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What is another word for frailty?

Below is the list of synonyms for frailty. Here you can see the other names for frailty.


wobbliness help incapability slip-up failing vulnerable place the vapors Diseasedness shoddiness excess in security puniness chink in armor changeability fickleness iniquity ricketiness insecureness soft underbelly chink in the armor gaff Infirmness failings solecism airiness unsteadiness screw-up gaffs depravity mutabilities unsubstantiality lapse inefficacy inadequacy foible unwellness instability shortcoming goof up speck incompleteness deficiency Unhealth unsureness Delicateness suscept ineptness transience exquisiteness Uncertainties flaw variabilities effeteness anemia tenuities fragileness frailness inability crispness insecurity fragility daintiness knot softness defalcations scar Insufficience debility enfeeblement feebleness Peccability enormity underbelly unpredictabilities impermanence tender spot evil slip-ups chink in one's armor fluidity infirmity decadence underbellies answerability weak side ill health achilles heel Sickliness faintness inability to hack it Etiolation fault inutilities weakness weak link unpredictability damaging weakness gossameriness fitfulness immorality precariousness errancy unhealthiness unstableness Incapacitation vulnerability decrepitude evil doing delicacy villainy Diaphaneity subtlety weak point insubstantiality vice incompetency wrong mutability inefficiencies enervation better blemish flimsiness shakiness rough spot flu inutility disequilibrium brittleness waverings lameness error capriciousness slip up Unfixedness impotence defect strong tenuity scantiness weakliness fallibility unreliability Etherealness peccadillo errors imperfection susceptibility foil flaccidity loss of innocence inaptitude slenderness changeableness goof-up defalcation unsoundness variability powerlessness

transitive noun

lightness changeableness paperiness asthenia diaphanousness problem faute evil unhealthiness Frangibility ill health catch impotent failing humanness peccadillo delicacy weak link astheny lacerability snag something missing Impressionability spinelessness lax bad habit faint Sickliness namby-pamby breakability totter morbidity imperfection weak-kneed vice etiolated weak point drippy sitting duck unprotected puny wonky indecisiveness defection frail mercy dilutedness effeminacy soft target unsoundness besetting sin weak spot feebleness collapse human weakness airy texture man of straw exiguity house morbidness suggestibility little problem shortcoming hypochondriasis Ethereality insubstantiality supine mistiness rocky low wasting taint debilitation soft weak-mindedness wuss corrupt hypochondria toothless exhaustion crackableness watery flaw weedy Languishment rift Healthlessness weakling crushability Exility deficiency invalidism fair game vulnerability hole flesh infirmity of will brittleness thin Peccability effete abulia puniness Valetudinarianism vulnerable place underbelly powerless bad condition rarity defenseless wispiness falter paper paper tiger submissive crispness weak side chink disintegration fineness infirmity slimness fallible Subtility daintiness chinless blemish Gracility vagueness crushableness feeblemindedness feeble cachexy kink limp weakness fault thinness chink in one's armour failure poor shape malleable softness human frailty faintheartedness evilness bitch porous faintness crackability drawback indefensible pliant delicate health laciness friability unsteady Sleaziness wraith cachexia wateriness mortality weak-willed irresolution amiable weakness wet moral flaw fracturableness Fissility destructibility inadequacy breakableness fallibility susceptible cowardice enervation Languishing fragility human equation peakedness slenderness airiness bug chronic ill health weak light unsubstantiality submission moral weakness defenceless weed vulnerable weak will dilution fear gossameriness poor health slightness achilles heel shaky poodle ebb attenuation Weak-minded humanity unwholesomeness sitting target flimsiness frailness crumbliness impotence dweeb velleity inherent vice tenuity helpless womanishness invalidity suggestible Gauziness pliability defect debility unfitness susceptibility liability decrepitude foible crack flaccid wimp weakliness

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