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What is another word for expansion?

Below is the list of synonyms for expansion. Here you can see the other names for expansion.



wing Chrysalides longitude account accumulation waist measure chrysalis average the good life years growth puffiness Upgrowth maturations spreading out widening life of luxury unfolding prosperousness expanding upon lastingness intensifications swell expand prolongation ontogenesis expatiation maturation increase boom breadth lengthiness extension ontogeny enlargement broadening immigration distance grow elaboration buildup head room stretching intensification year upturn raisings good times good time wellbeing extent tallness distance around up turn Extensiveness opening out enrichment colonization upsurge longitudes decimal place addition dilatation adulthood dilation countdown mature Prolonging waxings high on the hog explosion Peopling abacus opening up computational amplification fattening expanse dos spreadings spread Elbowroom expansion attainment outgrow acquisition magnification opulence ell unfurling length place thickenings beauty parade stretch distension development successfulness jump natural process girth wax and wane chrysalises fleshing out double multiplication mileage upswing capacity comfortables approximation Scatterings tumefaction settlings dilate business wideness ranginess elongation engorgement Evolvement elevation propaganda ells asset augmentation widenings ripenings founding flowerings protraction burgeoning spreading aggregation distention distensions calculation leap increment lengthening algorithm space transformations deviation business plan longness inflation linearity Dilatations accrual swelling expanding Broking inflate clover protractedness spurt book cannibalize Germinations step-up crescendo headroom surge germination progression spaciousness thickening diffusion brokerage binomial period of time sweep supersize making progress CLOVERS evolution reach prosperity

transitive noun

longness raising abundance goose measure widening gravy hype bulge injury bounds welfare vegetation limit extravagance crisis acreage continuum sphere well being metamorphosis riches working-out maximisation surge betterment founding inflammation subjoining linearity upswing urbanisation accretion ontogeny take rush licence ell purview Hyperbolism headroom loftiness capaciousness benefit degree natural growth developing progress sweep window annotating appendage receipts build-up march boom enhancement increase change increases unraveling evolutionary change burlesque breakthrough advance variousness colonisation magnification supersize enrichment wrick gap accessory lengths meliorism adjunct urbanization Evolving distention knob gain annex nonviolent change swelling big talk lengthiness thickening stack division beefing up load germination reinforcement propagation success bloated fruition compass maturation attenuation puffing up growth collection upgrading spurt appendix distension interval plenty delay pass annotation elongation business fluctuations gauge lucre exaggeration boost indiscretion waste dissemination scope comfort maximization dissipation tension extend unfolding outgrow continuation freedom good time business cycle concentration protraction Lifting amplitude strengthening flow Touting intensity life of luxury void increment option fill out correction optimization regenerate transformation heightening indulgence leg market expansion mass map Knurl lengthen reach proliferation recovery climb divergence jump duration enlargement dilatation wellbeing recession productiveness occupation mountain out of molehill renovation diameter prosperity remoteness clover successfulness fragmentation Upgrowth order rounding out sprinkling travesty nodule wax Cumulation disclosure embroidery body blowing up projection stretch plus raise explanation good times variation coverage hyperbole bell Elbowroom superlative tallness branch ontogenesis spread intumescence discourse hump Maturing supplement ease bump Boosting expanding economy comfortable neglect upbeat rectification incline greatness good life lastingness forward movement dimensions leeway hike grow up length attachment opening treatment unrolling negligence increasing sensationalism accumulation development addition thesis time ballooning more good fortune heights broadcast transfusion height year magnitude Peppering lift diversification interpretation well-being unabridgment shotgun pattern depression working out tumor crop node Huckstering scattering sprouting accruement breadth waist measure turf note continuance improvement prodigality gush reclamation Evolvement padding opulence produce amplification circulation unit evaporation updating Peaking extreme expatiation orbit ongoing girth distance around dos arrival bridge plenteousness distance unabridgement merger capacity elevation spattering discovery flying colors winnings play diffusion peak leap tall talk Volatilization circle single-valued function neighbourhood heap stretching aggrandizement lacuna elaboration widen comment illustration spatial extension factorization making progress dispersal thoughtlessness accrue high growth rate vicinity aggrandisement overstatement sprawl transplanting put caricature dilation Perfecting gradual change size cooling off logjam mileage rally economic cycle term distend puff outer space clique addendum balloon ascent dilution grow upgrade developmental change matter revelation scalability buildup flowering variety help empty space edema tract distribution extendable progression Bloating access bloat bulk drawing out immigration protrusion push liberty blank cut augmentation bulk up splay rise puffiness increase in size store imprudence lot foundation circumference width wideness spreading accomplishment supplementation tumefaction gamut protuberance commentary natural process bonus uptrend weal prolongation while gathering downturn dimension interest DO colonization detachment Gains unfurling publication build overgrowth tumour engorged broaden out growing step-up miscellaneousness postponement Sowing flood billow upsurge explication level go faction tightness maturity span interpolation immensity slump elucidation broaden handout spaciousness mounting go-ahead explosion Snowballing welt extension infinite space blossoming augment mushrooming ballyhoo area return range galactic space forwarding multiplication wealth diffraction Circumfusion superficial extension gestation luxury block territory proportion topping up radius plug reinforcing bottoming out victory accession surface independence voluminousness arm clearing mapping up broadening reflation radiation Inordinacy dispensation economic growth heterogeneity oak elongate shoot up lengthening discussion fortune margin heterogeneousness Elaborating neighborhood interstellar space outreach flourishing commission gravy train puff up expanse profit coterie thriving escalation high on the hog emptiness add-on space wildness worsening outgrowth wings maintenance continuing dispersion spreading out fill dilate fasting field economic expansion shoot latitude scaleable slowdown bed of roses accrual realm strewing jut upward turn appreciation uptick excess multifariousness promotion function blooming high level of activity longitude flaring prosperousness generosity overspill Puffery Multiplying embellishment generation Extensiveness infinity thickness overhang vigour additive hand buoyancy buildout wale tumescence propaganda mathematical function omission upping velvet easy street enlarge cultivation ranginess license urban sprawl growths yield rick helping hand fleshing out broadcasting headway generousness depth chrysalis transmission expanding upon low extent intensification bigness grandiloquence Supplementing measurement innovation opening up bust advancement inflation publicity migration time interval greatening wart profuseness revision unravelling overemphasis natural development lean-to Exaggerating beading location exorbitance extra incubation incorporation give evolution engorgement exposition scatterment tall story tune strain opening out burgeoning liberation production income swell subjunction advantage nothingness overkill variegation overestimation waxing group scalable crescendo upturn furtherance good leg up wing volume dividend deepening caliber ripening proportions largeness room modification scale region revelations stockpile


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