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What is another word for anxiety?

Below is the list of synonyms for anxiety. Here you can see the other names for anxiety.


anguish boredom adrenaline sinking feeling discomfort desperation discomposure downheartedness sadness casuality fitfulness apprehension wobbliness Trepidity millstone distress intimidation stress tautness nail-biting difficulty chicken heart Questionableness pressure shakiness disgruntlement fervency molestations disillusionment panic stimulation high pitch doubt unfortunateness bother dysphoria anxiety dejection disheartenment quick temper fidgets to do despair glumness thought foreshadowing weightiness vibes impatience Infirmness jitters unsteadiness expectation study atcare inconclusiveness inconstancy ant deadweights discontent melancholy hangup mournfulness unluck uncertainty impetuosity unease Infelicities creeps passion hardshi exhilaration blues ferocity hypochondria Unluckiness contemplation thriller botheration superego Ardency antsiness headache mental weight Vehemency dissatisfaction misery presumption perturbation worriedness bad vibes dyspathy qualm inconstancies gloominess ennui nervousness presage stew disequilibrium moodiness prediction solicitude demons turbulence attentiveness scruple fluidity vibe molestation misgiving joylessness unconsolability tightness cliff-hanger stroke of bad luck apprehensiveness pain spinelessness cowardice squeamishness suspense handwriting on wall severity bugaboo ferocities blanket feverishness depression plaintiveness Needles potboilers effervescence infelicity dispiritedness forcefulness Intenseness Uncertainties complex cheerlessness grabber angst hard luck grabbers restlessness agitation unpredictabilities tension excitability faintheartedness pins and needles fright intensity terror vicissitude unreliability malcontentment changeability goose bumps transience chillers foreshadowings mutabilities nervous tension pessimism misfortunes bickerings fickleness timidity overextension discouragement chemistries contemplativeness dreariness variability tough luck precariousness portent misfortune watchfulness insecurity queasiness dismay stupefaction tribulation faint heart despondence sourness culture shock dolorousness exaggerated reaction solicitousness thorn in side flurry envisioning disquiet excess baggage Ants ants in pants inflammation anxiousness frustration thing about neurosis impermanence pensiveness moroseness bafflement turmoil dread blahs cancer disquietude strain drag concern quandary trouble capriciousness reconsiderations the blahs unhealthiness bogey edginess feelings topsyturvy non-satisfaction wretchedness encumbrance muddlement worriment snappiness visitation shortness burden wildness malcontents inquietude waverings insecureness sullenness a thing about something querulousness animation fuss Unsettledness heebie-jeebies bad feeling woefulness anticipation jumpiness Unfixedness chemistry electrification fretfulness thorn in one's side foreboding unsureness unpredictability fervor up set shakes disillusionments ricketiness Superegos fixed idea exasperation flap obsession TODO downer weary load energy unrest fear yellow streak unstableness weak knees disconsolateness potboiler Butterflies mutability expectancy concernment bogie page-turner head ache disheartenments alarm sweat variabilities bugbear excitement deadweight foretoken unhappiness lack of confidence jumps canker sordidness despondency reconsideration thrillers tensity shivers hang up Sickliness haplessness instability Prenotion in security malaise all-overs bad break wistfulness willies arousal furor fear of carrying out an activity fire suffering wind change hastiness foretokens Reluctancy uncomfortableness tenseness consternation pother displeasure cold feet scruples Irritableness rotten luck grimness irritation uneasiness untowardness cloak and dagger care lamentation penury mistrust changeableness cold sweat overextensions restiveness white feather

transitive noun

rapt spirited nervous tension insecureness jealousy muddle euphoria portent fidgets addictive baby blues transfix trepidation psychalgia deranged blow difficulty maze kindness the heebie-jeebies awe bafflement unpredictability nervousness knowledge worrying flatness desire activity desperation hearty distraction quivers plague chickenheartedness movement commotion obsession concern jam dubiety prognostic bee weakness apprehensiveness heart blahs trembling jumpiness crack up hangup mess jimjams vigour kleptomania ants in pants potty nervous breakdown mood energy Buzzy burden shakiness fall apart embarrassment all-overs stockholm syndrome tic disorder rhapsodic visual variant of Alzheimer's disease stage fright orientated discomposure zest lassitude chafing fervency hankering cheerful readiness anhedonia blues alight self-doubt bad vibes cliff-hanging folie du doute problem full-blooded impatientness aflame greatness pressure quaking rebellion unhealthiness work dejection displeasure unquiet abstraction excitability adversity need bulimia fascinated vibe harm tragedy violence ferocity jim-jams immaturity nudge malcontentment agony indisposition penury lack of pleasure Jekyll And Hyde extremity concerns annoyance mad entranced eager learning difficulties alert insomnia omnivorous want thought follow glaciation nonsatisfaction loathing vivacity full-on mix-up headache unassertiveness goose pimples suspense queasiness incubus undeterred hesitation shakes unsureness throe second thought raring regret peck of troubles pins and needles twitchiness force muddlement predicament Multiple Personality Disorder lean pathological indecisiveness grimness fervour handwriting on the wall collywobbles life intoxicated molestation liveliness belief craving strain unease squalor agog depressive alacrity animation Unsatisfaction chill knot scar notion inconstancy vigor objection earnestness edginess querulousness wavering gag schizoid worriment enervation feeling weightiness noise Munchausen's Syndrome restlessness moodiness irregularity reverie psychological state jitters eagerness overwork trying time nightmare fire elated longing bipolar nausea dementia float compunction extreme panic attack repulsion hostility Uncertainties evangelical mania impediment Body Dysmorphic Disorder Into malcontent the collywobbles Prenotion exasperation bugbear exaggerated reaction liability self-harm qualm forewarning precariousness pyromaniac prophecy joylessness ado schizophrenic can of worms sadness stress-related sen waiting emotion scruple mischance reservation nagging doubt anxiety disorder existential woe painfulness trepidatious second thoughts mental state cross boredom misgivings Hyde suspiciousness psychomotor disturbance creeps object dotty Unfixedness scare attention deficit hyperactivity disorder ad uncertainty intuition high faintheartedness torture tenseness bother revulsion Unsettledness detachment anorexia nervosa impatience sit manic depression haste hot water obstruction endeavor travail turn cowardice tense readiness Unluckiness fearfulness intimidation presage impetuosity urgency mistrust Recreancy tension concentration cold sweat estranged fluster quarrel torment lamentation twinge image remorse gust inconvenience nongratification monomania understanding exigency foreboding jerk judgment neurotic flightiness irresolution hail-fellow-well-met awkwardness emphasis indigence sinking feeling upset nerves matter antisocial personality disorder oppression malaise keenness anticipation catatonic stupor high pitch misgiving vexation hog confusion autism reservations hypothesis mental handicap presentiment aflutter shell shock mortification mentally defective thirst illness -centric breathless impatience mutability question mark fitfulness upheaval fanatical rhapsody obsessive frustration noxiousness stupor elan appetite mental illness bedlam flurry cheerlessness progressive simultanagnosia potency voracious sit up Worrit mental weight heartily hang-up unquietness loss Adjustment Disorder brunt Seasonal Affective Disorder reserve excited shame wholehearted indifference depression pop-eyed nocturnal binge eating apprehension passionate catastrophe perturbation elation readiness brainchild discontent fall horror untowardness niggle respect Needles restiveness hotly anger albatross exertion curse enthusiastic hastiness dislike bellyache estimation great ado distress stew bummer wretchedness amazement war-weariness whirl discomfort spleen vicissitude nerviness promptness irritant charge unsteadiness anorexic savorlessness watchfulness funk concernment unpleasantness irritation insecurity theory volume reverse fly hang up heartburn terror gooseflesh avidness reconsideration grief complex unpleasure heat sea of troubles effusive gung-ho disquiet might megalomania anxious ferment agitation restive disgruntlement diminished responsibility post-traumatic stress disorder dismay sorrow desolation bitterness heartache neurosis Misdoubt star-struck attention dissatisfaction yips overprotectiveness jealously worriedness vagueness unfortunateness grooming anxiety equivalent opinion harassment inconsistency amped wildness keen bustle zestful gusto inquietude downer obsessive-compulsive disorder taut yearning suffering hurry ennui skepticism goose flesh troubles intensity shiver load bad luck Willie unrest bated hands-on senile dementia alienation heavily vacillation unresponsiveness martyrdom trauma hysterics impetuousness ramification woe trial fasten fidget rave Vehemency aggravation bewilderment disquietude attentiveness qualmishness nervous restlessness misery excess baggage hard luck irritability setback wariness variability pest encumbrance flutter psyched yip personality disorder changeability sad pd tastelessness bananas impermanence Besetment quickness angst tizzy question skittish misadventure grievance inference jazzed lethargy gloom wild maladjusted unevenness jump verve flushed a nail in the coffin anxiety state uproar dullness eating disorder chagrin vulnerability Asperger's syndrome full siege mentality bad feeling twitching sordidness reverence avidity exhilarated schizophrenia consternation handicap rhapsodize goose bumps willies wonder up anxiousness second childhood envy loss of face ball and chain botheration mystification excitement extension yellow streak worry overzealous passion dread crack Narcissistic Personality Disorder generalized anxiety disorder changeableness senile zealous warning persecution complex market expectancy query glue bipolar disorder unstableness drag foretoken nail-biting heebie-jeebies lack of confidence paranoia abulia unreliability uneasiness psychosomatic ricketiness wrench scruples buzzed up tediousness Intenseness unconsolability panic transience suspicion emergency emotionalism affliction quandary unluck brainstorm view tumult premonition reluctance melancholy responsibility hold funny feeling learning disability bind tedium unbelief hysteria jitteriness dysthymia sweat nuisance shock care compulsion cross to bear withdrawal calamity forwardness blue funk rack grime fevered Mood Disorder paranoid kid resentment poverty pliancy discouragement antsiness enthusiasm race keen desire hardship cares tremor hassle visitation nuts nag Overexcitement Questionableness despair shell-shocked letdown bad news volatility effort jerkiness melancholia grabber fuss mental distress ordeal misfortune discomfit blame Butterflies neuroticism doubtfulness frazzle cold feet neurasthenia inferiority complex zestfulness phobia insensibility instability mild cognitive impairment wobbliness foreshadowing staleness regard weary load bitter pill male menopause pang strife heartbreak sniff perplexity oscillation hesitancy intention weight psychosis fright unpatientness prediction merycism fretfulness overheated fixation solicitude delirious qualms madwoman riot rotten luck willing engrossed uncomfortableness lather discomfiture age-associated memory impairment hopelessness Nervosity champ repression mishap expectant waiting flap ablaze hindrance remonstrance dither row stress breakdown keyed up weak knees jumps hysterical timidity vehemence privation overextension expectation wintertime non compos mentis turmoil concupiscence pain aversion pyromania ruckus evil avid despondency alarm go ahead anguish disadvantage bad break hypochondria vitality magnitude rashness a bone of contention fervor hesitance grubbiness animated unhappiness guess interested thoughts white feather quick temper thing split personality doubt clinical depression fear Worries spirit a hostage to fortune preoccupation millstone turbulence disturbance spellbound guesswork Cus pessimism wind change psychotic jolt Fretting tribulation complaint cock-a-hoop incertitude vibes ardor vexation of spirit epinephrine false memory distrust trouble excess onus power ptsd ache paranoiac shivers born-again fury emptiness weariness


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