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What is another word for inadequacy?

Below is the list of synonyms for inadequacy. Here you can see the other names for inadequacy.



abjection inability lead balloon Non-payment under-development unsuitability botch shrinking inadequacy collapse senility tenuities Non-performance sparseness lack inadequate Subtilty helplessness defect frustration arrears Incapacitation uselessness pitiful flash in the pan gremlin pennilessness false step poverty default slimness imperfection lopsidedness fly in the ointment Sickliness famine skimpiness slave wages weak point blunder ineptitude Imparity disregard shortfall defalcations unsuccessfulness inutility lassitude handicap ineptness incompetence washout faultiness spareness turkey minus frailness need drought imposition failings burden Detrimentalness good-for-nothingness insignificance rout incompactness deficit speck privation misstep shakiness flaw adverse circumstances impecuniousness sparsity unavailability unsuitableness malaise disparity defalcation deformity ineffectuality stain decline fallibility delicacy Neediness peccadillo impediment niggardliness omission scarcity bust implosion miscarriage vice shortness blocking misadventure in the red lemon blemish blotch decrepitude tight paucity absence rareness non-success taint unhealthiness overlooking inconvenience mess sin scantness Non-feasance defectiveness discommodities failing weakness deterioration insufficient scant inadequateness inaptitude glitch* wrongdoing not go far inefficiency oversight disability incapacity Impecuniosity defeat foible wreck problem affect Achilles' Heel Insufficience asymmetry inaptness fruitlessness breakdown thinness neglect infirmity fiasco infrequency inefficacy miserliness impracticality loser heavy-handedness inferiority shallowness rupture stalemate effeteness demerit nonsuccess stinginess ineffectiveness inutilities needs loss imparities amateurishness impoverishment bar incompetency transgression frailty retrenchments feebleness failure Unsuccess retrenchment stumbling block bungle nuisance meagerness powerlessness impotence want void Etiolation scantiness lameness delinquency unavailabilities downfall exhaustion shortage liability checkmate modicum disfigurement gauntness exiguousness lapse ineffectualness overthrow limitation miss fault adverse circumstance tenuity faux pas languor derisory miserable in hock error hamper snag Flyspeck total loss bankruptcy worthlessness decay slim pickings inefficiencies flimsiness drawback in the hole pittance dereliction due bill slightness unfitness pauperism nonpayment penury Necessitousness Subtilization sinking ship detriment objection strong dead horse obstacle insolvency incompleteness Discommodity difference underdevelopment deprivation offense stoppage spoilage in short/limited supply irregularity deficiency slight discrepancy incapability unevenness restraint enervation hardship debility disproportion abortion meagre uncommonness insufficiency scarceness nonperformance bomb penuriousness futility inequality hindrance catch shortcoming minuses Infirmness exiguity dearth vacancy flop nonfeasance underage bug* red ink DUES errors disease

transitive noun

gap inutility helplessness reservation short supply destitution lead balloon liquidation undextrousness erroneousness shrinking penury unproductiveness pointlessness debility incompleteness emaciation legal incapacity miss bomb little problem weak point meagre allowance hamper fragility paralysis disablement falsehood modification needfulness blot failure deterioration exhaustion committal shortcoming rout error hollowness scantiness deformity fault decrease misstep nickels and dimes imperfection needs nonconformity charge flop pettiness unfittedness rarity dearth nonperformer downfall misalignment turkey Neediness fly in the ointment objection nonuniformity skimpiness glitch immaturity enervation undevelopment stint scrappiness unimportance hatred objectionability futility Dissatisfactoriness also-ran need misadventure false step nothing lameness asymmetry offense rare pinch debt incompetency disequilibrium absences feebleness disproportion inexperience inaptitude fiasco hiatus pauperism trace unsatisfactoriness tenuousness insufficiency neurosis sparseness mismatch lack of ability collapse shortage failing maladjustment meaninglessness lacuna unbalance badness unperfectedness rift drawback straits short measure scarcity nonsatisfaction vulgarity blocking lethargy unusableness letdown pittance bust hardship blunder unevenness mediocrity omission miscarriage Antinomy uncleverness moocher Defectibility lousy use adulteration poorness demand often financial clumsiness ruin gold dust leanness phobia imbalance sparse unsuitability frustration nonattendance Miserableness niggardliness falling short unqualification no-good Inexpertness Unintelligence overthrow bug loophole overlooking abortion insignificance inefficiency hole oversight imbecility demerit unhealthiness commitment Wardship loser stoppage baselessness has-been baseness wrongdoing beat cramp requirement Unserviceableness rupture disparity meagerness checkmate inattentiveness rareness sparsity washout underdevelopment want inexactness peanuts sinking ship penuriousness vulnerable place inability hopelessness nuisance fruitlessness overbalance fineness taboo pension triviality occasion chaos circumspection inaccuracy shallowness Sickliness openness nobody Beggarliness undesirability frailness defect problem emotional immaturity ineptness Unsuccess incompetence insufficientness nonessential fallibility wrongness exigency adverse circumstance restriction mite slightness noncompliance untrainedness undersupply decline catastrophe ineffectualness unsuccessfulness meagreness contradiction in terms depletion inaptness contrariety Necessitousness vanity ration trouble nonachievement blemish discrepancy Indefensibility inadequateness pennilessness littleness failures deprivation block scantness gauntness thinness Repugnancy reduction impotence patchiness unfair discrimination vice minority amateurishness bit lack deficient anxiety pass inadmissibility variance catch restraint Incapacitation wants requisite untenability defalcation foible defection lemon misfit poor quality worthlessness curtailment effeteness spareness honesty faux pas incapacity transgression inequity obstacle sin aridness undeftness vacancy aridity unavailability good-for-nothing entertainment slimness inadeptness deficiency born loser incapability beginning hindrance exiguity powerlessness delinquency uselessness Arrearage too little senility smallness unconvincingness impairment foul-up something missing snag castaway check unconnectedness poor standard red ink short weight emptiness mix-up crash paucity carelessness neglect scarceness Pedestrianism Arrestment fixation lopsidedness injustice restrictedness defeat infirmity kink slump Wany lack of proficiency distress curb stain weakness tightness faute fallaciousness few bum necessary impurity underachiever unsuitableness drought infancy disqualification confusion gremlin tenuity minus antipathy thoughtlessness famine Insufficience unacceptability handicap poverty nonpayment subnormality right late basic loafer Unproficiency shabbiness mingy hamartia irregularity evasion Limitedness bankrupt obligation abjection hate burden skill-lessness nonsuccess flash in the pan wastefulness Nonfulfillment peccadillo absence frigidity botch Rustiness cropper transparency flaw adverse circumstances nearly difference weak spot limitation little unsoundness maladroitness Incompletion recreation defectiveness puniness bungle contradiction breakdown liability uncommonness anarchy too late supply unaptness poor health urgency wretchedness Intolerability underage nonexistence unschooledness achilles heel heterogeneity avoidance essential compulsion nonappearance void mess must extremity meanness inexactitude amount undexterousness urge nonperformance weeness Etiolation ineptitude unjustifiability ambiguity callowness unholy mess odds lack of knowledge portion avocation Indexterity condition beggary total loss lead balloons unskillfulness malaise crack Lowliness exiguousness paltriness malfunction deficit unfitness required measly constraint faultiness inequality obsession retrenchment ought minuses inappropriateness paradox languor necessity lumpy lack of skill contrast ineffectuality crunch stalemate slenderness fewness weak link prerequisite prodigal abridgement wish nonfeasance mistake taint barrenness chicken feed privation shrinkage sketchiness shortness wreck disability bad manners Vainness bar loss trifle arrears ineffectiveness inferiority stinginess obstruction narrowness frailty bankruptcy lapse none to spare might-have-been starvation default inefficacy lassitude thin longing flimsiness shortfall modicum cowardice control Arrear extraneousness


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