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What is another word for appetite?

Below is the list of synonyms for appetite. Here you can see the other names for appetite.


transitive noun

impetus demand famine deglutition impairment weaknesses starvation decisiveness luxury eat obsession grace dedication empty greed achilles heel bliss inclination irresolution barrenness anxiety debility Yearnings flavour ethical hedonism gourmandism grazing bone drought Gobbling devotion contentment luxuriousness energy liking esteem genius animation infirmity parched frenzy elegance hunt idiosyncrasy itchy Tastes need to eat licentiousness ardour shoot happiness estimation deficiency desire for food zeal tasting devouring wishes incentive decrepitude option hungry fault power avidness decision breathless impatience proclivity Thirsting appetitiveness pleasure principle emulation desperation languor every lasciviousness feeding hankering horniness savour stimulant dieting dream epicurism polydipsia free will Unchastity malnutrition Regalement invalidity life mouthfeel regard infertility feeling willfulness failing susceptibility joie de vivre quickness groove powerlessness wishing willpower ambition urgency flaw chewing pasture initiative hunger lewdness avidity wants like affection mood rapacity slant good taste aspiration rumination passions spirit pleasure prepossession tendency right stuff weeness favoritism weakness gluttony drive erotism Mercenariness persuasion whim belly demands bounce ecstasy gratification weak point type brio cup of tea fervor inclinations delicacy ingestion epicureanism hedonism gout free choice inconstancy libido design omnivorousness liveliness disposition thirst graspingness penchant alacrity Insatiability sympathy foible impotence wanderlust market vice vitality hunger strike perception twist eagerness attraction Prelection hoggishness indulgence requirement love affair fascination mania eroticism trend hedonic calculus starving character fire compulsion Cropping queue Thirstiness pressure tuck famishment undernourished affinity striving rapaciousness libidinousness savoring capability favor ravenousness prurience fanaticism zestfulness tactfulness restraint senility hope dynamism enervation diversion sapidity consumption cheer voracious fixation Taste Buds intensity delight conviction Enjoying torment of tantalus tooth gap predisposition prostration vulnerability tapeworm tongue motive starved fire in belly craze lapse will power caprice Insatiableness amorousness self-discipline faintness purpose gasp resolution appreciation appetency request call velleity lustfulness loving salacity get up and go partiality restlessness ache fragility relish objective lack feasting readiness discipline druthers carnivority aim shortcoming frailty bias gustation eye weak spot ravenous correctness Letch covetousness Amativeness pizzazz predilection finesse elan enthusiasm herbivorism inclining Conation cheerful readiness Messing jones wolfing temperament motivation interest indecision Desirousness intemperance capacity rage famished munchies addiction sensualness salaciousness goad heart savor glee oomph command proneness Epulation aphrodisia imperfection flavor aridity Conatus wolf in the stomach use temptation licking great enthusiasm thirsty hurting wholeheartedness esurience wish respect impatience sexual desire urges Appetition judgment urge devourment lechery vigor determination Willed keenness lust omnivorism sensuality passion guts empty stomach Pecking solicitude vigour greediness hollow hunger Sapor stomach aptness voluptuousness will an universal wolf randiness get-up-and-go push desire excitement resolve self-restraint favouritism Hungering infatuation Sybaritism tastefulness self-control enjoyment big eyes leaning itch entreaty willingness blemish mouth palate rapture crush promptness zest need for food Munching enterprise warmth fancy need nutrition bent eating animus undernourishment zip carnivorousness Gormandizing fervour anxiousness keen desire wantonness psychological hedonism comprehension sensualism yearning tact emoting exuberance prejudice appetence relishing thing for delectation mind culture impulse buy choice edacity earnestness desires pining flash impulse acquisitiveness want shooting propensity vim wold volition tang zing canine appetite doting waterlessness Pantophagy relishes moxie high spirits elation turn carnivorism sore point Coveting feebleness Lickerishness preference aptitude mastication amour pruriency flair cacoethes cannibalism pep facility importunity prerogative carnality peckish herbivority dining worldly goods drift vaulting refinement Manducation soft spot Liableness instinct gust discretion attitude yen nostalgia pleasure-seeking sense of taste limitation omophagy emptiness stimulus understanding love excess gimmies smack chink in armor exhilaration cyrenaic hedonism admiration itching concupiscence cyrenaicism nicety vivacity taste pretension covetous cultivation decree gusto habitude backbone gourmandise thing envy fondness Nibbling instability hunting unquenchable intention ardor the hungry Pasturing movement avarice voracity verve longing hungriness necessity commitment hedonics voraciousness vitiation cupidity herbivorousness vegetarianism forwardness attachment dryness craving sweet tooth chase

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