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What is another word for infidelity?

Below is the list of synonyms for infidelity. Here you can see the other names for infidelity.


error racket falsification subversive activities sin bunk dirty work fake untruth chicanery Extramarital Relations Double dealing falsity insincerity slyness guile criminality double cross irreligion craft Recreancy nonconformity trickiness flirtation stab in back forbidden love bunco tryst impiety involvement sneakiness erroneousness rascality fraud deceit nihilism agnosticism affair romantic affair trust entanglement whitewash shiftiness fraudulence treason put-on love affair disbelief extracurricular activity triangles cheating adulterous grift unrealities perfidy hocus-pocus cuckold Misbelief nonbelief inaccuracy hanky-panky courtship dissidence sham revisionism seditiousness thing* fib spoof blasphemy intrigue doublecross canard disaffection matinee sectarianism fornication apostasy tale inconstancies nonconformism amour swindle shell game double-dealing affair of the heart secularism skin game immorality disingenuousness Improbity infamy stealing chicane crookedness breaking of faith treacherousness misrepresentation mendacity Hanky Panky dishonesty cunnings subversive activity dissent liaison Hocuspocus schism dirty dealing illicit love sellout betrayal of trust insidiousness hypocrisy indirection violation iconoclasm deceptiveness carrying on heresy perfidiousness non-conformity dodge romance unfaithfulness artifice wiliness unbelief infidelity deceive triangle paganism story cheat shadiness dalliance breach of trust lie trickery dirty trick seduction prevarication heterodoxies dirty pool atheism chicanes passion non-belief betrayal romantic affairs underhandedness falseheartedness untrueness fickleness double-cross relationship criminalities inconstancy affaire de coeur cunning duplicity graft sedition stab in the back freethinking sweet talk flimflam fast shuffle fallacy bigamy sexual relationship outside of marriage gyp traitorousness playing around godlessness cheat on unreality treachery continue unscrupulousness fourberie skepticism irreverence fling disloyalty falsifications lewdness sharp practice deceitfulness adultery faithlessness Adulterer defection divergence thing falsehood bad faith false-heartedness heterodoxy falseness corruption uncandidness scam* two-timing doubt

transitive noun

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