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What is another word for excitement?

Below is the list of synonyms for excitement. Here you can see the other names for excitement.



exhilaration quick temper dos titillation Traumatism febrile disease mutiny salacities trepidation luster sprightliness innervation eye-openers pastime blow one's cork up turn pleasant feeling anxiety chemistry fervor effusiveness whammy pyrexia pother chemistries idylls power whirlpool wallop up set attentiveness Leisure Activities Intenseness intentness hubbub wrath Arousals relish Unsettlement temperment severity jubilation frothings passion ferocities teleplay mystery spectacle re-creation high pitch flip one's lid Exuberancy good times all haste spice zest strength sadness turbulence dynamism effervescence sensitivities ants in pants cold sweat shortness satisfaction furor good time motility excitation skit elation rage sympathy amusement inti tumult burning up feelings commotion pepper stupefaction state of unrest ardor hoo-hah fervour fuss worriment animation innervations delight uprising shock scene pleasure Pyrexias fragrance whirlwinds oomph virtuosity Hurries gusto aphrodisia thrill blow one's top excitement Leisure Activity joie de vivre fire hastiness motive ado life sensuality wingding bombshell peppers to do big scene pungencies lifeblood arousal vaudeville kick-up impulse dyspathy motilities spirit upheaval potency bickerings agitation choreography vigor travail Calenture mime stir great haste puissance eagerness melodrama kick up frothing great time hysterics emotion running temperature industriousness earnestness suspense adventure hell broke loose intoxication dither the shakes high spirits drama energy gust stink briskness production starch Irritableness activity disquietude butterfly verve emotionalism weightiness change salacity ferment motor response panorama re-creations bother greediness frenzy presentation anger idyll bombshells romance sparkle zap TODO tenseness anticipation to-do theater uppers bustle high-spiritedness Vehemency bang action electrification agility kick enthusiasm running a temperature perturbation fever pitch sentiment highs disturbance fumings improvisational drama comedy wildness tragedy lust enjoyment buzz edginess pungency get up and go travails escapism hysteria improvisation vibrancy ravings sentience fervency interest pantomime hysteric haste ballet Trepidity heat Kickup liveliness hot unreason vim hurry forcefulness exoticness discomposure savor Insurgence blast snappiness zeal rendering salaciousness characterization aphrodisias feverishness burlesque stimulus Butterflies binge joyousness excitedness pageant sensation broadway upturn big stink viability blow a fuse feeling exaltation paroxysm blow out wingdings stimulation fever urge turmoil fear warmth fretfulness flurry motivation art friskiness mood hullabaloo movement variety provocation mad rush hatred impetuosity reflexes wonder stars in one's eyes exuberance confusion flare up Ardency ferocity show lustiness Jollies impatience crowd pleaser Kicks excite inflammation eye-opener instigation intensity

transitive noun

excitation outburst insanity merriment characteristic jolt Insurgence hustle and bustle phenomenon agony ruckus bedlam titillation Ebullition dismay paroxysm magic hubbub distraction nerviness disquiet twitter mystery foment desire sensationalism upheaval weightiness nostalgia brouhaha bitterness zeal rage lustre greediness nonsense craze fervor flurry delectation dynamism discomposure dolor emotion malaise voracity fanaticism apprehension churn impatience wholeheartedness despondency power frisky fermentation joviality hysterics sympathy embroilment tactility character vivaciousness junketing hazard intentness salt exultation aggravation rampage quick temper Nervosity drive zap jog dander apprehensiveness vivication clatter outbreak stirring force concentration chaos white heat jubilation get-up-and-go scene nip edginess fret action Jollies yeast gusto hoo-ha eager vividness piquancy wow joyride glitz libido passionateness stir Ardency irritability blowup riot seethe spell whipping up zing keenness avidity risk movement rumpus confusion Unsettlement impulse matter virtuosity jubilee quarrel furor page-turner hype nervousness chafing eruption enthusiasm elevation fight unpatientness impetuosity buildup flirtation itch heartiness kick off breathless impatience resentment inspiration noise impetuousness deepness worry crisis chiller hurrah cheer volatility ecstasy pizzazz triumph savour fomentation Fretting fever relish motivation mojo pyrexia vim earnestness combustion stimulus brawl rumble joking moil brio temper adventure hair-raiser notice fume color exuberant furore shock tumult stew derangement unease rout firing gratification viability tension Overexcitement abandon incitation new juice gluttony big stink distress violence sweat sprightliness wingding rousing buoyancy kick-up warmth of feeling ebullience thirst disturbance refreshment bustle mark Intenseness punch hue and cry whirlwind lure hurly-burly Lives despair waking sprightly promotion emotional arousal entertainment big scene feeling pruriency savor quickness suspense mutiny boiling bang infatuation mystique magnitude spice choler gall colour welter seething vitality trouble lunacy fretfulness venture instigation anxiety unusual consternation marvel fluster dalliance cheerfulness tragedy palaver pep talk vibrant perturbation exciting impassionedness kittenishness good time publicity elan unreason covetousness vehicle shiver yen living it up impact arousal treat uncertainty intensity Perceiving lasciviousness fanatical occasion luster alarm uproar glee waving wildness worriment jamboree jollity animation way feverishness pandemonium heart moment fever pitch sensation tremor notion nibble high spirits fun amusement vision tizzy nerves incitement rebellion perky licentiousness attentiveness motility remorse enjoyment exacerbation vibrancy worrying variability stress hilarity perception marketing convulsion loudness charge buzz revolt objection melancholy agitation joyfulness red heat missionary zeal kick vexation backwash intolerance looking forward flap innervation mirth mayhem histrionics paradise incident hell broke loose fervidness zealousness zealous physicality depth greed delirium thing jazz galvanization ire nail-biter piquant Worries melodrama vitalization exhilaration modesty imbroglio drama wantonness whoopee magnetism HIT consciousness tingle burst cupidity madness passion ruction flutter frolic dither disorder discomfort disruption ferment unquietness gust activity transport good times kicking obsession ambition excitability squall glitter indignation exasperation wingdings mania light umbrage conturbation hysteria pep rally Butterflies inflammation vibe inquietude charm storm effervescence sentiment vivacious hullabaloo exoticism kick up bounce gleefulness turbulence euphoria Calenture preoccupation Tumultuation unevenness reaction appetence dynamite jumpiness delight urging pep uprising wallop ado fervency doubt heat boot laughter verve motor response vibes invigoration enlivenment awe carnality unrest hobby tantrum love pungency blow Vehemency joie de vivre ebullient up sexual desire hoopla swirl sexual arousal hemorrhage dash tang appeal exuberance unrestraint eagerness whirl weakness strength Leisure Activity tense readiness fervidity comedy spirit thrills tangibility wrath appetite trepidation upper haste blow a fuse stirring-up rabble-rousing glamour Trepidity vivacity pleasure Arousing bug kindling restlessness glow whirlpool flush numbness alacrity mental state boil Kicks outcry turbidity scandal mad rush potency vehemence game wonder go theatrics urge hassle working up devotion encouragement uplift jolly flutteration gladness trait bother dread unexciting stimulation lewdness fad lifeblood vivification pzazz briskness wreck huff vigor jangle bomb ginger zest expectation keen interest hunger heaven rush strain restiveness fear jitters maelstrom joy stirring up thrill radiance nuisance jesting reflex zip upset whammy volume insurrection great time expectancy outlook transports note Jolliness spectacle lechery flavor elation goose bumps dotty get up and go liveliness keen fidgets racket rhapsody dedication vigour Emotions roil bright lights conniption virtue cloud nine exaltation bout enterprise willingness steaming up performance attraction impatientness row pride misery warmth jocularity romance jarring pother provocation craving infuriation longing anger sparkle lather fury wild emotion turmoil interest bliss growth might uppers unlikeness irritation anticipation avid responsiveness Bobbery nerve little something kerfuffle gut reaction ballyhoo fuss miracle ardour receptivity life high idolatry happiness gaiety disquietude soul fervour orgasm guts tenseness allure concupiscence raving importance energy bluster propaganda voracious welly exoticness gayness lively hurry ardor buoyant upturn motive whirligig fireworks fascination opulence frisson lust lathering up second wind dramatics concern versatility brisk satisfaction frenzy joyousness bombshell commotion joke annoyance intoxication grief electrification pain babel romanticism quickening meaty to-do rapture razzle-dazzle uneasiness fire oomph prurience yearning

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