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What is another word for duration?

Below is the list of synonyms for duration. Here you can see the other names for duration.


transitive noun

event leeway arena reach going on active life bash order mass nine long standing capacity actuality extent cease area eternity omission way range terms turn trend life span CONT semester longness Whiles lifing point in time loftiness life expectancy business the past value depth millennium increase spill over session durability stretch furtherance die nip instant stream radius bash on push ahead breadth duree note value Continuities insist mileage working life torpor space-time immobility push on run over (sth) cohesion mettle augmenting full length longueur short courage period of time defiance of time long-livedness space edge making outlive abidance further supplement persist meed natural life run drift height continued frequency connexion psychological time go field linearity press drag residence time solidity chapter bang expectancy months on end vicinity remoteness plough on sequel enduringness Producing wing real world resolution indestructibility number of years life cycle turf tallness perpetuity course dependability postscript persistency Measures time span months interrelationship endurances propagation movement temporal property lapse gutsiness continuum journey quantity future progression blank entity holdover world passing stint survival time scale continuing truck ration epoch carry ball blue moon standing vitality perpetuate phase headway week days on end occasion interim present many a moon Elbowroom essence spell constancy continue soldier on continuation degree prolongation lasting juncture matter path ruggedness get on series backbone production guts preservation Prolonging connection chain perpetuation endure restraint sustenance verge quiescence perdurability period Linking rigidity drawing out gap tenure generation cool live allotment impermanence appointment fortitude width tense spill tolerance tenacity bout motion very minute orbit the present streak resistance unchangingness rat race permanence break length of life instance swing duration time coolness Survivance mensuration ages tune segue magnitude invariableness cycle values allowance Inveteracy time length interval breath proceed validity unity intensity brink bounds Frozenness gamut individuality long train maturity date grit echo finality fixity round push steadfastness continuousness lengthen invariability tendency uniting firmness Undergoing Overran heart rule unit Month Of Sundays month bit spin prosecution abidingness endurance fit show the future tenor volume lengths chronology times years fix line increasing reign carry (sth) on Sustaining existences continuations shortness go along current expansion protracted ratio wideness immortal Diuturnity keep whole forebearance aeons point date sum lengthiness ceaselessness passage tract infinity shot length of time see subsistence frame functioning period being condition today string hang amount stability reality prosecute hold out where location Extensiveness career persistence existence big game record window long-lastingness hours hours on end lacuna briefness share gavel-to-gavel pitch swerve immovableness elongation while voluminousness succession bulk go back antiquity quantum immovability century timebinding efficacy dimension route hitch quota margin runs last bearing time value ability distance level span realm incumbency threshold Durableness immutability unchangeability measurement enduring history brevity Elapsing slug diameter perpetualness continuity proportion tour prolong length of existence timeline Dovetailing term half-life moxie fatigue life neighborhood hold day of the week ranginess endlessness year draw protraction experience tide size generousness permanency capaciousness intestinal fortitude resignation immortality Admensuration Centuries Withstanding leg toleration region stand hardening time-tested time period longevity run on edifice roominess quarter measure day amplitude weight hold up clocking admeasurement limit headroom term of validity stasis continuance CONTD stage part era will past neighbourhood age moment tempo amplification hour ambit lifetime Maintaining time frame transience assiduity fixedness expanse locality progress aeon plough clock overrun get stay maintenance season outlast territory defeat of time locus flow holding up bridge track impermanency days branch life fullness sweep lastingness strength HIT soldier dimensions compass stick changelessness longitude room weeks extension animation length go on dating push (sth) forward perennation lane time position

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