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What is another word for impulsive?

Below is the list of synonyms for impulsive. Here you can see the other names for impulsive.


arbitrary chop-chop watery slambang fanatical spastic any old way instantaneous unalert unsteady down in mouth hectic red hot sudden pliable from the hip involuntary thoughtless yellow YOYO down in the dumps undependable short-tempered shrinking off the top of one's head halfhearted irregular eye-opening unexpected unwatchful playing with fire over-zealous out on limb unwilled unrehearsed desperado Unlabored weak serendipitous heartwarming mad overhasty frivolous spineless fly-by-night unpremeditated mule hesitant surprising Vagarious Intuitional scatterbrained in doldrums unpredictable changeable bubbleheaded Systemless combustible spontaneous over-wrought ad lib excitable reflexive intuitive exceeding bounds laid back shy malleable second-nature notional extemporaneous ADLIB high-strung breakneck impromptu foot-in-mouth Unmeditated unconscious wide-eyed extra ordinary locked-in quicksilver moody quirky unconsidered irresolute shifty rampant transformable impulsive unreasoning hasty not in the cards brash abrupt nonsystematic unvigilant cranky unguarded plastic passionate irritable singleminded brutish devil-may-care unassumed oddest Subito flaky violent uncalculated birdbrained double-minded haphazard on the rampage ambivalent winging it chancy unpredicted out of line instinctual nervous instinctive simplehearted mutable bits and pieces pliant volatile reckless Permutable unlooked-for in the doldrums self-willed touchy naive ill-judged quick-tempered unprompted autogenetic Hot-headed emotional steamed up flasher fleeting unreliable down in dumps not rehearsed up-front igneous modifiable in a huff fanciful sensitive Uncircumspect unanticipated random inconstant precipitate cyclonic reversible gone in flash wandering hot-tempered whirlwind galvanic short-fuse Alarmable adrift hot-and-cold unresolved indocile airheaded quick revocable commutative any way the wind blows crusty emptyheaded caught napping Gutty transitional temperamental unreflective careless strong-minded motiveless hard shell hotheaded erratic hot shot shifting quixotic ill-considered fiery precipitant Humorsome high-pressure stormy highpowered daredevil indecisive Flitting from left field unthinking hardnosed hottempered high on gone off deep end in flames changeful brazen dillydallying automatic headlong short fused dingdong edgy upfront hard core Agitable whimsical jumping the gun fast-and-loose off guard ad-lib like a babe in the woods being oneself casual unmethodical swift insipid impetuous wide open inconsistent unembarrassed without warning fragile unlooked for foolhardy daring Inartificial volcanic flighty fickle unsure overzealous pay no mind tentative not bargained for reasonless harefooted up and down hysterical unheedful vacillating capricious aflame natural uncontrived REDHOT sporadic momentary imprudent Shilly-shally fluctuating improvised herky-jerky yo-yo flipper up-and-down brittle unscientific rash off top of head undecided incautious habitual ardent explosive audacious hotblooded offhand hot-blooded go for broke wayward by seat of one's pants unwilling injudicious fidgety uncertain over hasty will-less Insuppressible unruly rambling unsuspicious fitful smart alecky locked in on-again-off-again in wink of an eye infirm irresponsible head-strong tempestuous

adjective, adverb



transitive noun

valorous fugacious maladroit epidemic boisterous fly-by-night impatient feeling explosive acute original waffling automatic afloat obsessive flaky not careful instinctual fugitive obstreperous glowing lighthearted off guard Besetting broken meteoric wide open melancholy volcanic genuine intrepid diversified choleric unexpected made-up angry gritty grudging accessible dizzy ebullient uncontrollable will-less grumpy YOYO extravagant touchy trigger-happy thrusting nervous wreck unguarded chimerical enthusiastic jerky unwary reflexive eloquent cantankerous light mental cursory flickering extreme stimulant growing gadarene heady scatterbrained libidinal green corruptible nettled indiscreet galvanic Vicissitudinous extemporaneous desultory combustible unprepared hurricane imprudent feverish rushing gullible compulsive obligatory rapid flying short-lived venturous hot-tempered occasional abandoned high-strung murder Blundering tearaway open habitual unanticipated ticklish fragile ill-judged not planned slapdash huffy rash morose dauntless nondurable weirded out foolish desperado directive going off deep end Permutable Agitable throw violent a bit previous harum-scarum typical wacky opinionated evanescent variable perishable partial propulsive lively jagged tornado at will passionate not rehearsed outrageous choppy kaleidoscopic vivacious go for broke fast and loose laid-back inherent motivating miserable weepy warm bubbleheaded regular precipitately waspish greathearted mischievous obsessed shifty knee jerk normal vicious vanishing hotheaded surprising dynamic ill-advised sudden shuffling heated luxuriant overzealous blustering shapeless fluid subliminal changeable dreaming being oneself misguided short-tempered transitory recurrent nonpermanent labile spineless roving quicksilver extempore honest lubricious variant nonconformist volatile unrehearsed innate transient bravado wide-eyed maniacal panting mindless changing different dynamical impermanent bawdy moving daring pluralistic second thought affecting neurotic napping nervous protean impulsiveness unmatured audacious airheaded nonuniform visionary short amorphous rough insubstantial oblivious restive Hot-headed tempestuous irregular devil-may-care periodic Deviating devoted tumultuous jejune rabid far ahead unorthodox nervy unlearned romantic hit-or-miss expressive nerve-shattering whirlwind animated fervent spirited direct responsive regardless spasmodic unforeseen infirm revocable fiery daredevil unsteady uncertain homey down in the dumps unpremeditated precipitate tactless mulish playing with fire obtrusive like a babe in the woods rambling temporary premature brainish unfixed quirky keen unthinking thoughtless snap Punchy reflex waggish undurable eager skittish wishy-washy unaccountable straightforward undisciplined deviative unpredictable capricious frivolous stubborn transformable as one wishes primitive shifting untimely nuts for unpredicted volunteer queer pathetic quixotic quaint without warning prejudiced native dogmatic monomaniacal hot-and-cold furious self-abandoned narrow minded Deviatory very fast madcap thrilling causal birdbrained not firm moody gone in flash wild visceral out on a limb ingenuous weak odd inborn flighty radical fading dingdong cross disorderly mazy twit wonderful weird lost it excitable peevish jumping to conclusions brittle high-powered mule unequal congenital gloomy vagrant edgy variform mutinous rude on the double not bargained for locked in empty-headed erratic chance begrudging ephemeral Vagarious inconsistent driving brutish lionhearted Unmeditated obstinate gutsy expansive unwilled lawless not in the cards adventurous breakneck improvident natural wigged out half-cocked alternating changeful fervid restless unlooked-for mobile irresponsible random wayward burning flaming exuberant abrupt gone off deep end great wandering transitional wary unsettled mutable quizzical nonstandard urgent quarrelsome haphazard rushed brave negligent laid back jumping the gun foolhardy quick wide-open various momentary unconsidered crestfallen previous chivalrous plucky immediate Unsteadfast disturbed exciting out of sorts courageous gay unaffected advanced temporal self-generated like lightning ragged startling bullheaded heedless doleful raving spur-of-the-moment plain arbitrary overhasty conditioned crabbed inconstant deviable Pulsive temerarious rooted dour ununiform vehement turbulent mercurial motivational Piqued unrestrained melodramatic tetchy brief unbridled divaricate whimsical shocking adventuresome ad-lib headlong undependable nonchalant varying quickened neglectful inducive caught napping biased tear-away tender gaga expeditious light-headed zealous brisk high on gallant peppery brash uncontrolled lamber emotional fickle swift unwilling fleeting deciduous hothead Flitting out of the blue ad lib bits and pieces involuntary real hot-blooded game precipitant off the cuff harebrained spontaneous willful lustful mean winging it turned on breathless agitated challenging variegated subconscious unstable heroics testy impromptu virgin fanciful artless tear-jerking passing unconstrained dingbat unripe unconscious deep libidinous adrift unruly ecstatic easy credulous casual any old way irresolute trusting vaporous Moping provincial gut incautious giddy blind commutative erose tear away unstudied lamb willing vulnerable Oversoon compelling lightning downcast motley yo-yo second-nature off-the-cuff widespread relaxed effervescent quixotical adventitious cyclonic determined Diversiform quickie movable injudicious second nature too soon by chance careless precipitous ornery gaseous valiant helter-skelter pensive vacillating every which way impolitic on the rampage glum out of control wavery sporadic livid notional half-baked motive wistful intuitive candid buoyant mentally maladjusted vacant ill-considered headstrong uneven lugubrious lemming Roused instinctive accustomed kamikaze impelling mortal animating brassy splenetic down in the mouth dreamy convertible eccentric kinky fierce bigoted sensitive guileless impellent strong causative without restraint possessed impetuous unfeigned precocious Unequable electrifying mechanical temperamental frail very grave contumacious witless lightheaded dramatic frank Dizzying elastic unreliable pay no mind Intuitional locked-in red-hot silly chancy versatile childlike reversible tomorrow Vicissitudinary accidental Alarmable dying narrow-minded domineering refractory pressing unjelled on-again-off-again unintentional partisan lascivious too early freakish volitional dismal zany high-pressure emotive hasty loving Gutty Game as ned kelly uncrystallized offended transitive hotblooded hysterical crusty resilient demonstrative naive vexed frenzied divergent precipitation wanton breezy unwise picky blazing rustic unstable as water wavy according to pleasure venturesome ad libitum offhand touching fluctuating excessive unplanned intense wavering speedy overwrought thought as one thinks best actuating unwitting accelerated ardent petulant Unstaid unsystematic poignant Unenduring out of line quick-tempered forced forward hot bugged heartfelt reckless hurried bold mad indecisive fearless unprompted fitful knee-jerk

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