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What is another word for dotage?

Below is the list of synonyms for dotage. Here you can see the other names for dotage.


transitive noun

old age senile dementia Anility unripe acceptation infatuation Senectitude hoary age elderliness decrepitude blind faith the downward slope septuagenarian gerontology senile psychosis ricketiness uncriticalness old girl trustfulness overcredulity gross credulity advanced age vale of years the gray dollar rash conviction centenarian senior citizen fondness green old age white hairs unsuspectingness credulousness debility second childhood ripe old age infirmity of age longevity geezerhood geriatric overcredulousness weakness the golden years ease of belief seventies senility senile weakness childishness old boy infirmity declining years old unquestioning belief Caducity disposition to believe senile decline of life overtrustfulness uncritical acceptance sexagenarian an incurable disease senile debility wishful thinking aged age of retirement feebleness eld old age pensioner foolish fondness agism unsuspiciousness pensionable age infirm old age overopenness to conviction credulity doting dotardism unskepticalness senilism will to believe decline willingness to believe superannuation geriatrics imbecility senior citizenship oldness hale old age ageism advanced years crock age years wishful belief

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