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What is another word for fluctuation?

Below is the list of synonyms for fluctuation. Here you can see the other names for fluctuation.


hereticism insecurity variousness kinetics fleetingness fumblings confusion dilemma effect full swing heterogeneousness combos beat mi irregularity vicissitude miscellaneousness multiplicity shillyshally correction instability deflections vacillation hemming and hawing changeableness reform Unconformity throb malleability unpredictabilities stirrings wave flightiness deflection changings wavering multifariousness capriciousness shake up judders procrastinations deviation irresoluteness soup unsureness unreliability indecisiveness iffiness mutability soups sporadicalness unstableness scruple tremor stumblings permutability vibration waverings Many-sidedness turnings change mutabilities inconclusiveness adjustment disequilibrium variation timidness hesitation trend unpredictability inconstancy transience whimsy intermittence stumbling pulsation fluidity judder fluctuation tremblings libration caprice variability locomotion intermixtures Modifiability shakiness variety transformation miscel disparateness vagary tentativeness pliancy precariousness to-and-fro ambivalence pulse demurral departure from the norm mis motility irresolution swing plasticity mid-course correction dynamics fitfulness eccentricity switchover procrastination Multiformity unharmoniousness variabilities fancy wobbliness flux mutation oscillation unconformities polymorphism whim ricketiness randomness transpositions impulsiveness Uncertainties Unfixedness combo arbitrariness in security palpitation Waviness changeability different strokes insecureness jerkiness fancifulness unsteadiness volatility motilities fickleness fumbling asymmetry rhythm alternation quandary transition heterogeneity unevenness motion impermanence undulation evolution alteration harmonic motion resonance variance transposition intermixture

transitive noun

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