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What is another word for crazy?

Below is the list of synonyms for crazy. Here you can see the other names for crazy.


Feather-brained Crack-brained screwball blissful campiest in a state quixotic out to lunch un-ordinary farcical like a chicken with its head cut off wound-up over-excited dumb oddity fantastic odd jackass mental for grins Half-cracked silly CAMER loopy daft in a panic psychoactive rabid poorly planned unscrewed atypical improper keyed up freakish incredible senseless hallucinogenic quirky askant screw loose schizoid Flipped off one's head implausible mentally incompetent jokey feverish preposterous passionate not of sound mind bugged out squinter wild crackers pottiest incompatible overstrung psychopathic neurotic novel mentally ill mad-dog athrill in the twilight zone delirious psychoneurotic eager dizzy schizophrenic out of mind sick in the head flipped out fruity crazed curious idiosyncratic ecstatic head-strong half-baked exceptional ludicrous in seventh heaven bananas foolish freaker extraordinary mad halfwitted round the bend derisory overwrought crackpot sappy convulsive outrageous sheepheaded demoniac smoking demented ill-conceived outlandish screwy nutty as a fruitcake half-witted impracticable horse's tail fired-up crosspatch nerdy campy spacy untypical freaky potty over the edge cretinous psychotic unmanageable unstrung squirrelly absurd loco off beaten track unbalanced out of all reason carried away rum babbling off the beaten track up-beat unglued idiotic dotty inane Fiendish Purportless foolhardy nitwit not there oddball flighty off rocker Corybantic uncustomary cockamamy chuckle-headed mad as a hatter hare-brained in a stew irrational invalid fanatical hysterical Poisoned loony ditzy maniacal uncommon cockeyed peculiar lame-brained funny smitten without rhyme or reason Gump unusual freaked-out out in left field mismatch ma irregular off fallacious bonkers cockamamie out of question reasonless witless paradoxical schizo GONZO doublespeak at wits' end anarchistic cracked mad as a march hare worked-up schtick devoted dingy non-conformist unique misfit undone pottier uncurbed off one's rocker cuckoo inappropriate violent imprudent keen nonconforming hyper manic-depressive blithering boffo nonsensical weirded out haywire unbridled bone-headed mindless anachronistic moonstruck in ecstasy stark raving mad bats in the belfry not all there spazzed out brain-sick psycho harebrained comical strung-out zealous asinine ape poppycock Gelastic overboard meaningless dippy injudicious gagged up fooling around phantasmagorical bizarre campier berserk knuckle-headed singular off-the-wall brainless steamed up emptyheaded strabismic in a tizzy self-willed unfamiliar meat-headed self-contradictory dopey stupid goofus inconsistent dim-witted queer extra ordinary beyond all reason rattlebrained Birdy impossible moronic tomfool MAER touched certifiable lunatic out of one's mind gaga different flaky imbecilic mind-expanding unhinged jocular out of one's tree fey consciousness-expanding distraught aberrant hot-and-bothered not tightly wrapped puerile nutty rummy laughable cam strung out nuts unreasoning horse tail irresponsible Madding batty fatuous hot under collar enamored keyed-up all shook up boneheaded around the bend faulty eccentric dubious beside oneself insane brainsick mind-changing doltish ridiculous erratic nitwitted in a fit freaked out psychedelic unconventional up set contradictory kooky ardent unzipped ignorant abnormal deranged bedlamite flying high unorthodox illogical birdbrained out of one's head fooler grotesque Vagarious of unsound mind crazy unmeaning divergent off beaten path over-wrought out of head nutty as fruitcake zany incongruous overpriced crazy as a loon balmy blockheaded short-sighted barmy multi-colored deviant tickled to death frenzied ill-considered strange wacky out of the ordinary goofy extravagant frantic anomalous unworkable taking the cake weird fantastical mind-bending euphoric


transitive noun

junkie raving incense nutty as a fruitcake freak vain possessed medley dreadful puzzling beguiled Gump funky dumb delirious emotional lopsided apish bent great crackpot vicious cracked enthusiastic fantastic Addle-brained irresponsible infatuated with beside oneself empty tickled to death meshuga simpleminded crooked high mentally defective multicolor limited dazed dithering valiant sociopath simpletonian goofy mad as a hatter keyed-up homicidal deviative ardent retarded rowdy lighthearted nut unreasonable dizzy lively hotheaded cockamamy fruity loopy dim meaningless outrage screwball worked-up unrealistic nervous risible thrilled obsessed scatterbrained simple neurotic jerky rattled lost your marbles recentness unstable foolhardy unlikely quiz freaky newfangled contraption incongruous barking mad fool knuckleheaded off the wall grotesque unusual extremely rare peeved dubious WACK scatty not all there gone farcical illogical Into balmy nitwitted ill-conceived giddy silly affected pinheaded tricolor as daft as a brush outre overpriced enraptured mentally retarded voracious dull one-sided tormented gung ho hectic extravagant mazed enormously ornate bicolor brainless annoyed thick-witted turbulent uncontrolled non compos mentis psychopathic priceless loose idiotic droll frenetic many-colored overstrung profligate imprudent valuable extraordinary madwoman unconventional gagged up rash beyond belief Deluded off one's trolley psychotic goofus groundless yarra heedless Larruping extremist wrong unthinking powerful murderous arrested gross multicolorous hallucinatory hot under the collar wonky anxious half-baked polychrome sick expensive mentally deficient queer insane activist fantastical addict hot out of your mind mad as a march hare rickety wired foolheaded extortionate teasing Trichromic aroused devoted erratic loony radical vapid crank eccentric apoplectic two-tone all shook up ill-considered garish eerie multicolored acrimonious amused comic jocund numbskull quirky ungovernable Madding varicolored maudlin jocular gaudy capricious demented kook backward quizzical polychromatic moonstruck unsymmetric jokey fanatical taken with novelty keyed up Gulled astonishing riotous worried disordered jackass lunatic ostentatious generative unhinged Queerish gibber venturous vehement a bit lacking upstairs nonsensical laughable away with the fairies excited basket case heady off your rocker rampant cockeyed motley not right upstairs fatuous licentious softheaded not right blockheaded devotee sectarian slow up the pole trichromatic aggrieved brainsick anomalous madder greedy exaggerated tired noisy out of the question lumpen bicolored Crack-brained zealot Versicolored irregular nut case volatile overexcited light taking the cake colorful drivel unique character huff psycho high-flown harlequin lawful out of all reason joshing impossible bughouse violent avid maundering eager humorous passionate ridiculous sicko crackbrain Drooling fed up doting JUGHEAD touched hyper imbecilic batty schizo jolly distracted hot-and-bothered angry harassed witless dopey manic unwise aberrant agog ding-a-ling empty-headed distraught weirdo mongoloid tomfool far-out poppycockish ramshackle muddle-headed slobbering doolally fond raving mad frantic kinky freakish particularly credulous round the twist variegated blistering inappropriate enthusiastic about thickheaded Barking divers-colored hopped-up birdbrained happy uncontrollable Vagarious contorted terrific enamored of raging mindless wobbly Ravished glorious Fatuitous quaint odd off-the-wall last straw incandescent yeasty out of control demoniac bizarro absurd way-out tilted asymmetric off your head potent parti-color twisted psychoneurotic poorly planned unorthodox dippy smitten hot under collar jubilant last word bedlamite zealous screwy wonderful wrongheaded adolescent Gelastic doubtful rambling overwrought haywire unzipped blithering harebrained knucklehead askew wound up whacky madman wacko hysterical Daedal dingy spectral Transported big tickled pink zany exceptional quixotic GONZO sappy wayward wet grief-stricken Poisoned very keen on flighty unworkable kafkaesque agitated moon-struck infirm main high-hat mentally ill chaotic disoriented reasonless crack remarkable wacko or whacko shot through devoted to disturbed warped crazed whimsical jovial burbling Daffy monomaniac stark raving mad enthused fuddled invalid tortuous wild gay shot bigot dim-witted infatuated reckless Non compos freaked out short-sighted fervent lightheaded uncommon loon very keen pique curious mad crumpled colory joking imbecile prismal ape deranged bushed lionhearted off one's rocker chowderheaded bird-brained anamorphous clownish manic-depressive stupid jagged gone on senseless jittery vicissitude preposterous Sprung too much Zigzagging dotty psychedelic stark-mad lovesick turned on witty lavish jocose gleeful ill-advised revolutionary incredible puerile out of one's mind bats thick crackers wild about smitten with wacky very happy porangi Chuckleheaded besotted exotic bonkers awry rancour round the bend lamebrain quick-witted fiend light-headed Newfangledness doltish off pissed off jumpy stark-staring mad grandiose looney around the bend bats in the belfry geeked of unsound mind gung-ho yo-yo lamebrained joyous Mentally Handicapped maniacal Versicolor loony tunes antsy certifiable cretinous berserk fanciful oddball rum bereft of reason off one's head Driveling cockamamie shocking weak jerk Feeble-minded cretinistic hallucinated pinhead irrational schizoid halfwitted childish buffoonish squirrelly nuts nonplussed derisory Tricolored very stupid juvenile prodigal thrown hog-wild about nonconformist rattlebrained Weak-minded mental questionable implausible bizarre unsane permutation very bad lunkheaded meshuggah way out lumpish fanatic loving outlandish subnormal mentally disordered ditzy scalp cuckoo dingbat mad about unintelligent exorbitant hot and bothered Befooled Young Turk gaga distorted moronic gorked nutty extreme highly unbelievable weirdie daft nutcase spaced-out Corybantic very enthusiastic thunder and lightning enraged passionate about bedlam inane funny warm with a screw loose listing out to lunch tottering gormless villainous tetched venturesome cock-eyed exceedingly nerdy unearthly enamored narrow-minded exasperated visionary upset obsessive impractical crunched zigzag rough offbeat head case worn out from fucking bowed furious confused in love nonconforming tense glassy-eyed jitterbug headstrong keen on pretentious abnormal singular nutty as fruitcake troubled strange futile bug babbling comical purposeless madcap monstrous inept idiosyncratic whacko maniac hare-brained thoughtless unbalanced half-witted original schizophrenic injudicious unthinkable flaky deprived of reason nutso mental case virulent psychopath tempestuous screw loose polychromic goofy loony Locoed ablaze Ultraist excessive enamoured wandering lawless paranoid rapturous joyful crackbrained insignificant Parti-colored nutter atypical foolish shaky uncustomary unglued amok rhapsodic loco dozy boneheaded bonehead fruitcake potty zonkers trip pointless modernity barmy bananas not right in the head thirsty kaleidoscopic turned-on keen unsettled kooky buggy maddened labyrinthine rabid outrageous not the full shilling cranky trivial damned flaked-out vacuous hooked nuts about soft on sentimental impracticable frivolous very upset frenzied unreasoning jesting dichromatic weird oddity peculiar nonsymmetric unsound amusing beyond all reason juiced valorous ludicrous asymmetrical inconsistent asinine


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