishing all-inclusive farsighted partial to of long standing perpetual Overlong be desperate for mondo expect like grant gangly agonize wide-stretching equator languish for make up waste fat vague out longitudinal lengthened pant for gape not work feel the necessity for be dying towering random seemingly endless forward enduringly down yelp wordy unsound titanic indiscriminate elongated obscure order die for suspire very large chafe tedious windy uplifted waffling gasp grudge unfurled full incessant aeon nice elevated bimestrial worthwhile delayed hanker after implied over ache be poor extendable paying everlasting Western Saharan roomy wish for pervasive lofty gaping slack aboard longiloquent If mewl wish reaching out-of-the-way risk prefer assuming (that) entreat have occasion for century altitudinous to crave shallow longest will massive yell big since time began undyingly yowl finger undersized be consumed with desire Interminate Month Of Sundays the Far East resent level winding inaccurate lingering rot keep fingers crossed tuckering have a crush on be eager for multiple stretching balkan long-wooled to accompany one stringy filled out suffer


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