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What is another word for juncture?

Below is the list of synonyms for juncture. Here you can see the other names for juncture.



crucial occurrence turn of the tide incidence wonts mark event state of affairs chronology critical stage race against time jointure pressingness decisive moment high noon Uncertainties soup very minute Coadunation low point branch pinch happening Melding meltdown system date segue tight spot hot spot gussets seam month requirements peripeteia hours LS symbiosis level soups urgency imperatives large order gusset criticalness zero hour height one's turn crisis point posture synergy iron in the fire transpiration quandary consolidation bat of the eye splice decide exigency affixation point in time attachment start time vital moment tight squeeze season conjunction Exigence status conjuncture join critical moment head episode contingency junction rung milestone cardinal point hot potato wedding target day L leisure phase breathings hang up connectedness Critical Period demandingness year rough go state many a moon pre-requisites marvel adjacency moment Exigencies hinge if it's cool time instalment week requirement marriage hour Prayers Opportunities trice stitchings vicissitude situation tie in transition position connection meeting basis the time one's move appointed hour lastingness Cross-road turning point needfulness critical point juncture abutment condition joint articulation partnerhip instant weeks years sec climacteric juxtaposition kairotic moment date circumstance three winks crucial period no time annexation connect bond point emergency strait plight crux the middle coming together choice hour of decision Symbioses imperativeness hangup ball-and-socket crucial moment adherence stage merger Centuries opportunity crossroad alliance when push comes to shove critical moments cross-roads Chronologies pre-requisite occurrence months Critical Periods one's say the hunt meeting point SECS likelihood era predicaments affiliation predicament turn the tide gradation lowlights the running landmark relationship crossroads meltdowns pass pivotal moment conjunctures nothing flat crisis rising action prerequisites short while union coupling amalgamation conjointment jumping-off point occasion agglutination installment decisive point big trouble tall order ticklish spot tight situation trouble

transitive noun

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