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What is another word for fickleness?

Below is the list of synonyms for fickleness. Here you can see the other names for fickleness.


false-heartedness impulsiveness mirth impulse oscillation spasticity jocularity inquietude mood yellowness festivity mutation shiftiness capriciousness put on vagary fad disloyalty unstableness wobbliness spinelessness falseheartedness treason triviality bee Recreancy Uncertainties mutability fitfulness dishonesty ricketiness double-mindedness weakness fancy rib fraud traitorousness contrariety freak skepticism randomness foolishness insipidity volatility Improbity peculiarity giddiness defection alternation lightheartedness carelessness changeableness folly hesitance fleetingness levity halfheartedness variability insecureness whimsicality notion changeability arbitrariness unsteadiness unwillingness buoyancy perfidiousness betrayal humor insecurity anxiety disbelief variabilities pliancy precariousness trifling haphazardness ambivalence picnic falseness instability temper laughs transience lightness unpredictability high spirits Unfixedness infirmity fluidity disequilibrium whim restlessness repartee facetiousness jerk perfidy Whimsicalness irresolution in security hilarity malleability disquiet shyness perversity caper fancifulness flightiness plasticity frailty mercurialness dizziness vein dereliction unsureness fluctuation falsity vacillation vulnerability hesitation bad faith absurdity quirk treachery inconstancy frivolity gag apostasy treacherousness waywardness tentativeness mutabilities kink uncertainty amusement whimsicalities doubt airheadedness indecisiveness happiness flippancy unfaithfulness sporadicalness pleasantry whimsy infidelity unpredictabilities fool notion wavering Modifiability caprice inconsistency crotchet wateriness impermanence unreliability immaturity irregularity permutability thought faithlessness shakiness waverings wit

transitive noun

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