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What is another word for infirmity?

Below is the list of synonyms for infirmity. Here you can see the other names for infirmity.


loss of innocence complaint affliction unsoundness cachexia cross debility Convalescences blight spell bug* double-mindedness mark syndrome flimsiness cancer impairment seizure fragileness invalidity up set transparency curse infection grumble nausea uselessness trial want upset collapse delicacy slip-ups anemia crack suscept what's going around evil doing trouble queasiness vacillation seam daintiness ague grief winter of life Peccability inflammation advanced age taint sin spasm convalescence pestilence ailing ailment plight scratch ricketiness oldness incapability complication malady enervation check advancing years enfeeblement flaw handicap inconsistency inability break faintness weakliness failings sickness tenuity old age slip-up incapacity halfheartedness flu glitch adversity endemic Diseasedness ache wateriness Unhealth rift gremlin visitation vice disease distemper unhealthfulness year sorrow ineffectiveness pathosis softness volatility relapse indisposition fickleness irresolution disability incompetency woe inefficacy changeability error malaise vulnerability capriciousness fever infliction groan misfortune spot strong impulsiveness years birthmark scarcity invalidities tenuities irregularity speck better crux temper bug unwillingness fault elegance contamination deformity declining years subtlety hemorrhage infirmity fit failing health insubstantiality powerlessness indecisiveness weak point disqualification shortcoming injury feebleness misery knot evening of life debilitation disorder tentativeness rough spot autumn of life kink scar hesitance mistake affection problem misfortunes diagnostics unfitness ordeal slenderness languor badness patch Delicateness unsureness frailness senescence temperature ineffectualness Sickliness fragility catch shiftiness defect puniness scourge stain unwellness unhealthiness uncertainty decrepitude confinement golden years breakdown predicament answerability Senectitude unsubstantiality foible Marring plague discoloration second childhood symptom ill condition canker hardship invalidism predicaments drawback shyness incompleteness tribulation Convulsions lack frailty imperfection suffering exquisiteness geriatrics weakness ill health insipidity slip up yellowness errors smoothness spinelessness detriment hole difficulty stroke failing anguish illness apoplexy inexperience virus feverishness lightness depression latter part of animate life Etherealness tenderness dotage impotence torment calamity contagion attack ambivalence shortage pain second deficiency Diaphaneity blot blotch gripe distress gap dose gossameriness exhaustion translucency epidemic poor health retirement age decay airiness

transitive noun

frailness affection Rockiness hole unhealthiness infectious disease feeblemindedness complaint slipperiness unsteadiness cachexy weak will rift decrepitude defection blemish complication failing ill health malaise Unfirmness unsturdiness riskiness genetic disease hypochondria weakening astheny softness disability eld exhaustion faintheartedness Valetudinarianism frailty spinelessness old symptomology Chronic Disease asthenia septuagenarian occupational disease unreliability old boy respiratory disease symptoms hazard Virus Disease Languishing old age pensioner deformity superannuation decay vulnerable place precariousness unfitness fear atrophy incapacity unwholesomeness Symptomatology Caducity elderliness handicap disease vulnerability the pip degenerative disease hereditary disease invalidism catch unsoundness functional disease hale old age vapidity octogenarian Sickliness Unsteadfastness invalidity wasting disease weak link malady deficiency wasting unfaithworthiness pathology old age seediness ageism crock pensionable age unauthoritativeness blight shiftingness poor health vice Healthlessness moral flaw undependability bad condition declining years enfeeblement gastrointestinal disease shakiness little problem protozoan disease feebleness indisposition delicacy flaw defect advanced years worm disease seventies disorder ricketiness secondary disease endemic disease ticklishness bug failure endemic psychosomatic disease Sickishness gerontology aged hoary age Iatrogenic Disease fungus disease sexagenarian senior citizen insubstantiality congenital defect untrustworthiness ailment affliction longevity Anility infirmity of age abnormality weak point white hairs Urogenital Disease Muscular Disease insipidity infirm old age danger cardiovascular disease the downward slope green old age taint unsubstantiality Desultoriness cachexia vale of years crack signs drawback the golden years fragility treacherousness condition speculativeness unsureness weakness organic disease kink endocrine disease delicate health sickness fault allergic disease peakedness imperfection weak-mindedness Insolidity poor shape Languishment foible centenarian perilousness senility bad habit ill unauthenticity wishy-washiness shiftiness instability faute unsolidity agism bacterial disease syndrome something missing pandemic disease epidemic disease problem oldness geriatrics neurological disease faintness morbus senile shortcoming snag hypochondriasis nutritional disease birth defect chronic ill health second childhood pliability pathological condition age of retirement allergy plant disease enervation geriatric weak side besetting sin insecurity advanced age ripe old age circulatory disease inadequacy weakliness debility cowardice Acute Disease dotage risk peril morbidness illness senior citizenship an incurable disease treachery deficiency disease decline of life wateriness morbidity debilitation abulia Senectitude distemper

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